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At a press conference at 9:30 am this morning, Tom Osborne announced that Nebraska Huskers head coach, Bill Callahan is fired.

Osborne stated at the press conference that he talked with Callahan when the Huskers were 4-4, and he laid out some benchmarks that the coach should hit (in order to retain his job). Callahan missed these marks, letting the Huskers attain a losing season for the second time in his four years at Nebraska.

Osborne has hired a third party to help him seek out a new head coach for the Huskers. Osborne said he hasn't spoken with anyone directly, but he did say that he speaks with Turner Gill on a weekly basis. Hmmmmmmm........

More to come - please anyone comment to this with updates!!!

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The only thing that I cringe on is the name CRAIG BOHL OMG NO WAY. Doesn't anyone remember what he did with our defense in one year? He was horrible,not a good fit for Head Coach. It would be like giving Kevin Cosgrove the Head Coaching position.
Bo Pelini has been contacted as the possible new head coach of the Huskers - read more here
Ding Dong the witch is gone! The wicked witch is gone!!!
"GOOD-BYE! Hey, Hey, Hey! GOOD BYE! Na-Na-Na,-Naaaaaa... Na-Na-Na, Naaaaaaa. Hey-Hey, Hey, GOOD BYE!"
Seeya, wouldnt wanna beya!
And dont let the door hit ya in the ass! You dont have to go, BUT YOU CANT STAY HERE!
Make like a baby, and head out!
Make like a prom dress, and take off!
Yur Outta here!
Craig Bohl, yes, I do recall hearing his name mentioned, but I couldn't see the screen because a donkey was flying by just then.
The Bill Callahan days come to an ignominious ending, in a season already fraught with weirdness throughout the NCAA. Tom Osborne has learned a lot about splitting hairs and Clinton-esque word games, presumably from his stint in politics. He promised Callahan that he wouldn't contact anyone regarding a possible job opening, and HE (Osborne) hasn't....but someone else has. That is just a little bit slippery for my blood, but I understand the necessity, especially after the Solich firing fiasco. Kudos to Dr. Tom for at least covering the bases. He obviously has the moxie to handle these situations with poise and character.

So what'd we learn? First, Osborne can play politics with the best of them. Second, Bill has no clue about college football. Third, Kevin Cosgrove didn't need to be fired, he probably would have resigned anyway. Are he and Callahan some sort of weird Siamese twins? Surely Bill is (or at least, was; here I go, talkin' about him like he's dead) smart enough to know that Cosgrove was dragging him down? This year's defense wasn't an abberation; it has been consistently terrible the entire four year run. It's the inconsistent sparks of brilliance that were the real aberrations. Friend or not, Siamese bobble-head or not, business is business. Callahan would still have a job if he had only acted as responsibly as the position required.

But, I suppose I should join in the insincere "thanks for your service, Bill" chorus--except that I will modify it to make it sincere. Thanks, Bill, sincerely, for all your hard efforts at bringing this program down to the basement. Nebraska really appreciates being turned into Iowa State West. We can't thank you enough for assembling a program that's barely a footnote in the rankings. We'll never forget all the records you set, two losing seasons in only four very long years, two missed bowl games, and defenses that were even more lost than the Edmund Fitzgerald. Thanks a lot, Bill. Thanks for squandering scholarships on unappreciative blue-chip prima donnas that left you high and not so dry, and thanks for killing the dreams of all the Nebraska kids who grew up wanting to be Astronauts, Firemen, and Cornhuskers, not necessarily in that order. And finally, thanks for plundering the University treasury more thoroughly than any ancient Norse raider could manage. Maybe your next job should be as a Capital One advertisement actor. Have them call me for a reference.

The real upside is, this time around, a replacement will be easy to find. It was tough when the prospective coach had to follow two legends and a winning coach who was summarily fired after a big win. It's quite another thing, a lot easier, to follow Nebraska's version of Howard Schnellenberger.
Well said. I don't think it could of been said any better. Thanks Jeff.

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