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Okay, since we're all going out there on that limb and having fun prediciting who the new head coach will be, how about what the new offensive scheme will be?

I think the WCO has had it swan's song in Huskerland.

The triple option has gone away....

Anyone want to offer their thoughts on what would work best here when the new coaching staff comes to town (whomever that should be)? Of course, the new head coach will determine the offensive course the team will take, but I'm curious what all of you think would be the best fit here.

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Depends on who the new coach keeps on his staff.

If the new coach keeps Shaun Watson as O-Coordinator, I can see this offense staying in place. It has been proven to be able to put up points, but there will be a bit of option or a similar style of running attack built in. To start that, the coach will HAVE to recruit within Nebraska, with the sole purpose of picking up Large bodies who can move fast and can move bodies off the line. The one thing that needs to come back is a new strength and conditioning coach. The players that we have now have had it easy for the last 4 years, and the performance on the field show it. Back in the day, we used to make a huge deal on how much our guys could lift, bench and how fast they were. Now none of that is known. I'm sure that some can bench a small building, but you'd not know it by watching the games.

If we get a completely new staff, all bets are off. Since most of the staff is under contract until Jan. 2009, I would hope that they will stick around and keep a little continuity during the transistion.

Pelini: We don't know what offense he would run since he is a defensive oriented coach. Which would lead me to the assumption that he might leave things the way they are for now. We are putting up fantastic numbers, passing. We need help running the ball. Get the big linemen and go with what we've got. If he is smart, offer Watson a job.

Gill: He is an option guy. His Buffalo team likes to run the ball and throw when necessary. That can win games. The problem with Turner is that he is too close to TO. I don't think that Tom could fire him if needed.

Johnson: Has completely turned a laughable Navy team into a spoiler. They are not quite up to snuff for conference play, but they have a fantastic work ethic and can play ball. For academy guys anyway. Given the entire country to recruit from, he could be dangerous.

Leavitt: Who'd a thunk that South Florida would be where they are today? They entered Division 1 football 10 years ago and are legitamately challenging the big boys in the SEC. TO has already said that he likes what he sees in their offense as well as their defense. (Is that an omen??) They run well and pass even better. Another coach that could be dangerous with a big league school.

Whatever coach decides to take the job had better learn to duck and cover. Fan's and Media alike will be watching every move under a microscope. There is talent here (just ask, they just need more direction than what they got from the former coaches. We could easily get 10+ wins next year with what we have, with better coaching.


Good perspectives as always Shayne. And GREAT point about the strength and conditioning program! Anyone know what they real scoop on Boyd Epley was when he left? That all seemed really fishy to me.

He was probably pushed out of the program by pederson just like every other aspect of husker tradition!
The West Coast offense as designed by Bill Walsh is a BALANCED attack. When this offense is supported by a REAL defense with a REAL def.coordinator, it works real well. (See NFL history under Joe Montana). The 49ers won multiple super bowls using this offense with several famous Husker players.

Even TO knows that defense wins championships.
With Joe Ganz at QB i think NE would be wise to consider the Spread Offense. This offense is very effective for a QB that can both throw the ball and run it. Blocking schemes are simpler and it is easier to get a one on one situation for a running back, QB in essence becomes a Tailback at times and the formations are very difficult for a defense to anticipate. With the no huddle scheme it is much easier for OC for change plays before defense can adjust to them. It does take a QB with an accurate arm and who is willing to act as a tailback at times and doesn't mind getting hit once in awhile. I'm just not sure how deep we are in wide receivers and how much speed we have. If Lucky comes back he would fit this offense perfectly. Running the ball out of this formation is very effective also and would suit the style of runner that Lucky is. Just my opinion.
Shayne is pretty thorough and accurate on all points, but we actually DO know what Pelini would do, offensively. He gets quoted often enough, at least we should know. While Pelini favors a spread set, pro-style offense, he favors a strong beat-em-up running game, with passsing added in as a 35%-45% mix.

Astoundingly, or perhaps not, this is pretty much what LSU does right now. Bo Pelini today is not the same Pelini that was here in '02. He seems to have learned a few new tricks on the Bayou.

