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I can understand a rough first year of the Callahan era, but we were so much better last year. Heck, we've been been much better every year! How did things get so bad all the sudden?

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UNA this is a post I responded with a few days ago to basically the same question:

"How did it get this way? Something that has been repeated over and over again...Callahan and friends came in and ignored so many elements of the Husker way and along with Steve Pederson believed they had a better way to to EVERYTHING! They got rid of the walkon program for all practical purposes, changed recruiting strategies, and of course changed the whole offense and defensive playbook. They assumed the players were professionals, that they understood the importance of each game, practice and could get themselves up for each game. Pros can't. As a former college athlete myself I quickly learned that players played as hard as they practiced. I first noticed it in my teammates then in myself. When I changed my bad habits I became a better player. I think I was unique though because most kids do not look into themselves that way, especially the ones for whom success came easy at the lower levels. When I heard that the team didn't practice in full pads and had limited contact during the week...that explained a lot to me. Kids play the way they practice. Period. And these are, afterall just kids we are talking about.

When Steve Pederson hired Bill Callahan he thought he was getting Pete Carroll. Didn't work out that way. Pete Carroll can make any athletic director into a pretty good administrator. But, if I am not mistaken Mike Garrett is still the AD at USC and Steve Pederson is no Mke Garrett"

So UNA, in summary Bill C got too full of himself. Someone else posted today that it was Callahans desire that fans become more a fan of him than of Husker football. Tough words but maybe not too far from the truth. Right now the guy is a lame duck who doesn't care. I don't care what he says in news conferences this week, I can tell from his post-game comments yesterday, he doesn't care. He got the game behind him and only has to endure two more and he moves on, with a pretty nice golden parachute as well.
I think a new day will dawn tomorrow on the future of Husker Football, says I Swami Shayne!! bring up lots of great points, and I agree completely with all of them. I know how it got "here" I guess, I just can't understand how it flipped so quickly. The first couple of games of the season I thought it would be more of the same of last year, and I was okay with that. And when we nearly got beat by Ball Scrape, I thought it was a fluke....every one has a bad day right? But this season makes the "collapse" in Frankie's last year look like child's play. This was a fast and very hard fall! 95% of our coaching staff is the same as last year (WHY couldn't it be Cosgrove that left?). And the west coast offense is the same as we used last year (don't get me started), and yeah, Sam Keller is a new starting QB, but he's a 5th year senior with lots of starting experience, and was familiar with the WCO. So its not like we thew an 18 year old true freshman in to run the ungodly offense. Its not like Zach Bowman and Bo Ruud, and Corey McKeon et. al. are newbies or bad players.

Something had to have happened for the stars to align the way they have for this to all have become such a cluster-*$%@!!! What the heck went on during the off season? What happened in fall camp? Where did the senior pride and leadership go? It was there for the opening game.

But on a brighter note.....didn't you just LOVE Joe Ganz????!!!! He handled things like a pro!
I like the fact that no matter what, Sam Keller stepped up to the plate and didn't shy away from the media. That showed a lot! And Joe really stepped in a showed a lot of heart!! He just did really great job!!
the players are fighting hard but they are a rudderless ship. The coaches have lost control, have mis-read their importance in players success. Once they have lost control of the players and the players themselves have given up on the coaches, all bets are off. There then ceases to be any rational analysis of what is happening or what to expect in the next game. There could be players undermining the system, there could be players intentionally not putting out 100, there could be players just not doing the work it takes to prepare. Who knows? I really believe this staff has lost sight of the fact that these are college kids and not professionals and the coaches have taken too much for granted.
Well said.

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