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Will the Huskers have a coaching change on Saturday?

Will the Huskers have a head coaching change on Saturday? Apparently he's getting the players ready for a possible "change", due to the fact that the "product" that the nebraska football "business" is putting out of the field needs some improvement. Really?!

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Lets just say: We will see some changes! I'm just not sure the changes will be what people are expectiing.
It could just be Defensive Changes, Or it could be the whole stinking crew. We wont know until Saturday will we??
When Pedersen was fired I knew TO would step in as AD, being the person he is and the values he has and understanding the importance of Husker football to the state he could not turn his back on this opportunity. There is no logical reason for TO to keep BC around, BC is not going to change the way he coaches or the direction of the program and this is exactly the reason TO is here as AD - to restore the Husker program and put us on the right path to success. TO will do whatever is best for Husker football and the state and this means changes are definetly part of this plan. I don't see how TO can keep BC with a good conscience that he is doing the right thing and doing the right thing even if others don't like it is TO's legacy. We are getting a new head coach, the only question is who?? Just my opinion but when you look at all the options in a logical manner I just don't see any other viable way to go.
Was it BC doing the changes, or was it Pedersen? BC pretty much had to do what he was told and make the best out of it. There is alot to what you say, but who did the changing?
There will be some changes come Saturday. My belief is that Callahan will be fired with one of the assistants put in charge for the bowl game (if we are so fortunate). Watson would be my guess. Cosgrove may be asked to stick around through the bowl, but only to not leave the staff to short handed.

Kim, Pederson and Callahan are both responsible for the changes. Pederson didn't dictate the way Callahan ran practices, who Callahan recruited, and so forth. Pederson was in charge of changing the culture of the athletic department, but Callahan was responsible for changing the Husker's preparation.

Callahan's ego would not allow him to embrace the Husker legacy, or TO's legacy. Pederson didn't make this mandatory. Have you ever watched Callahan in an interview when the great teams of the 90's are brought up? He hates it. He won't even repeat a player's name from one of those teams. He can't even say Osborne's name.

Callahan wants to create his own legacy, which one may respect, but at Nebraska, you do not create your own legacy until you embrace the past. The next coach must embrace the past.

Does anyone think that Callahan and Osborne could ever possibly work long term together? I certainly don't. They possess polarizing personalities. Osborne knows the Husker program was built with Nebraska kids playing their heart's out, teaming with some skill position players from around the country. Callahan believes he can win by ignoring the in-state talent (unless they are a 5-star player) and recruiting nationwide, attracting talent with their only goal of reaching the NFL.

Look at last week's recruiting trips. Callahan sends his assistant coaches around the state, selling the walk-on program to high school coaches. What walk-on program? Callahan all but destroyed the walk-on program, cutting the roster size to a "manageable" 95 players. This move has TO stamped all over it. Osborne knows the Husker program needs 120-140 players on the roster, and with scholarships limited to 85, the remaining players must be walk-ons. To me, this signals a change in the head coaching position, especially since Callahan was not on the road recruiting.

One other item. If Osborne was truly thinking of keeping Callahan, wouldn't he publicly announce that Callahan was staying, with his full support? If Osborne is keeping Callahan, this would be a must. That way the damage to recruiting would have been avoided. Osborne's silence on the matter is a sign that Callahan will be fired on or shortly after Saturday.

Personally I hope a few of the assistants are retained by the next coaching staff, such as Shawn Watson, Ted Gilmore, and Joe Rudolph. I guess that all will depend on who the next head coach will be.

Keep the Faith

I love all of the comments you make - they are logical and thought out. Either your opinion is pretty much the same as mine, or you do a good job of swaying me because I agree with just about everything you said. I really just hope that whatever the change is our players will work through it and not take any of it personally. I hope whom ever we get to replace whom ever we are getting rid of will take pride in the position and do the position some justice.
The entire staff needs to coach Callahan is want to say...NO QUESTION I know one thing..if I did my job as poorly as this staff has done..I would be would any other employee for any company that gave a damn ....Geaux Tigers...
Should there be a need for a livestream tomorrow, here’s the code will use.
Coach C is not neccassarily our problem. Score 60 something.....NU 51.. That should tell you something about our defense
BC had to do what he was told? Any coach with an ounce of pride & half pound of ability would never take a job where he was a lapdog. Save one, perhaps, our dear coaching genius BC... Regardless of the circumstances..mediocrity should never be rewarded and should be shunned, in football, politics and life in general....I'd rather see 5-7 with some progress during the year than finish up 1-6. By the way..I think it has been a few weekes since Pedersen was around so don't think he had much input lately....I'd like to see a young coach, with some Nebraska roots and perhaps some Texas connections...anybody know of anyone like that that may be available??\
Well! it showed up Saturday, didnt it? Sounds like if the assistants want to stay, they have to apply to the new head coach, but then Osborne said that he may give a few suggestions to the new head coach if asked? I'm sure he feels pretty good with Watson, if by chance he would want to stay. That all depends on the new coach
It is a given that the new coach will not want any of the coaches on the defensive side..not sure what the other coaches want to do and really don't care..up to the new guy to make those calls....anyway, the Callahan nightmare is over and hope we can rebuild the program...

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