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Wow, so the Huskers got throttled by Kansas - the worst defeat ever in Husker history. 76 points, WOW. My question is - is Osborne capable of bringing this football team out of this abyss?

With our fifth loss in a row, the support of the fans has dwindled to very little. It appears that Callahan doesn't even care now. He is seriously digging this program into a hole so deep, that it may take years, even decades to get out of. The recruits who have committed to this program have to be questioning their decision right now. As far as recruiting any more quality footballers - who would want to come here?

With this poor recruiting status, what coach would want to come here? Does Osborne have the resources/ability to get this program back on it's feet? I recognize that he is an amazing man with unquestionable character and morals. Is this enough to convince the best coaches, administrators, and players to come here?

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I really hope so.
i honestly think so...we just need to fix the blackshirts, cosgrove needs to go but i think we should seriously give clownahan so more time..against kansas our offense did fine with joe running it, its the defence that lost almost every game for us, and can you expect the best WCO players too pour into lincoln as soon as Bill came?? the answer is no, give hime time, i mean the man can recruit and with the proper teaching and coachin we will be back on top in 3-4 years,,,be patient husker faithful!!! Not even TO had success right off the bat
We are in a slump that may not be recoverable. Definitely not by the current staff, and any new staff will have a huge hole to dig out of. Offensively we don't look all that bad. Ganz showed that he has the ability to do the job with his arm and legs.
I want to believe that things can be fixed in the next season or two, but not overly optomistic.

Any idea on what is going on with Ruud??
I definately have hope for the future huskers. The walkon program is going to make a come back and bring back the heart of our team. There are going to be young guys that are from small towns that would never have been seen by a recruiter and come with the love of the game. Show me a big farm boy that doesn't want to play smash mouth defense for the Huskers?!

Devaney was the shining star of my parents generation and how long did it take him to get a winning team? Same for us, Osborne is the star of our generation. He had his own up's and down's but we didn't give up on him.
Dear Tom Osborne,

I just wanted to drop by and let you know that paybacks are hell. Maybe the Jayhawks would have made it easier on you if you hadn't been a chickens**t for all those years. Running up the score on an annual basis to try and get national recognition only exposes you for the classless person you are and have always been. Yes paybacks are hell and you just got yours. Maybe you should spend some time at a church Mr. Osborne and pray that the paybacks don't repeat themselves in the years to come!

A former Husker Fan
Billy Bob Payback , you just proved how retarded you are in this statement, thanks for abandoning nebraska you "former" husker fan, just because a team does bad in a season doesnt mean you should shun them. You have no class sir, the game of football goes up and down for teams, you band wagon ass clown. Im glad your no longer a husker fan. ha ha, you cant be older than 14.

On another note, i'm actually kind of happy for kanas, even though they beat nebraska, it's not like we are going anywhere this season lol. I hope kansas whoops the shit out of OU now...
I think that it can be fixed. The right coach can come in here and restore order. He can be the savior of the program. Only place to go is up. Look what Johnson is doing for Navy or Turner Gill for UB. They have to be at the top of the possibilities.

GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The problem is the WCO takes too much time to master. Even in the NFL the quarterbacks need years to make it click, more years than a college kid has. It is just too much to ask of a kid to come in and learn a playbook the size of a phonebook along with everything else a college kid needs to learn. The beauty of it is that it gives so many passing options but I just do not think it is well suited for college football.

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