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Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe is supposedly the 3rd out of 4 coaches who are being interviewed for the Husker Head Coach position.

The other confirmed interviewees are Bo Pelini (the fan favorite) and Turner Gill. More on this here.

In other news, the Husker players have a team meeting this afternoon at 4 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is as follows, "Nebraska's football director of operations Tim Cassidy said the meeting is a regular end-of-the-season meeting in which players will vote for the team MVP, discuss academics and the team’s annual banquet." More on this here.

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I really thought this would be over already. I guess the longer the wait, the better the chance of getting Pelini, since he won't make the announcement til after this weeks game.
Even though we have learned so little, this coaching search is being handled very professionally, unlike Pederson's coaching search 4 years ago. I do believe the search will be over by the end of the week, but TO is not tipping his hand a bit. I know we all hate not knowing, but don't we all feel good about the process this time?
Here's an update from the Omaha site - here.
I don't know about you, but I am actually getting more and more relaxed as the search continues.

What is it about TO that is so calming??? We need to figure it out an bottle it. We could make a mint!! writes:

According to a source with knowledge of the search, Nebraska has whittled its candidate pool to two people and is close to announcing a new coach. Speculation centers on Buffalo coach Turner Gill as the leading candidate to replace Bill Callahan. A source close to Wake Forest indicated that coach Jim Grobe interviewed with Nebraska in Atlanta on Nov. 26. The source thinks Grobe has a good shot at the job. Apparently, LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini didn't knock A.D. Tom Osborne's socks off during the interview and doesn't feel good about it. The school will also interview Brian Kelly from Cincinnati and perhaps TCU's Gary Patterson.
I think Bo would be an excellent choice. There has never been a turn-around like what has happened down here to LSU's program in the past few years. They really have a program now. Also, Jeff Bowers may be worth a look- has anyone heard if he was considered after (forcibly) resigning from Southern Miss? Not sure of the reasons for that, but he has done quite a bit of good for the program in Hattiesburg in the last 17 years, despite the fractured fan base.

I think I will be shocked if Bo doesn't get the nod, despite the interview with Coach. He is the "burning bush" that can turn this catastrophe around.

Down here, we joke about the Saints and make paper bags with the fleur de lis on them and cut out eye holes to watch or wear to the game. Don't make me bust out the red marker, Nebraska. I can draw an "N" easier than a fleur de lis.
If Pelini is out, then Grobe or Kelly should be it. Gill is great, but just not inspiring.
I can guarantee you that the drivol about Pelini not knocking TO's socks off is a fabrication. First of all, the King of Close to the Vest, would never use that terminology or anything close to it. If you've ever talked to him, you know that his folksy demeanor doesn't lend itself to divulging that sort of negative information about anyone. He is the personification of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Rather than say that someone didn't impress him, he'd talk about who did impress him. And what point would there for him to have that conversation to someone who would turn around and divulge it to espn? Its not as though he is an immature 8th grade girl who needs to get everyone's approval for his thinking along the way. Also, Brian Kelly has publicly stated he has not talked to anyone from Nebraska regarding the coaching opening, and the Cinci AD has publicly said the same thing. careful what you choose to believe....even if it is on the espn website.
Honestly, I don't believe anything spewed out by ESPN. I just wanted to put it in here to let people know what is being said. ESPN has a long history of Husker bashing. I would like to see Pelini as coach.
You are absolutely right, TO would not say anything negative about any of the coaches he interviews - that is just not TO's style. I will be surprised if Pelini is not selected, too many things point in this direction. For one thing it seems odd that TO would interrupt his coach search to do some recruiting - although this is important and I'm glad he is doing so, it still seems a little odd unless you consider that TO is giving Bo this week to prepare for big SEC game and then will offer the job next week. This would be an unspoken understanding between them so that they can both stay honest in answering questions. I really think it is between BO and Turner and if Turner was going to be the choice then TO would have said so already. Turner's season is done and there is no reason to delay if this is our choice of coach. I don't completely rule out Grobe and wouldn't be adverse to his selection, the only problem with him would be a little longer for transition to his style of coaching and gaining full fan support. I beleive TO has already made his selection but is keeping all his options open until next week, he is probably ninety percent sure his selection will take the job but there is always that ten percent chance of not getting the coach you want - so TO will keep things very quiet will probably talk to a few others yet. The more I keep looking at the returning players for next year the better I feel about the season, we do have some decent talent on both sides of the ball, although defense was left a little short. My prediction is a good coach is going to have at least a 7 to 8 win season and with a little luck a 9 win season is certainly not out of the question. Just my opinion.

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