As to the type of offense, Nebraska has to have a scheme for which they can recruit locally, since this is where more than half of our players will come from. In my humble view, whatever Missouri, Oklahoma, or (insert evil enemy state here) can do, Nebraska can do better. Or, at least, they used to...that kinda harkens back to the "lost identity" thing.

Like most other Mid-Western states, our guys tend to be a bit larger than average, which suggests more of a power game. At this, our guys used to be the absolute masters in the conference. The trend is towards speed; the Huskers followed this trend back in the mid-90's, with the results we all know. Solich got away from that. Callahan kinda sorta got back into it, but in the process sold out the program to a bunch of whining ninnies, guys that initially say yes, but then pack up and go home at the first sign of adversity.

Good riddance.

Both Turner and Bo would fix this, as would any of the other candidates mentioned. The only reservation I have about Johnson is that no one has any real idea how he'd be at recruiting. There really is no recruiting at Navy; football is little more than an intermural sport that has only one codified, legitimate purpose; to beat Army.

Our top guy is Joe Ganz. Fast legs, good arm, and a good command of the game. I can't see limiting Joe to becoming a mere hand-off machine any more than a passaholic slinger. If I were the coach or the offensive coordinator, I would design my offense around Ganz's talent. That means he is going to need a fast, physical front line, two or three great receivers and two or three good receivers, one or two good tight ends, and two or three excellent running backs. The playbook can include option plays, but cannot be based on option plays. Ganz can move the pocket, run when he needs, and throw with enough accuracy that defenses must take the threat seriously, lest they be burned very badly (ala KSU). With the right coaching, this guy can finish his senior year better than Chase Daniel.

With all that said, I'm a little disturbed by this "Black Coaches and Administrators" (whatever the hell THAT is) insinuating that Nebraska be turned into an Affirmative Action social program experiment. There is no mention from these clowns about what a great human being Turner Gill is, what a great coach he is, or how he is the heroic legend to a generation of Husker fans. Not a single peep about what a great motivator he has been to Buffalo--only that he has dark skin. This is not an acceptable reason to hire anyone, at anytime, ever. Maybe that makes me a terrible, evil, monster-person, but there's a lot more at stake than an idiotic social agenda. Bo or Turner--flip a coin--I'd be okay with either, but for the right reason...they were determined to be the best fit for Nebraska.

We need a coach that can put the "Corn" back in "Husker", and the starch back in the defense. Whichever one Osborne ultimately hires, he will have the best wishes of the entire Husker Nation, but he will be expected to motivate our guys to play with fire -- Or else.
I don't beleive there is a chance in hell that the new coach is going to keep Watson!!! TO is making a statement with this coaching change that we need to move in another direction and any new coach coming in is not going to to keep the old OC, very rarely ever happens. I still beleive the spread offense or a variation on this shceme would be a good choice for NE, utilize big offensive blockers who are good at the run and pass, we have a stable of good running backs and a QB that seems able to run and throw withn accuracy. On the defensive side of the ball I was just looking at some film of past games and it is so obvious that the front four linemen were just not motivated!!! Their skills were not that bad but they made very little effort to fight off a block or keep their shoulders squared to line of scrimmage. Seems as though they were content to just lean up against offensive linemen and let people blow by them. I am sure this is going to come to a sudden halt with a new DC, if you can't fight off a block then you are'nt doing anyone any good. Linebackers were too easily blocked too much of the time, much of this is simply attitude - you never stop fighting a block ever!! I look for this to be a high scoring offense next year and the defense will be much improved, maybe even shockingly so. There is talent on this team, we just need the right coach to put everyone in the right position and motivate players. I doubt very much if a new coach is going to go back to the old I formation but it wouldn't surprise me to see this formation once in awhile and even the option play at times. A good coach uses what he has to the best of everyone's ability, sometimes that doesn't always go along with the mainstream trend. I sort of hope we get Bo Penili just because I beleive he is one man that can devise a way to stop the Spread offense that is giving everyone so much trouble. A good defense with a mediocre offense will give you a 8 or 9 win season. Just my opinion.

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