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See what happens when you open your mouth too soon & wonder why Ganz wasn't playing sooner? We now know why Keller was playing.

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Come on guys, Joe played a pretty good game, made some mistakes and did some good things too but the game wasnt lost by Joe!!!! I do beleive Keller had a little more experience and poise and Joe just needs some more time to develope into the QB that we need. Game was lost at half time, I don't know what BC said to those kids but the minute they got a little behind after half time they just gave up. I always watch the line play closely because this is where it all starts, and the 2nd half you could see the defensive line go into secound gear, no pressure on Q B, no line surge at the line of scrimmage and very few tackles made by linemen. LBs did a pretty good job for a while but even they started to give up, are they tired?? Not conditioned enough?? Not aggresive enough??? I think it is a little bit of all that plus poor practices, you play as you practice. This team just doesn't have the heart and soul of a NE Husker team of the past!! Never have I seen players lay down in the past as I did today, these kids need some real incentive and motivation, I beleive there is a better skill level among them than was shown today but they are not being developed and their potential is not being realized. A good coach has the ability to see this and is able to get that extra effort from them both at practice and at game time. No position on the team should ever be considered secure by any player!!! Each week starts a new series of competition for starting positions, this is the way a good coach treats players fairly and helps them to develope to their potential. We did pretty much what I thought we would do today, sad to say, but hopefully after Sat will be a new era of Husker rebuilding. I'm sure TO already has a coach in mind but I am also sure he hasn't personally contacted anyone yet, that would be not his style. I am excited for the future of NE football, we have the best possible AD at the helm in TO and I feel confident he will guide the program back to greatness. I do beleive that football in the midwest and northern states will be hard pressed to stay up with the coastal and southern teams, it is just logistics - they have a bigger talent pool to select from and a more inviting geography to appeal to young players. Just my opinion. GO BIG RED, THE REBUILDING BEGINS!!!
OMG Tommy Frazier? I am not even gonna dignify that reply with an answer!
FOR THE LAST TIME I NEVER STATED EVER IN THIS BLOG THAT JOE GANZ LOST THE GAME. I am done talking & responding to someone that doesn't even read the blog before they reply. GO BIG RED GO HUSKERS and GOOD LUCK to tom osborne who has the BIGGEST DECISION ever.
Does anybody remember what the weather was like in Colorado today? That could have had something to do with the meltdown. Either that or during halftime the teams switched uniforms, cause it sure seemed to me that in the second half, Colorado played exactly like the Nebraska of old...
I've always said it would be nice to see Ganz take a few snaps during games while Keller was starting, mainly for the experience. Memorial Stadium is deafening as it is, but being on the side lines, and being behind the ball are two different things. Anyway I digress.

I to be honest, blame this loss on the coaching staff. Going into half time playing pretty decently, then coming out and playing like utter shit, makes you wonder what the hell they said to the team. I guess they already played the "Win One for the Gipper" routine. Not to mention the bad defensive calls that were being made. One day Cosgrove will learn there's more to defense than the 4-3 he likes to play SO MUCH.
I don't know but looking at the rest of the comments you can just feel frustration and people have to find a scapgoat. Yes Ganz made mistakes, but I still think that overall he did a decent job. How to expect a quarterback to play when he feels that he is the only thing that can save the game (since the defense can't do their job)? By my accounts only one of those interceptions falls just on Ganz - the other two were both he and the recievers fault. I don't think that a defense should always have to make up for the mistakes that the offense makes, but I also don't think that the offense needs to make up for the defense's mistakes. We just need to mend ourselves and find what makes the whole team a team, not just one side or the other. So I am not jumping on or off of the Ganz bandwagon - but I'm not going to let yet another loss make me negative towards one person when it was the entire team.
still think hes a better quarterback- he can run and throw- Cant wait to see him start all games next year!!!!
Well now we know that Bill Callahan was lil Dictator my way or no way and you can hit the highway if you don't like it. They had a piece of Callahan & Ganz on the sideline where he was screaming at his QB for running the ball and Ganz tried to explain and he yelled some more as Ganz walked away. So that is why we didn't see anything but throwing the second half no running just plain vanilla. Callahan took Ganz multiple playing abilities away from him for just the one dimensional look, the same look we saw from Keller all season. By the way I was never worried about Ganz stepping in for Keller because I knew he knew the system completely but he proved that this system doesn't work because it won't allow the QB to run or move very much & only throw more short passes instead of the long passes down the field. Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes it is the people leading or teaching that make the mistakes so it trickles downhill.
Defense lost this game. Any team that scores over 50 points should win. An agressive quarterback is going to have interceptions and yes, with this defense if you put the ball into the other teams hands with any kind of field position it is going to probably end up being points. Gantz did his job. Cosgrove and his group didn't. Tom Osborne said in an interview today that teams used to hate playing Nebraska because they could feel it four or five days later. Not this group.
I don't think that a defense should always have to make up for the mistakes that the offense makes

I am not even sure how to respond to this statement. Seriously. Of course they have to make up for the mistakes of the offense. It is called TEAMWORK.

What did you mean by saying that?
I agree, the blame for the CU game does not lie with Ganz. He played a good game, as usual, but was shut down...not by Colorado...but by the now unemployed head coach. I'm pretty sure Callahan did that on purpose; I did see where he ripped Ganz pretty good on the sideline, and Joe never recovered.

The WCO system doesn't really belong at Nebraska, and possibly not even in the Big XII, at least not Callahan's version. Ganz, Keller, and Taylor have all proven that Nebraska can be successful with a passing game, but they've also proven that Nebraska needs a very solid power game and a lot better clock control. Nebraska doesn't always win just with points; our offense must beat up on the opponent's defense, and have long, time-consuming drives. I'm all in favor of a balanced attack, passing and running, but running needs to be the strength, not just a mere alternative. Of the four quarterbacks we've seen over the past four years, Ganz is definitely the one who has the complete set of skills. Dailey had good legs, Taylor and Keller had good arms, but Ganz has both. The only thing that kept Ganz from being spectacular on Saturday was Bill Callahan and his idiotic stand-in-the-pocket-and-throw-every-down sheme.

I'm not even certain that would work on the West Coast, let alone on the frozen plains.

Defense killed us. Worse, it was our defense that killed us, rather than Colorado. Watching the tape again, I still can't get over our front four. Again, fundamentals are completely (or nearly so) absent. They lock up with a blocker...and then just stand there, like leaning into the wind. What the heck was the matter with Suh? He looked like a Greyhound Bus running on a Model T engine. I can't for a minute believe that the guy has no talent. He ought to be a line-shredding monster. I shouldn't pick on Suh; the rest were no more effective.

The dark days are over; brighter days are ahead. This time, the turnaround should be a lot faster. Nebraska has lots of talent. They just need to be developed and motivated, and hopefully, that will be the new coaches' main strengths.
Are you serious? You obviously weren't watching the same game that I was. It looked very familiar, kind of like the A&M game. The first half we are playing good making good calls and then the second half comes and Clownahan takes over and trashes everything that was working in the first half. He didn't even remotely try to do anything that he did in the first half why? Probably because our former idiot coach screamed at him obviously for going over his head. Keller is a very good quarterback though, and will probably go to the next level and succeed, but not in this offense or this team. Ganz is the man for this type of offense if you argue with this then you really don't watch the whole game. No offense, but pay closer attention to the details before making comments like that.

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