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Players don't want Callahan to resign from the Huskers

The husker football players don't want Callahan to resign as their head coach. The players think that the firing will only add to the confusion that is taking place within the Huskers right now. You can say that again - I don't think the Huskers need any more distractions right now. They should only be focused on their next two games, right?

Hearing all of this talk about firing Callahan makes me wonder why he's still around when Solich seemed to be fired at the snap of (someone's) fingers??!!

You can read more about this here.

Well, I hope we don't make it a six game losing streak this Saturday. I love it when the Huskers break records - like football attendance records, rushing records, etc. Hate the "losing streak" records.

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I agree with the players. Osborne should stick to his word and evaluate at season's end. I think the evaluation is already done, but firing Callahan now or having him resign immediately would do nothing other than let some fans feel better. If Callahan wants to resign effective at the end of the season, maybe the players would rally and win one for the coach, but I don't see Callahan resigning. Personally, the rumor starters on these message boards need to stop. Let the season play out (I know it's painful), and let Osborne fire him after the Colorado game. Even at 6-6, I don't think we go to a bowl, so we have no more than two games left.

As long as T.O. moves quickly at that time, recruiting can be salvaged and we can look forward to next year. Please, please, PLEASE, stop creating rumors out there. This is doing nothing but creating distractions for the team. I'll watch every play this weekend, just like I did against Kansas, I'll cheer, I'll gripe, I'll moan, but I'll always support these players. Win or lose, I'll still walk the streets of Wichita with my Nebraska gear on and wear it proudly. I'll attend youth football games this weekend, wearing red, so everyone knows I'M A CORNHUSKER!
I find myself liking the coach for sticking it out. I know that they felt bad when Solich got the hook, but that was immediately before a bowl game. The regular season was over. The way things are going now, there will be no post season game. I want what is best for the team, if that means keeping Tom's word and listening to the team, then he stays and I'll support the team. I'm not a big Callahan fan, but he has shown some guts these last few weeks. Maybe that is what the program needs. There has been no emotion from the staff this year, no anger, no guilt. Just the standard comments which really piss me off.

I don't think that the current staff will be able to keep their jobs after this season, but here's hoping for a good showing against K-State!
That is the way we should be talking. The glass is ALWAYS half full. If it is not, well then fill the damn thing back up again.
Let these kids play the last two games and see where it takes them. If they win, way cool. If they don't, total bummer but the world won't end after the Colorado game. There is always next year to eagerly wait for.
I agree with everyone that Osborne should stick to his word and wait until after the season. I also agree that I will be there no matter how good or bad we play I will be there to see.
One of the things I tell my players as a football coach is to face adversity head on. What are you going to teach the players if he leaves now. Fight through adversity. One of Tom Osborne's tenets is perseverance. Maybe there is some fight left in Callahan.
I beleive all speculation on BC is a moot point. TO said he would wait until the end of the season and that is exactly what he will do irregardless of how well the team plays. The man will not go back on his word unless something illegal or tragic should happen in the coaching. It is going to to take a few years for the next coach to get some depth at the defensive/offensive line positions. Recruiting is going to be tough so everyone had better be prepared for a losing or break even record next year. Am watching Frank Solich's Ohio team on TV right now and is interesting to see how well they are doing, they will probably go to a bowl this year and would whip our butts big time if we had to play them. TO has always been a far thinker and is about four steps ahead of everyone else on this coaching situation, we will be OK and I look forward to the future.
I'm not sure BC is showing guts or simply his arrogance!! The man has a tremendously inflated opinion of himself and a shaky hold on the realities of the facts concerning his coaching abilities. I really do think he sees NE as a bunch of hayseeds who don't a football from a soccer ball and we just can't understand his brilliant mind. Just my opinion..
Am I the ONLY one who thinks Tom should have canned Callahan the minute he was in charge?! Geeze, everyone knows BC isnt getting it done, and Tom could have stepped in himself if needed. He has the connections, clout, and reputation, to make one phone call and get anyone he wants (actually there are probably hands flying up all over the US saying "PICK ME! PICK ME!"). The priority was to salvage the season, reputation, and recruits for next, otherwise what was the point of Tom being hired in the first place? What will it teach the players if Bill leaves now? It'll teach them that we are Huskers, and Huskers are WINNERS! If Callahan wants to keep his job, and WIN, then he'd be busting his ass to prove it. At least Frank made changes and adjustments, and it worked. Unfortunately it worked too late according to Pederson. Personally I think Callahan is holding out cause of the money. And Personally I think since the idiot who gave him a contract extension WAS FIRED, then the contract should be null and void. But thats just me...
Personally, I believe the team has more talent than what we see on the field. I'll agree that depth needs to built on the defensive line, but I believe the offensive line may be OK with the freshman that we have, and the incoming recruiting class if it can be salvaged. Oh, by the way, read DE Simi Kuli's comments on his commitment to NU, I'm already a fan of this young man, even if he never plays a down .

