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I know that Sam Keller and the "coach" are pretty close but why hasn't the talent that Ganz displayed last weekend and some of the weekend before been notced all year long? Maybe, just maybe it is one more un-intelligent decision made by the coaching staff. Now instead of having a QB ready for next year we have to start from the beginning, even if that means a new coach.

Joe Ganz for a sixth year!

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Hey Matt, we'll have Ganz back next year - he's only a junior:) (thank God) Here's a page that gives his bio for more info on him.

It will be some adjustment with a new coach and a new coaching philosophy - hopefully Ganz and the crew can adapt to make next football season a little more um... exciting.

Go Huskers!
I really think that the decision to start Keller was a good idea initially. After the USC game, Ganz should have gotten some playing time. After the Ball State game, he should have been starting.
I don't dislike what Coach C is doing Offensively, but the Nepotism and good ole boy networking needs to stop. He has to realize that his friends are not going to make him successful. He is a good recruiter, but is prone to peer pressure. Best example is Sam Keller. He and Kellers father have been friends for awhile and while we didn't really need another QB, Keller was free from ASU. Enter Nepotism again. First Cos and now Keller.
I think that we will be pretty well stacked for a run at the Big 12 north next year, with or without Callahan.
Ganz is a versatile quarterback and should be able to fit into just about any type of offense next year.

Do you remember who Osborne moved to the starting spot at I-back during the 1995 season when L. Phillips was suspended? Clinton Childs? No. Damon Benning? No. It was true freshman Ahman Green. This was just one example of playing the best player available not the player who had been there the longest and "deserved" to play.

Another thing that bothered me was the fact that at the beginning of the '06 season Brandon Jackson was buried at the bottom of the depth chart at running back only to emerge as the starter later in the season. How could the coaches not have recognized his superior talent? Could he have been that bad of a practicer or were they trying to fulfill promises made during recruiting? It's not fair to the team to have your best players on the bench not contributing. This could be happening at other positions but I guess we'll never know.

Does anyone really think that if Sam Keller had been healthy and started Saturday's game that the outcome would be the same? And would he have set any records like Joe did? I doubt it.
Ganz's talent has always been noticed, at least by the fans.
I've been saying that Ganz should of been taking MORE snaps all season. Keller was a good quarterback, but I can't see the point of bringing a qb in that's just going to be here for a year then out. It just doesn't make sense to me. The leadership that Ganz would of gotten since the beginning of the season would of been helpful next year. Oh well. He has the starting slot now. That's all that matters. Too bad about Keller.

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