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What are everyone's predictions about the Huskers beating Colorado? Do you think we'll finish the regular season on a win?

I say we beat Colorado by two touchdowns:

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Husker's are on a roll. they rally one more time behind Ganz and win this one.

Huskers: 41
Buffs: 17

Keep the faith.

I really want us to win, but which team (defense) will show up. If it is the was from against K-state then we will win by at least 2 touchdowns. If it is the one from pretty much the rest of the season then we lose by 2 touchdowns. I am really hoping that the players are still pumped and as a group they have inspired each other and that we will blow Colorado out of the water!! Go Huskers!
The Husker defense will manage to wear matching uniforms, and may even make a stop or two. But I am guessing we need to prepare for another basketball game as inept defenses compete to see who can provide the most comedic elements. Hawkins isn't serious about his team yet; he's too busy showcasing his son, which seems to be his priority this year rather than winning.

Newsflash; his boy is decent, but he is not even close to Joe Ganz. Right now, there are precious few who play at Ganz's current level outside of the NFL. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Ganz's statistical trend exceeeds the pace of whoever wins the Heisman.

Bottom line: Huskers roll, the Buffalos are hunted to near-extinction, but not without a fight.

NU - 63
CU - 42
I'll be at the game, so the Huskers had better show up to play.

As poorly as the Buffs have played the last couple of weeks, and as good as the Huskers have played, should result in a NU win and a possible bowl berth.

I like Jeff's comment on Ganz' numbers. Maybe with a full season, he'll be in the running next year.

NU - 38
CI - 17
As long as Kevin Cosgrove is coaching the defense formerly known as the Black Shirts, I think we have to realize that huge failures are going to occur, no matter how much motivation they show. KSU may have been the worse team that day, but they still managed to hang 31 points. Neither Callahan or Hawkins seem to believe that defense is important, and that's the main reason why I suspect Joe Ganz is going to carve up more than just a Turkey this coming weekend.
I think a lot of people suspected Ganz would be good, but he has surprised even his most vocal supporters with just how good he can be. Missouri's Chase Daniels wasn't able to do to KSU what Ganz could; Daniels wasn't even close to Joe's numbers. In fact, Daniels wasn't signigicantly better than Freeman, and the entire MU offense produced nearly 280 yards less than the Huskers did against the very same KSU defense.

I think if MU and NU played today, the results would be very different. Our defense makes certain teams seem a lot better than they really are. Both Mizzou and Kansas have thrived on this situation. MU would still score, no doubt, but Ganz would keep the offense on the field a whole lot longer. Enough to win? We'll never know. Against Colorado, a defense marginally worse (if possible) than KSU, it is possible that Ganz will break his previous records.

Defense, they say, wins championships...but no defense loses games, irritates fans, and costs jobs. Should the Husker defense show up in Boulder on Friday, even a little bit, then Ganz & Co. will seem like Olympic ice skaters amidsts a field of walruses and penguins. But if the defense is a no-show, we're in for a long, cold off-season.
I am so excited for this game. I just can't wait to see Octavian!! Ok, Ok, no yapping today.
Huskers: 45
Colorado: 35
The only way we will win this game is if the players themselves fire each other up and play with enthusiasim. We know they can do it if they want, normally this would be the job of the coach to keep players focused and motivated but that is lacking. I am a firm beleiver in the old coaching maxium that says "You play the way you practice", depends on how the Huskers practiced this week - I don't think BC is getting the players best at practice and it shows on game day. It truly is up to the players to keep each other motivated and play with heart - I don't think the coaches are going to change or adapt this week because they haven't all year.
Yeah, this team could probably write a book on the art of self-motivation. A few good walk-ons who had to earn their spot are worth more, motivationally speaking, than a room full of Harrison Becks.
But Callahan and Cosgrove, what was the phrase used, "change and adapt"? Both of these guys are about as adaptable and quick to change as the Petrified Forest.

Well, there is going to be some adapting and changing. Bill and Kevin will be changing jobs while we adapt to new coaches. Those two ought to go out in style, come to the game disguised as Klingons. At least they'll blend right in with the Colorado fans. In the event of a loss, they can disappear into the crowd before Osborne finds them.

Erstwhile Head Coach Bill Callahan

cleverly disguised as a Colorado fan.

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