We have young talent at the receiver position, running back looks decent, QB is OK (would be nice to pick up one more in this year's class), good at defensive back. Our deficiencies lie in the LB core and defensive line. I believe the talent may be there if a coach is brought in that the players will play for.

Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not expecting a national championship, or even conference championship next year, but a 7-5, possibly 8-4 finish with a possible bowl game. A lot of this will depend on the coach that is hired, and the offensive and defensive schemes used.

A smart coach would come in, evaluate the talent, and develop schemes that best utilize the talent present. Something Callahan refused to do. He rammed the WCO down everyone's throat, thinking the schemes were more important than the players.

As a coach myself, you have to develop schemes based on the talent present. If you have a passing QB, you pass, if you don't you run. Why do you think Jamal Lord never threw the football? Solich based his schemes on Lord's strength as a runner.

Now I might being a bit optimistic, but I compare the current situation to what Oklahoma had 8 years ago. A losing team stocked full of talent. That talent being recruited by Blake, but taught how to play by Stoops. Stoops was 7-5 in his first year, a national championship the second, with Blake's talent. I don't believe NU will have as quick of turn around as OU, but never underestimate what a good coach can do.

Right now the Big 12 North has quite a few quality coaches. Prince, Mangino, Pinkel, and Chizik are all doing a fine job. Expect this to continue, but also expect a Nebraska team that can compete with them if the right coach is hired.

And wouldn't we all lose a little respect for Osborne if he did go back on his word? Would we lose respect for Callahan (if we have any left) if he quit now? I would.

Yes, I agree that BC isn't getting it done. But a wholesale change in the middle of the season is impossible. No quality coach out there is going to leave a team in the middle of the season to take another job. The only thing TO could have done was fired BC and appoint someone on the staff as interim to finish the season. And if you fire Callahan, you have to fire Cosgrove, and that leaves you two coaches short. That is not fair to the young men on the team. We just have to ride this out for a few more weeks and let TO make his move.

Firing Callahan does not send a message to the players that the fans are WINNERS. I think it sends a bad message to the team that when the going gets rough, you fire everybody that was associated with it, give up, and pack it in. And maybe hope that next year will be different. This is a horrible message to send to these young players, and any young Husker fans out there.

Let's teach a different lesson. Let's learn that sometimes you have to play the cards your dealt, and do the best with what you have. Finish what you start. Never give up.

Keep the faith.

If that's the case, then what message did Pederson send when he fired Solich? He didnt wait til the end of the season.

You have to ask: Why do these players want to be Huskers? Why are they here? Because there is a tradition at Nebraska. A history that was started long ago, and contiues til today. And they want to be a part of it. There is no other college team that has a following like Nebraska. The players know it, the fans know it, the coaches SHOULD know it. If they were from the midwest, they WOULD know it. And the going isnt 'Getting rough'. It IS rough. And in Nebraska, thats a problem.

These young men are counting on their coach, and it seems to me he doesnt seem to give a crap. He's not getting it done. The bottom line is: Callahan HAS to do something. And he should have a month ago. He's "riding the storm out", and that's not right. At least Solich acted.
Technically, Solich was fired after the season. The bowl game is post-season. But anyway, I don't want to rehash the Solich firing, only to say that Pederson was not a man of class.

Part, and I think the most important part, of the tradition of Nebraska is winning the right way. With class and dignity. That is the part of the tradition that T.O. has been brought in to correct.

I don't support Callahan being retained. If he resigned tomorrow, I would be happy. (I would hope if he resigned, he would make it effective at the end of the season.) But, Osborne gave his word that the evaluations would take place at the end of the season. With class and dignity, Osborne will keep his word, no matter how much it pains him. You've got to respect the man for that.

Callahan is doing no additional damage (except possibly with recruits), he is saying all the right things, and these are his players. It's only fair to the players that he finishes out the season. NU will go 0-2 in these last two games without Callahan. With Callahan, they might win one of them. I doubt it, but then, I'm an optimist.

Now, some of the players are here because Callahan made promises that they could come here, play in his NFL offense, and then be prepared to go play in the NFL. Something all high school players dream of. It's unrealistic. That's one of the reasons these players don't play that hard in games. They don't necessarily understand the Nebraska Tradition.

And yes, these young men are counting on their coach. If you take that coach away, what are they then going to count on?

Solich acted? He acted at the end of the season by firing Craig Bohl and hiring Bo Pelini. He changed offensive line coaches by bringing in Barney Cotton, who also took over the play calling duties. These changes weren't made mid-season, these changes took place after a 7-7 season. Not to re-hash the Solich issue, but he should have been given more time, but I understood the reason he was fired also.

2 more games, 3 more weeks. Patience is all I ask for. These players deserve that. They deserve our full support. Maybe they can put one game together that can make us all proud.

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