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Seems Coach Callahan doesn't know where his teams talents are, Gantz. Why wasn't this kid given the chance when Keller couldn't get the job done. I think Keller is talented, but why wasn't Gantz given the chance prior to Keller getting hurt? Callahans' ego?

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We have been wondering the same thing. My brother (who of course understand play dynamics a bit better than me) wondered long before the Texas game why Callahan didn't have dual starters. It makes you wonder what would have happened earlier in the season if we would have even split some of their time and had them in when they would've worked their strengths to accomplish more or turn things around. They both would have had game experience and had time to rest or whatever. I guess we are just seeing how he is comming in at the right time and doing some things that we need to do to help us get to a bowl game and not have the nation forget that we are good.
Someone pointed out that Callahan probably made a deal with Keller and his dad at the time of his transfer. I wouldn't doubt it since Gantz is not his recruit, at least I don't think he is.

Callahan got lucky again. Gantz is going to slice the Buffalos to shreads and the Huskers will go to a bowl.

No excuses now. The defense has proven they can play. Colorado got beat by Iowa State. The Husker offense just had a record setting day. My only concern was the comment Callahan's comments as he was going off the field at halftime. The radio guy asked him what was different about today and his comment was, "I don't know". At least he was honest.
I do think that Callahan knows where the team's talent is, he just doesn't know where his team's heart is. Heart, determination and hustle will beat out talent any day, and Callahan doesn't realize this. That is why the Huskers struggle.

Ganz is Callahan's recruit Randy. In Callahan's first recruiting class he went out and got Davis, Ganz and a juco Jordan Adams because behind Joe Daily the cupboard was bare (there was also a walk-on member of the wrestling team who later transfered to N. Carolina). This was one of the criticisms of Solich, lack of depth at the QB position. Callahan picked up three QBs that year, willing to take a chance that one of them may work out. He also knew Ganz's family, both being fellow Chicagoans. But I also agree that a deal was probably done with Keller to get him to transfer, because Callahan didn't have enough faith in the development of Ganz.

Another point though, if we didn't have Keller, our QB depth would be severely limited with the transfer of Beck and the decommit of Freeman. This is one area where Callahan does deserve kudos (although he seemingly can't recruit D-line depth). His recruitment of QBs has actually been pretty good. When Dailey didn't work out, he knew that he coudn't go into the next season with Ganz, Davis, or Adams, so in comes Taylor. Taylor was supposed to hold the torch until Beck could develop. Callahan broke his promise of playing time to Beck, so Beck bolted to NC State. Thus the reason for Keller, lack of depth.

If you look at talent alone, Keller is probably the more talented of the two QBs. Talent being measured in height, weight, arm strength, etc. Unfortunately a heart is tough to measure, and this is where Ganz excels. Personally, I'm very pleasantly surprised (shocked even) by Ganz's success. I was one that didn't believe the competition between the two was all that close. Eveidently it was very close. But, if it was as close as Callahan admits, and seeing what we've seen the last two games, Ganz definitely deserved playing time long before the KU game. When we fell behind Mizzou, Ganz should have been given a chance to rally his team (because it is his team). When Keller struggled against Okie State, Ganz should have been inserted into the lineup to spark the team.

The question then becomes, does Ganz make such a difference with his effort on the field that the defense would play better? Against KU, the answer is a definite no! The results of this season do not change with Ganz playing QB, simply because QBs don't play defense.

Although some of the above statements may confuse some of you into thinking that I am a Callahan supporter, do not get the wrong impression. The man can recruit and his knowledge of the game is something to be admired. He'll make a fine assistant in the NFL someday. As for a head coach, he is an egomaniac, that believes in his system more than in his players. This is the opposite approach to every successful college coach in the game. The system may work in the NFL (although his record speaks otherwise), it definitely does not work in college!

But that's just my opinion.

Keep the faith.


Thanks for the info, it goes to my point. Coach Callahans ego. I didn't commit one or the other when Callahan was hired, at times I thought he had the program going the right way. At other times, like last years USC, playing not to get beat bad, really concerned me. But I was always concerned about the defense, it just didn't feel right. The talent, heart and desire always seemed to break down. Cosgrove? By the way your right, I would take a team of heart and desire over all super stars, any day. I couldn't be happier for Gantz, it's great to see the"2nd" string come to the front. It's always about hopes and dreams and watching them play out. I think Gantz is getting some of his dreams fulfilled and that is the "good life."
When Keller was named the start QBs, i was wondering how close was the QRB battle was. I'm one of the people who think Joe Ganz is a better QB because he know his team far better than Keller. I think it's still not to late for Joe Ganz to shine. He's done a outstanding job in the last 3 game (including the Texas game), and he still has a chance to do it again in Colorado. Next year? who knows what Joe Ganz can do to this football team.
We must be a lot alike. To me the defense never seemed right, and although at times the offense looks good, it never seemed right to me either. I supported Callahan from the start, although he was not my choice. I support him because I support the Huskers.

To me Callahan has always seemed cold and condescending towards the NU faithful. One thing I know for sure, and that is the Husker fans know football better than any other fans out there. We recognize effort, hustle and determination. We may not know the play he called, but we can usually tell when a mistake was made.

Nice comments.

Keep the faith.

Brad, thanks for correcting me on the Gantz/Callahan relationship. There are plenty of other Husker fans who follow recruiting alot closer than I do. And I agree with you on your assessment of Callahan, he can recruit but I am not sure I agree that his motivation methods fit the Nebraska mold. Promising a kid a shot at the NFL makes a kid play more for himself than the team. And had Keller not landed on the scene Beck would have stayed put I think.

I am just not sold on Keller. He certainly has his supporters in Huskerland, but I am not one of them. I have just not seen him put the team on his back and carry them when the going gets tough. I think for him it is all about the NFL. Gantz seems to be more of a team guy. And he is a winner.

Right now I am happy that the Huskers have a shot at a bowl game and frankly I am surprised there are fans who do not want them to accept an invitation.
Randy, I agree whole heartedly with your assessments of Keller. He's here as a step to the NFL. But do remember Beck transferred a year before Keller transferred. My belief is Beck transferred as a result of Taylor winning the QB battle a second year. Enough about Beck, he didn't make it NC State either.

I supported Keller, and still will, but was wrong in my belief about Ganz. Ganz has shown me that he's much better than I originally thought.

As a coach myself, I don't try to second guess a decision on who should start and who shouldn't. I go through this all the time with parents telling me their son should start. I invite the parents to practice so they can see, but they won't show up, or if they do, they only see good, and ignore the bad. So along the same lines I'm not there at Nebraska practice everyday, so I don't try to second guess. I like to believe in Watson's assessment that Ganz maybe pressed a little to hard in training camp, and he learned a lot during the season watching Keller. But I also know, you never know what a player will do, until you put him in the game. Ganz definitely earned a shot earlier in the season, simply by the teams lack of success against Mizzou, Okie State, and Texas A&M.

I'm thrilled with the chance to become bowl eligible. After fighting through the adversity of this season it would be nice. Not only that, let's keep Colorado from becoming bowl eligible at the same time.

Keep the Faith

Can't tell you gentlemen how refreshing it is to hear intelligent conversation on this years team. I know the players didn't deserve the booing. Having watched this program since 71, I do remember the nay sayers about Osborne ( he who walks on water now) I also know these kids have talent, so if the coach can't bring it out, sounds like a coaching change is needed. Especially, the defensive co-ordinatior. Callahan, I still have questions about.

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