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I just came across this article and I think there are some very important points for us as husker fans and the future of the Cornhuskers...

COMMENTARY: New coach will hopefully honor Nebraska's history

By Dave Houfek, Daily Nebraskan
November 29, 2007
(CSTV U-WIRE) LINCOLN, Neb. -- There was a time when Cornhusker fans all across the state could boast of their ties to Nebraska football players. Not everyone on the team was a Nebraskan hometown hero, but as far as anyone could tell, they might as well have grown up next-door.

Nebraskans, players and coaches all shared a do-whatever-it-takes work ethic, along with healthy helpings of corn-fed beef and great football tradition.

A decade ago, kids in Nebraska didn't need superheroes to spark their imaginations. They had Blackshirts who flew and quarterbacks who pounded. Behind it all was a universal father figure, a wise grandpa and a friend, someone who taught not only his team, but the entire state of Nebraska what it meant to have integrity, perseverance and leadership.


Ten years later that same man is searching, not for his own successor or for the savior of a state, but for a man with character who just happens to know something about football.

His guidelines are laid out, his candidates are in mind and his decision is soon coming. In Osborne Nebraska trusts, indeed. But that doesn't mean the people don't have their favorites.

Some want a motivator named Bo, others want a former star named Gill and still others want someone else entirely.

Do we think Osborne doesn't hear our chatter? Those of us who end up getting what we want may be pleased, but what about those who don't? Will they simply put on a smile and pretend that whomever Osborne hires is the man they wanted all along?

Those who believe Osborne will choose the right guy -- which many do -- can't possibly think they know who the chosen one is. At this point, Nebraska fans are so fragmented that the man who succeeds former coach Bill Callahan surely can't please everyone.

Over the last 10 years NU fans have had to grow up, make their own decisions and stand up for themselves. They fought for tradition, clinched onto the one record they controlled (the consecutive sellout streak) and strived to see the good in every situation.

It's time now to turn off the news tickers, relax and pop in those old VHS tapes chronicling brighter days in the existence of Husker football. Because no matter who the new coach may be, he will never replace the man fans are clinging to so dearly.

As Osborne writes his final chapter, Husker faithful can be assured that he will leave them with a new coach of character and integrity. A man who will not just help young men through college and into the NFL, but will prepare them for any adversity they may face over the rest of their lives. Osborne will choose a man who puts effort and sportsmanship above wins and losses, a man who will focus on the development of men above the development of football players.

Fans can only hope the two coexist like they did so many years ago.

A decade from now, NU football may be known for its stellar passing attack or it's tenacious defense. It may be known for a new option attack that makes even the golden age of the mid-1990s seem dull.

One thing that every Husker fan can agree upon are the roots that hold Nebraska football solid. The character of coaches, the players and the program are what make Nebraska football what it is: a team that does more than just play a game, but one that represents an entire state and the people who call it home.

With great character will come all that any Husker fan can ask for: honesty, integrity, dedication, openness to learn a new culture -- if necessary -- and the desire to reunite a family clad in red.

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That is one well written article. I really think that TO will make 2 and only 2 mandates. That whoever the coach might be, he reinstitute the walk on program. And that Nebraska is heavily recruited for scholarship players.

This is the only reason that I think that Bo and Turner fit the bill better than all of the others. Not that the others can't learn the traditions, as if they haven't already, but these 2 both coached at NU. Both know TO personally and know how important that the continuity of Husker football is to the state. If either should fail, I think that the Husker Faithful will take the failure better than they did with BC. Simply due to the fact that we know them.

Very good article, but is the article hinting that a split among the fan base may occur? Yes, I to have my favorite coaching candidate list, but I am smart enough to realize that Osborne knows much more than I. I like Bo, I like Turner, I like Kelley, and I even like Grobe. If I listed them in order, it would be Bo, Kelley, Turner, and then Grobe. I will be happy with Osborne's decision because of the faith I have in the man doing the hiring. For this reason, Husker Nation will remain united, no matter who Osborne chooses.

All of the names that have been mentioned in the coaching search seem to be men of character. Some know the culture better than others, but none would attempt to re-invent the culture like the previous regime.

With the happenings going on currently, I believe the decision has been made, and we only wait on the conclusion of the SEC championship game for the announcement. This will make many of us happy, but I feel all of us can support our next coach. If Gill is the choice, the announcement would already happen. Wake Forest is done for the season also (let alone the large buyout of Grobe's contract). I don't believe that Kelley is a serious candidate. Osborne is out recruiting Thursday and Friday, no longer conducting interviews. These two days allow him to reconnect with the top recruits in this class, and with the loophole in the NCAA rules, the new coach will again be able to visit these recruits next week after the announcement. No fact to this, just a hunch on my part. Here's to Bo!

Turner, we all love you, and wish you luck. Hopefully you'll get the WASU job, and a few of us can root for the Cougars.

Keep the Faith,

What a well written article!
I just read an article on aol sports about Tom, and someone from LSU wrote a comment stating that we could have Bo, they didnt want him! Why do you suppose he said that?

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