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See what happens when you open your mouth too soon & wonder why Ganz wasn't playing sooner? We now know why Keller was playing.

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Amen to that statement!
What are you doing bagging on ganz? He was starting for only the third time in his career. thats a lot of pressure, especially coming into a game where he was expected to try to get the team bowl eligible. besides he wasn't the only one having a bad game, i saw some balls dropped by wr's that were very catchable!
Credit Joe Ganz for exciting play, but we now know for certain that Keller was never the problem. This offense gets away from a balanced game plan once the score gets behind; finese is replaced by plodding predictability. Ganz has more fire, but now we see he gets down a lot easier too. That's the price you pay for an emotional guy. Keller may not be as mobile, but like Zack Taylor, he seems emotionally on a more even keel.

Ganz will learn from this and come out smokin' in the 2008 Spring game, and then again next season. Interceptions are the risk of the passing game. We all wanted it, and now we got it. Goodbye triple option, ball control, and 500+ yard rushing games, hello 500+ yards passing, anemic running game, and interceptions. Once the opponent manages to stop the run (and they usually do), predicting what comes next becomes amazingly easy even for the dumbest defense. They start jumping the predictable routes, and voila, eventually they nab an interception or two.

The interceptions aren't the worry; the worry is being un-friggin-able to stop ANYTHING. The Husker Defense couldn't stop its 92-year old grandmother from driving to the store, let alone an average offense. Not a good offense; and average offense. There was absolutely nothing special about Colorado; indeed, the worse team won. Arm tackles everywhere, MANY Husker defenders tripping on their own feet... come on, what is this?? At the start of the season, I thought Suh would develop into a monster lineman, but that hasn't happened. Underneath all that fat is merely more fat.

Oh well. What a disappointment. It ranks right up there with the magic "third date", only to find out that "she" is really a "he"...or vice versa.

On the brighter side, I discovered a new NU They had this guy named "Cookie" who could do amazing things with a basketball. Unlike our football coaches, Doc Sadler seems competent, even, dare I say, charismatic.
I am not bagging on Ganz I am just stating the obvious and the truth to everyone that keeps jumping on the bandwagon every time a lil something happens. Joe Ganz 3 Interceptions gave Colorado 3 TD's which equals 21 points! Dropped passes didn't matter anymore after that, since the game was already lost.
If our receivers could hang on to the ball we would not have had the turnovers. ganz only threw one ligit pick
The ball wasn't thrown where a GOOOD PASSER would have made sure to throw the ball! By the way THROWING RIGHT TO A BLACK SHIRT is sure a different color than RED where there was none that time that he threw the ball.
Amy Joe U don't even deserve to be posting a blog. It's not Joe's fault we lost today.....Think about what really happened. um they scored how much?....Ya I thought so
Why don't you go back to grade school and comprehend what I actually wrote in my blog and if you are going to state my full name learn to SPELL it right. I NEVER STATED THAT JOE LOST THE GAME FOR US!
why don't u go clean the kitchen or something. You obviously didn't watch the same game as me today. And i could care a less how to spell ur freakin name
Gee whiz aren't you a lil NUTS.I am not the one that is hiding behind no picture! By the way I DIDN'T SAY JOE GANZ LOST THE GAME TODAY only that we know why he wasn't the first QB on the field.
Look, You are obviously an idiot when it comes to football. You don't even deserve a response. But Keller suks. Why do u think AZ got rid of him. Joe is the man, and until we get another Tommy Frazier!!!!!!!!!

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