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How about that offensive performance that the Huskers put on the Cat's on Saturday!!

I didn't get to watch, (Deer Hunting) but did listen to most of it on the radio.

700+ total yards from scrimmage. Husker record!

450+ passing yards. Husker record!

73 points. Not a record, but it looks better on our side of the board!

Joey has proven what we knew all along, that he was the man for the job from the beginning. He just didn't have his daddy rubbing elbows with the right coach at the right time. BC says that the competition was close, and Keller is a great QB, but if they were this close in talent and ability to run the offense, wouldn't you run a 2 QB setup? Even if only to spell your starter for a bit?

I'll be at the Colorado game, probably freezing my tail off, but proudly wearing my Husker Red and Black, despite warnings from CU fans! If I survive, I'll let you all know what it was like in that Hostile, Rude, and Non-alcohol serving stadium.

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I like the type of QB who can make plays with his legs. Joe Ganz is definitely one of those. Sam Keller is a good QB, but I simply think Ganz is better. I was very disappointed that Ganz did with the QB job, and glad he still has a chance to prove himself now.
Joe ganz is so awsome. Why havnt they used him more??? I hate that BC seemed to have put all of his confidence into a quarterback trying to throw the ball, sure keller is a good qb, but it looks to me like ganz is just as good if not better, as well as he can run the ball, which adds another factor into the game that can help us get yards.
Most fans wouldn't appreciate confusion at the QB spot. Osborne tried that once with less than spectacular results, the Mickey Joseph/Mike Grant peccadillo. Keller seemed like the more confident of the two, so he got the starting nod.

I have to agree with Callahan (excuse me while I go choke myself blue for saying that). I probably would have made the same call. Ganz's development has been phenominal over the past few months. But then again, in the R&W game, Keller was with the #1 offense and Ganz the #2. This is hardly a fair comparrion of abilities. Osborne used to switch them at half, and today switching seems a wiser course of action, if you really want to rate your players accurately.

Where I disagree with Callahan (besides practically everywhere) is that I think Ganz developed in spite of...not because of...the "system". Or perhaps that day back in April was simply not Ganz's best day. It happens. But he seems to be more than 100% today. Was the KSU game a fluke? Is KSU really that bad? I don't really think so. Joe had the hot hand, and KSU had a worse day than usual. The result was the luckiest day Bill has had in years.

Meanwhile, I hear there was another Pelini sighting in Lincoln, bringing the total to 1,981 since October 16th.

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