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The rumor is out there. Find out for yourself when KETV activates today’s Callahan livestream. Watch this link.

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I couldn't get anything to come up, it looks like there might be something wrong with the URL (or maybe just my computer).
Abby, Were you watching live? Or are you trying to see it now? It is not active now.

You can find all of today's video in the sidebar here:
I watched the press conference and I was impressed with Callahans attitude. I have changed my mind in fact. I have decided that a coaching change is exactly what this team DOESN'T need. A new DC? Maybe. But I am back in Callahans corner and that represents quite a shift after Saturday I admit.

The guy is handling this whole mess with more dignity than I could for one thing. For another he is showing loyalty and a great example to his players about not quitting when things are tough, one reason to even have college athletics. They are facing adversity, the likes of which they may never see again and he is showing them how to keep their head up, stay positive and see it through to the end.

And I think once the defense gets fixed the offense will be fine. This team has lost to some good teams this year and is having a down year. True. But otherwise it has shown improvement every year of Callahans tenure and I have no doubt it will continue.

I for one am hoping he stays.
There were only a couple of games that we could do nothing offensively, but that can happen on any given Saturday to any team. And that Urban Meyers offense that TO is interested in wouldn't be that much of a strech under a coach that understands the spread style that they run. It is similar to our Modified WCO. Callahan could probably run it alright. He still needs to be a coach on the sidelines, let the coordinators do what they are paid to do, run their respective sides of the ball. I think that he will be leaving at the end of the year, but our offense is much more productive than in the past.

He's been behind the 8ball since he got here with Pedersens 1 man search that put him here. There have been some hard feelings from both sides of Husker Nation with his hire. He has his choices ahead of him, accept that TO will be the AD for awhile and accept the wisdom of the man who has been "THE MAN". He can leave at the end of the year, either by quitting (which I doubt), or by firing (possible) we'll find out in a couple of weeks what TO decides to do.

Cosgrove needs to go now. There has been no improvement in 4 years, in fact we are sliding backwards every year. The only positive thing about the defense for next year is that they can only be better, since we are already almost dead last in every measurable catagory. I don't think that Cos is the only culprit of this caper, the entire defensive staff should be let go as well.
Callahan's not going anywhere, at least until Thanksgiving. And good riddance. Anyone who thinks Callahan should stick around has not been paying to much attention to what's happening the last 4 years. I've seen very little progress in the overall team. We have the same offensive line struggles that we had in Callahan's first year, only now we have 4 and 5 star offensive lineman making the mistakes. We haven't had a big name running back since Ahman Green. With all the recruiting hype surrounding the wide receivers, why is Terrance Nunn, Nate Swift, and Todd Pederson getting the majority of the snaps on offense. Nunn and Swift were initially recruited by Solich, and Pederson is a former walk-on.

Callahan cannot develop the talent. He can recruit it, but not deveop it.

When Callahan was hired, I supported him. I had high hopes coming into this year, and honestly believed we could be 9-3 or 10-2. This is year 4. The team should be loaded with Callahan recruits, but I look across the roster and I see Green, Grixby, Ruud, McKeon, Brandenburgh, all Solich recruits, starting on defense. Where's all this talent.

This is not only the worst Nebraska team I've ever seen, this is one of the worst teams I've ever seen. Anytime the Huskers have played a respectable defense, they have struggled. The possible exception is Kansas. My prediction is the Kansas goes down and loses to Oklahoma State this weekend. Their defense is now exposed. We couldn't score on Missouri, Okie State, or A&M with any consistency. Texas is a mediocre team at best. USC was in cruise control before we really started moving the ball. The only improvement I've seen with the offense is having Watson on the side line and being more involved with the play calling.

Well my rant is over. I feel better now.

