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The Huskers defense has a little problem called "We Can't Stop The Run". I knew our defense was bad, but not this bad.

Did you know the Huskers let Texas' Charles run for 290 yards last week? This is the most EVER against a Nebraska defense — more than Billy Sims, Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers or Ricky Williams.

You can read more about our not-so-great Husker Blackshirt defense here.

How did our defense get this bad? What can we do to fix it?

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A new DC of course...that is a given. A new approach to recruiting. Speed on the defensive line, something we always took pride in before the Callahan era has been missing and so we need to bring kids like back in the Osborne era, who are fast and strong and who then the strength coach beefs up in the weight room. We used to have downed linemen who could out run many of the opponents running backs in the 40 yard dash! Not anymore.

How did it get this way? Something that has been repeated over and over again...Callahan and friends came in and ignored so many elements of the Husker way and along with Steve Pederson believed they had a better way to to EVERYTHING! They got rid of the walkon program for all practical purposes, changed recruiting strategies, and of course changed the whole offense and defensive playbook. They assumed the players were professionals, that they understood the importance of each game, practice and could get themselves up for each game. Pros can't. As a former college athlete myself I quickly learned that players played as hard as they practiced. I first noticed it in my teammates then in myself. When I changed my bad habits I became a better player. I think I was unique though because most kids do not look into themselves that way, especially the ones for whom success came easy at the lower levels. When I heard that the team didn't practice in full pads and had limited contact during the week...that explained a lot to me. Kids play the way they practice. Period. And these are, afterall just kids we are talking about.

When Steve Pederson hired Bill Callahan he thought he was getting Pete Carroll. Didn't work out that way. Pete Carroll can make any athletic director into a pretty good administrator. But, if I am not mistaken Mike Garrett is still the AD at USC and Steve Pederson is no Mke Garrett.
I completely agree with everything you are saying. I teach high school students and they are the same in the classroom as they are in sports, they will only do as much as you make them. We may not admit to it but most people are that way, we only work as hard as we have to. I'm not trying to dog on the players - yes they need to step it up but so do the coaches - just like you said. I hope that we are able to bring the defense with us today and put up a good fight (maybe pull out a win???).
This is written just as the KU game ends.

My comments gave Bill C too much credit. At least I was implying the Husker had a defense at all. They don't. These poor kids are out of their league. They couldn't stop UNO and I am serious about that. I live in the Seattle area and am going to travel to Ellensburg Washington next Saturday to watch UNO play Central Washington. I hope they can show some type of Nebraska fight in them.

I am sick. Just sick.

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