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See what happens when you open your mouth too soon & wonder why Ganz wasn't playing sooner? We now know why Keller was playing.

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You are absolutely right Randy, the defense lost this game big time!!! The four upfront linemen were just pathetic, they didn't even act as if they wanted to be in this game. This is all about coaching, coach's job to get the most from players and if player doesn't respond then you replace him and keep replacing him until you get a right fit. Same thing goes for the coaching staff. Hopefully the new coach will bring back the physical play that NE was always known for.
Wow guys. I don't think Ganz did that bad. I was on the Ganz band wagon because he wasn't brought to Nebraska for one year only.
Give Ganz a chance, he didn't play that much this season and what I saw against Kansas State, he did an awesome job. The damage to the team was done by then. The defense is what killed the Colorado game and all the other games that they played. It could have been worse if it wasn't for our offense in the other games. I personally was not that impressed with Keller. Yes he is good but not that great , but I can't help but believe that his atttitude might have not gelled with the other players. Remember Arizona State didn't want him back as starting quarterback. Then he came here and all of a sudden he became the golden boy for Callahan.
Ganz was great. Keller was also really great, but he is a better fit for a drop back passing offense. With Nebraska paying lip service to the run, Sam was never quite in his comfort zone. I feel kind of bad for both of these guys because Callahan's play calling was idiotic, one-dimensional, and was the secondary reason why NU lost to Colorado.

The defense, or lack thereof, was the primary reason. Thankfully, we've seen the last of Big Ten Psuedo High School-level, feet-heavier-than-lead Defense. Thank Kevin Cosgrove for making our guys play like eleven amputees.

Defense wins championships...but it also loses games when it goes bad, and this year, it went bad. Very bad. But it wasn't just this year. Cosgrove's defense was a serious downgrade from day one, but some years he got luckier than others.

I thought Sam did remarkably well, considering his circumstances. I thought Ganz really came a long way in one season. During the spring game, Keller was clearly more consistent, but today, right now, Ganz has moved ahead. I seriously doubt if Joe will be challenged for the starting spot next fall, but you never know; there's always someone waiting for their shot. I really think Sam could do well in the NFL. He'll need lots of development, Lord only knows he got zero here, but that shouldn't be a problem.
I still think Ganz is a good quarterback who can use his feet to get out of bad spots that Keller struggled with. Keller is a good QB but Ganz did put up 39, 73, and 51 points in consecutive weeks.
I am a huge Ganz fan. Reason : He has been with the team for 3 years. He wasn't flown in for one year with the hopes of a huge ticket tape parade and a free ride to the pro's. The kid has earned his appearance on the field. Now don't get me wrong, Keller was good in his own right. I am not putting him down in any way. With no defense out there, no amount of offense is going to win games.

With that said, Ganz has done a fantastic job. When things go good the glory is shared by the receivers and the quarterback. When things go bad --the quarterback stands alone. Going by the after game interview... his shoulders are strong enough to take it.


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