All will be better in a few weeks. Bring on Turner or Bo.
Randy, Are you crazy??? Callahan will never fit in at NE, my worst fear is that he will stay another year. He can't possibly do worse next year than he did this year so people like you will think his program is improving!! Callahan is NOT A MOTIVATOR and he does not instill a sense of belonging or pride to the Big Red program, that will never change because he just doesn't get it. The head coach is responsible for setting the tone and direction of a team and what he expects from his assistants and the players. We now have a bunch of out-of-state players who have no real loyalty to NE, players who came to NE in the past wanted to be a part of the tradition and family of Husker football but that is not what we have now and it will never change with Callahan. I don't personally dislike the man and I am sure he has his place in football somewhere (not here!!) but NE desperately needs a high energy/in your face/all out/ emotion driven coach who truly loves the tradition of Husker football. Just my opinion, we need a complete overhaul and I think TO has been hinting at this since taking the AD jo b.
I agree with almost everything you wrote but I would add that I have never seen such poor playing by a defensive line!!! I don't beleive those players are that bad, I think the coaching is that bad - maybe not the techniques they teach but there is no heart or spirit in their play - that is the coach's fault. It is the coach's job to find a way to inspire and motivate his players, if he can't do that then he needs to find another job!! Callahan has had his chance and blew it, as you said - he does not have the ability to develop potential talent!! That was one of the most important skills that TO had - the ability to develop/place/utilize the players he had to their maximum limit. I don't beleive the players have full confidence in BC , especially the defensive squad. As far as the WC offense goes - it is an OK offense but possibly not the best choice for NE. I would rather see our offense Execute with precision simple plays than run a bunch of complicated plays with constant mistakes. I think BO or Turner would be good picks for NE, I just hope there is enough interest in NE by quality coaches out there. This is an ideal situation for a confident coach who loves a challenge at building something worthwhile, the base is here for an outstanding team if we can get the right HC to take over.
AMEN, Randy. Couldnt have said it better myself...
TO was never an in your face, high energy emotion driven coach. He was a rock on the sidelines and the kids loved him for what and who he is. We've always recruited outside of NE, but we had more walk-ons that had the heart and the desire to get a scholarship. Callahan is giving scholarships out like candy to get these 4-5 star recruits and the in-state talent gets overlooked.

While I like what has been done with recruiting, I agree with some statements about him not being able to develop the talent once he gets it. That can be fixed. The talent is here now, and we need a coach/coordinator who can motivate and evaluate the team correctly, instead of just letting somebody play because the coach promised him a spot.

TO will find someone who will fill that void. I don't dislike Callahan, just his coaching ability. Same goes for Cosgrove. He was never a great coach to begin with, and the only reason he has this job is the good old boy network. Neither will be here next season.
No Frank, I am not crazy, just a bit naive and a little too hopeful this whole mess can get straightened out with a minimum of bloodshed.

Callahan needs to make some changes in philosophy, I totally agree with that. But if he can check his ego at the door and sit down with Tom O. and work out an integrated plan they both can take ownership in I believe the program and the players will benefit. Osborne needs to make some adjustments in some recruiting and sourcing strategies, for example, re-visiting the walkon program and recruiting speed for both offensive and defensive linemen but I think the offense is salvageable and I am not totally disappointed with it.

Cos has to go...I think one of the great mysteries in this whole mess is how his role got so screwed up. The defense absolutely needs an overhaul from the top down, inside and out.

I don't think I agree that we need an "in your face" type of guy as a head coach. A step below him, yes. We need people who can emphasize the importance of college football to these kids (probably too important frankly but that is a topic for another thread) and sort out the amount of responsibility players have to take. But Callahan or whoever ends up in his place should be an even keeled guy who sets the tone, deals with the media, parents, boosters to a certain extent, and gets the team ready to play. I have been impressed with the way Bill C has handled the adversity he and his family have had to endure the past month or so. I like it that we have a guy who can keep smiling under the terrible circumstances he finds himself in. Frankly it must be awful.

So, overall, I trust Osborne to make the right decision and trust his judgement better than my own in this matter. He certainly knows alot more about it than I do and I dare say most people on these boards. We are going to end up with a winning team; next year if we keep Callahan, and several years if we start all over. My opinion, obviously.
Randy, sorry about the crazy blurb - did not mean to sound disrespectfull to you or anyone else on the forum. I do get passionate and emotional when it comes to certain things in life and NEHuskers is one of them, no appoligies there. The "in your face" statement was probably not good phrasoligy for what I meant to say, I just would like to see someone with passion in spirit and action leading these young men on the field. The older i get the more I realize coaching a football team is more "art" than "science". There are a tremendous number of very talented kids out there, but the true art comes in being able to select and recruit those kids who help you to paint a portrait of successfull accomplishments. I know that sounds a little strange but I've been a coach of several sports and when I think back on the sucesses I had, it seemed to hinge upon a instinctive feeling for doing a certain thing or placing a certain player of recruiting a certain kid at just the right time and place. I beleive TO has always had this abiltiy and why the walk on program was so successful - he had the ability to see ahead to the potential of what a individual or team could accomplish. But I digress, I have all the confidence in the world that TO will do the right thing in deciding who coaches and also will be a tremendous magnet for players who want to belong to the NE Husker tradition. I truly beleive a lot of BC ability to appear so cool and calm amongts all this turmoil is the fact that he really just does not "GET IT HERE AT NE", that will not change so hopefully we will get a new coach who is impassioned about the game/tradition and honor of NE football. One thing I have learned is that a defensive coach HAS GOT TO BE PASSIONATE and has to inspire those kids to play beyond their own expectations, that is the magic of coaching and keeps great coaches coming back for more, just my opinion.

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