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I have heard through freinds and Family in NE that Gill was just window dressing and that TO just did what he was told in getting Bo back. That the Regents always wanted Bo from Day 1. Thoughts and Comments please.

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Tom Osborne would not treat one of his own in this manner, PERIOD. If you honestly think that he is the type of man that would take one of his friends for a ride just for kicks, you know very little about what kind of person TO is and the things that he stands for. Finally, TO didnt come out of retirment to run the athletic department, to be told what to do by the Regents.
I just want to add a AMEN to JDHusker...........
I agree with JD on this one. Tom thinks very highly of Turner and interviewed him as a candidate for the job just like any other coach. He didn't know much about Pelini, other than what the rumblings from Husker Nation told him. He obviously saw in him the qualities he needed to see in a coach that could get the team back to the prominence of old.

Turner is a great coach and would have been a good fit, but TO made the decision and we will be better for it.
Yeah, I have to agree. I just can't see TO letting himself get used that way. Nah, NO WAY. I am not sure that TO is done
putting his 2 cents worth in, MAYBE Gill will get offered another position here, or maybe he is looking at another job at another school. Who is to say that Bo won't ask him to come back?
Who knows, but TO would never do that. He has proved time and time again that he is going to do what he feels is best and in his own way. Period!
Turner is an excellent coach and a fine person. I hardly think that TO would ever use Turner just to show that he interviewed a black coach. Unfortunately at this time, we need a head coach with strong defensive skills to right our program. Bo is just the person for this time. Most things in life are dictated by timing and the timing now dictates Bo and not Turner.
But was the decision Tom's or Gill's? Maybe TO offered Gill the job, and he turned him down? So Bo was TO's 2nd choice. Who knows for sure except those 3? Personally I think Tom did an honest job of finding the right coach. I've met the man, and I cant even begin to tell you how sincere he is. And so far he has kept his word. He didnt fire Callahan immediately, despite the pressure. He offered him a fair deal. He never mentioned a new coach, despite the questions. So for anyone to even begin to question his integrity at this point is proposterous!
Gill is going to be AD. Then everyone will be happy.
Now THAT would be AWESOME! Well said Randy!
Your friends and family are wrong. Nobody "tells" Osborne anything. Secondly, Turner Gill is very popular among the Husker fan base, and with Osborne as well. Tom Osborne was in Gill's wedding party. Turner Gill, like any man in his profession, has his strengths and weaknesses. Bo Pelini, similarly, has his own strengths and weaknesses. At this point in time, Nebraska needed a coach who is a powerful motivator, great with rebuilding a defense, and has a name big enough to recruit both in state and out of state. Both Turner and Bo have these strengths, but Bo has a big edge on defense. At this time, Bo Pelini for that reason is the best possible fit.

Personally, I would have been equally satisfied by the selection of either guy. I think Gill would have really been strong with in-state recruiting; the man is a permanent Husker hero. I think the Regents would have been okay with either guy, as would Harvey Perlman. Osborne, had he acted on personal wishes, probably would have selected Gill, but the overriding concern was a bleeding team that is totally incompetent on defense. Gill is better suited to a slow building process and maintaining an established program. Bo is more of a high energy people developer, who can hopefully motivate the existing talent to perform up to Cornhusker standards.

But don't count Gill out; like Randy said, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Turner Gill made the permanent AD in two or three years.
I agree with JDHUSKER. TO wouldn't take outside advice from moneyhungry people who THINK they know the right way. He has his own mind & his own thoughts & his own ways & will do what he knows is right.


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