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I can't believe I'm typing this, as I still can't believe what happened today in Lincoln. Yes, Joe Ganz had a career day as a Husker, leading the Huskers to a 73-31 victory.

Ganz's stats for today can be summed up by his throwing 30-of-41 passes for a school-record 510 yards and seven touchdowns, Read more about the win here.

What can we attribute today's win to? Was it Ganz having an outstanding performance? Did our coaches coach better/make more intelligent adjustments? Did our defense outperform themselves? Let's hear it!!

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This performance is a great display of what happens to a team that plays with effort, emotion, and heart, and tastes a little success early. Early success breeds confidence, and confidence feeds itself. I will still say the Husker psychie is fragile, but this game will go a long way in restoring it.

The irony of this game was a Nebraska team playing with great effort and emotion beating a flat, unemotional K-State team. K-State all year has played with great effort, but today looked flat. Maybe the Huskers had a little to do with that.

Grixby's kickoff return was huge. It seemed to lift the spirits of the entire team, and deflate any hopes the Wildcats had. I really appreciate the way the fans supported the team the entire game, causing numerous procedure penalties for K-State, and showing appreciation for the Husker effort on both sides of the ball.

What a great effort by Ganz. To put up these kind of numbers is incredible. He might not be a better QB than Keller, but he's definitely the better QB for this team, right now. The effort and energy that he brings to the field is incredible. His decision making is precise, and his knowledge of the offense is superb. If only we could bring a leader to the defense with this kind of leadership.

It was also very nice to see that Callahan played all the seniors. (At least I think he did). This was a great tribute to them. I had to dig out a media guide to figure out who Rice was when he made that tackle in the 2nd quarter. At first I thought it was Hill.

This game doesn't relieve the inevitable decision coming in a couple of weeks, but at least the team can feel a little better about itself. Win at Colorado, we can possibly go to a bowl. Something I thought would not happen, but with our win, and Colorado's loss at Iowa State, I can now see it happening. And wouldn't it be nice to beat Colorado and keep them from going to a bowl?

Enjoy this one Husker Nation!

Keep the faith.

I think that the team pulled together for the seniors, they didn't want them to end the year with a loss at the last home game and a six game losing streak. The heart that they showed reminds me of teams past and if we could have that in the last game I think that we have every chance of going to a bowl b/c we are contenting with Colorado and K State and if we beat Colorado we are the obvious choice.
Thank-you for pointing out that Callahan played all (or most) of the seniors - he gets a little credit for that but I don't think that us winning had anything to do with him or the other coaches the players made up their minds and no matter what they were going to do it. Ganz just showed us what he showed us last weekend, that he could lead the offense is a very efficient way. The defense showed us that they do know how to sac a quarterback and lay him flat on his back - that to me was what made us win. I did also love the support that Keller was showing on the sidelines, what a great team player. You can't forget that return - I don't even remember the last time that we had a return!! Great job, great effort, lets show them what we can really do and maybe a preview of next year?!?
Ganz had a great day and NE really needed this game!!! I was impressed by the play of both the offensive/defensive lines, they were getting off the ball and penetrating the line of scrimmage. They hadn't been doing that for a long time and it gave Ganz the time he needed to go to his second and third receivers, they really did play with heart. The defense was actually attacking the line and playing with enthusiasm, I hope they don't forget what it feels like when you play the game with this much heart. This probably will not save BC but it did showcase some of the talent that is there and hopefully can be fully developed next season. Beating Co would be a tremendous boast to the recruiting and would set the stage for an improved team next year. It is actually possible we may go to a bowl game this year!!! That would really give these kids something to shoot for. Go Big Red!!
Wow. Ganz was stellar. You just never can tell about people until you give them a shot...and WHAT a shot. Holy Cow, more than 700 yards of offense in one game. That has to be some kind of record. The defense managed to look competent and played with fire. It didn't seem like it, but they still surrendered more than 420 yards, the majority of which I'm guessing came on KSU's big plays. The unit formerly known as the Black Shirts pulled off more 3-and-outs in one game than they did the last six games. This was an excellent game, a good old-fashioned KSU Turkey Shoot.

This was more than just a was therapeutic, a Huskergasm unlike any this year. Aahhhh....

The offense was a thing of beauty. Ganz brought back memories of David Humm. You younger folks may not recall Mr. Humm, but back then he was the greatest thing since the Runza.

So - Which team goes to Colorado? The Husker squad that playd KU, or the one that played an entire game against KSU and three quarters against Texas? Bill doesn't know why they won any more than he knows why they lose. Is it possible there are players who can motivate themselves and other players?

Kudos to Callahan and Cosgrove for a game plan that worked. We should have seen it sooner, this "outscore your own mistakes and keep the defense off the field" plan, the first act of genius we've seen from Bill or Kevin in 2007.

A second act of genius might be to reserve Ryder trucks for November 24th, lest they get caught up in the rush.
I agree. I doubt that this saved anyones job. Nothing can make up for what happened in October. What happend then and the year after the Oakland Raders went to the Super Bowl was no fluke. I think that the players motivated themselves last Saturday. If we go on and win a bowl game and Osborne decides to give the coaching staff another chance I certainly respect his decision. However, I just don't see that happening.
I don't see it happening either, but I suspect Osborne is trying or has tried to find positives. But Bill seems determined to be fired. The clueless act on Saturday surely didn't win him any points.
Yeah, that comment he made at halftime when asked what the difference was this week, "I don't know" made me cringe. I was actually at the UNO game in Ellensburg Washington listening to the game on the radio. I made alot of UNO fans happy when I told them the third quarter score. A fun day. I made some new friends and got to spend the afternoon talking to Nebraskans about football.

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