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Apparently Bill Callahan doesn't think much of Tom Osborne. Watch this video here to see ol' Callahan snub the great Osborne as he's walking off the field last Saturday at the Kansas game.

Note: the video is on the right hand side of the screen - it's about 30 seconds long. Just long enough to see Callahan snub Osborne, something I definitely wouldn't do to my boss.

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I would hope he was just distracted by all of the other media hounds following him for his post game monologue. Tom looked a little bit peeved though.

I guess when you have nothing to say, the best thing to do is avoid the situation.

BC is good at that. Evade questions, evade honest answers, avoid saying anything that might further sully his rotten reputation as coach. He has to go in front of the media, but TO is his boss and the answers will have to come sooner or later. For now it looks like later.

I can't wait to see if he avoids the Red Addidas gear tomorrow. Keep adding to the intrigue, the mystique of Bill Callahan, man of control, man of great power, the face of a team for 2 more games. Like Randy says, he has his golden parachute. He is pretty much set for life and since the opportunities for him dwindle daily, he can laugh at our rants, our traditions, and our championships all the way to the bank.

You think he has any current contact with Pedersen? I would bet on it. Pedersen would know how to continue to hurt the program more than anybody else. Callahan was a puppet to that idiot. He was the king of Husker athletics, so in a sick kind of way a better man than BC. Callahan only recognizes power, he is a small man who thinks WAY beyond his capacity to act. His failure as a coach in the NFL and now at a premier college will haunt him wherever he goes. I doubt that he even understands why he failed, but I have no doubt that AD's all over the country and in the pro's will look the other way when he comes calling.

Sorry about the rant, but pretty much all of us see the same things happening. It hurts, almost physically, watching the Big Red suffer through this.
Talk about cutting your own throat!!! I hope he goes DOWN! And its SOON! Nobody snubs Osborne in our town!!!!
Wow! That is one sure way to kiss your A*s good bye!!!
I don't know how he would have missed seeing him! If he did in fact see him that is just another nail in his coffin, either way it does look as though TO is a little pissed. I most definitely would stop and talk to my boss especially if there were tons of cameras around and thousands watching.
This just goes to show the total lack of respect Calli has for Nebraska, it's fans, and the legend himself. The count down is on. This will be one happy Thanksgiving weekend, when all our hopes and dreams come true, and this clown is thrown out into the street (although with 3 mil in the bank).
Bill Callahan thinking to himself:

"Oh drats, it's the boss! I hope he doesn't see me....Double Drats!! He sees me. Okay Bill, be calm man. Play it cool. Keep trotting like you really need a bathroom break...which isn't far from the truth. Stare at the ground...that's right...keep he looking?...crap...he is....where's Mangino? I can hide behind him....Ah hell, he went the other way! Maybe if I ran up into the stands instead....but no, that won't work. There's still fans up there and it would not be safe. Okay Billy boy, only one way out of this mess. Drats! Foiled again! I'll just run a little faster and look left....I hope the locker room door has a lock on it....he seems to be following! Man, what is it with this guy? Okay, gotta practice my lines....we're hurtin', they're hurtin', we're all hurtin', wait...I used that that the last four times, those pariahs who call themselves fans will never buy it a fifth time. Or will they?...okay, nearly at the locker room...tall guy is still in tow, darn it all....Who'd a thunk he could still run at 70?, really gotta pee now....okay, reasons...think Bill, think....ah...oh yeah...Quitting is not in our vocabulary...lemme isn't about money, it's about...what?...respect? Nah, nobody would believe that....ain't no respect in the drubbing we got...of course it's about money, but only I, Bill, am smart enough to know, gotta find a way to point the finger in another direction....I know! Kevin! Yeah, that's the ticket! He won't mind taking another one for the team, and besides, what's he got to lose? His job? That's a laugh. The tall red fossil won't move until after the meteor strikes! He promised, ya know. Yeah. We got him on his own word. Looks like there'll be a few more paydays...."
You could almost see that very thought process! Very nice!
Ok, thats the most hysterical thing Ive read yet!! I needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks Jeff!!
That was funny Jeff! Callahan has to know he is the most hated man in Nebraska. Still, he snubs the one man that would still listen to him with an open mind. I wonder if he has to have police watch his house and escort him wherever he goes? It has to be bad for Billy.

Keep the faith Huskers!
This video was truly the picture worth a thousand words, Bill looking like a deer caught in the headlights, and Dr. Tom doing a fair impression of Al Gore watching a melting iceberg.

I give Osborne a lot...and I mean a lot...of credit; he's been so far very effective at dealing with what has to be an enormously frustrating job, and on Saturday, one that became even more embarrassing.

November 23rd is approaching. Tick. Tock.
So true. Saint Tom has been exceedingly fair, especially considering this is the Athletic Department's main revenue source. Bill could've saved himself, but he wants to keep whipping the dead horse. "We have no other options" won't cut it after November 23rd. Tick. Tock.

Go Big Red!
Wow, talk about tension. This is a great way to get fired, not to mention the fact that I lost count of how many news conferences he didn't wear any type of Nebraska shirt, maybe it's nothing, but he sure put the feeling out like he didn't support the Osbourne hiring,

Hopefully this is one of the signs that the Callahan Era is to a end. It's a sad end too. In time Nebraska will once be the known powerhouse that we once were, but now we're just the laughing stalk of college football. Still a loyal supporter, and lifetime fan, just hopeful that something good will come out of the last 2 games of the season.

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