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Well, we went into the Kansas game excited to watch Joe Ganz in his first start as a Husker. He did amazingly well, despite the 4 turnovers. He was actually on pace to put up better numbers than Zac Taylor and Sam Keller. Mo Purify looked outstanding, as did the rest of the recieving corps, but trying to keep pace with a top 10 juggernaut was not in the cards. I was completely satisfied with the offensive playcalling on Saturday. We were able to do things that no other KU opponent had done all season. Hell, we matched their season average per game in the first half. Not bad with a lame duck coach and a first time starting QB.

The defense however, was abysmal. I won't even delve into the piss poor effort that was as much of an insult to the program that there ever was.

I think that Monday will bring about some coaching changes. I don't think that Coach C will be gone, but I honestly expect the Coz to be out the door. He and Callahan visited for close to an hour after Saturdays debacle, alone. I think/hope that he (Cosgrove) will do the right thing for the program and resign.

I think that the time of evaluation is over for the coaching staff. Tom, please end the misery of the team and Husker Nation and give us a bit of hope for the future. I for one am, and will always be as supportive to the team as possible. I will continue going to games during the rebuilding cycle. There has to be change, and it needs to happen NOW.

After such a beating, there is no way that this team is ready to perform on any level defensively. ESPN was calling for an immediate coaching change on SPORTSCENTER for crying out loud!! The announcers were laughing at the poor playing of OUR team. I was offended by their comments, but at the same time could see the very reason for their ridicule.

I was watching the first quarter of the game before I had to drive to Lincoln, and told some friends that KU was going to put up 70+ on us. Those were the most prophetic words that I have ever spoken. We had no answers, just as the coaching staff has none for what can be done to repair the damage already done to a once proud team.

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I agree with everything you say pretty much, cozgrove needs to go NOW!! i'd be willing to give clownahan another year, this recruiting class is the best its been for a long time so give hime a chance, i mean this same offensive system won us 9 games and the Big 12 north championship not even a year ago
Talk about a loss of words. I still can't seem to change my position on any of this. I still think that Osborne should implement everything back to the way it was. (The walkon program etc....) Callahan will either like it, or resign. If he resigns that saves the college from the bye-out. (right?) I really don't think that changing the coaching staff every time the going gets tough is the right way to go. We used to also take pride in the fact that we didn't give up on our coaches. Granted, I could put more conviction into that statement if the coach was a Nebraskan. No one really understands the Nebraska program as a whole if your not a Nebraskan. I think this team and the pride in this team is actually passed on through our blood. But......... Bottom line, I think Callahan should be given more time and everyone under him needs to go.
It really disappoints me to see that fans give up on these kids. This is not a pro team and these kids don't get paid for their efforts. Everyone seems to forget that, well face it, they are still kids. For everyone saying that they want to go throw up? How do you think they feel?
Let's say the entire coaching staff is booted out the door today. I KNOW that's not what you were saying, but it got me would we get through the next two games? Who do you guys think would be called in to man the ship?

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