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Will Ganz start for the Huskers in 08?

There's been some discussion about whether or not Ganz will be the starter for the Huskers next season.

Ganz supporters say that he is mobile, has great potential, etc. Ganz doubters say that Lee is much bigger, stronger, faster and has a "canon" throwing arm.

I have faith that Bo will pick the right quarterback, but what do you guys think?
Ganz or somebody else for 08?

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Only an idiot such as BC would put Joe Ganz on the bench as we saw this past season. Don't need a cannon arm to make the offense work. Ganz is the starter but Lee should get some playing time other than mop up roles in such games as Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Colorado next year. :-)
Joe Ganz played very well in his first three starts as a Husker. He has my support, but we have very talented depth at QB with Zac Lee and Patrick Witt. The decision on who starts will depend somewhat on the offense, but my prediction would be that portions of the WCO stay, just with an extra emphasis on the power running game, perhaps a little more I formation.

I have faith in the coaches that the best QB will start, whether that be Witt, Lee, or Ganz. If Callahan was still here, Witt would be the starter next year. Pelini will open up all positions to competition, starters being determined by intensity, leadership, heart, and talent. It doesn't matter to me who starts, I just know the best players will play, and the rest will ride the pine.

Keep the Faith

Going into the year Ganz looks like the obvious Number 1 quarterback for the husker offense. It appears that there will be no major offensive strategy change (I believe a decision has been made to keep watson as offensive coordinator.) I think the offense will spread it out a little bit more which will play to both quarterbacks strength becuase they are physical qb's that know how to use there feet. In the past the juco recruits that callahan recruited(other than purify and taylor) were mediocre and average. On the other side of things......rumors were spread throughout spring and fall ball that Lee looked like the real deal. The biggest difference between the two is probably leadership. I get the sense that Ganz is a great leader, and the players trust his judgment and leadership on hte field. Lastly, Ricky Thenarse stated it the best....."I trust the new staff to start and play the best players." that was something the callahan and even sometimes the solich crew failed to do. should be a good spring game to watch the qb's and take a look at defensive changes
I haven't seen enough of the other QB's on the depth chart to judge them, but I agree that everyone will have their shot to get the starting spot. The thing about the new coaching staff will be that there will be a new approach to the team as a whole.

I agree with Ricky in hoping that we can get the best players in each position to play. Not just the "Blue Chip" guys. I still think that we have enough talent on the team to win 10+ games next year.

The question of Bo's administration and recruiting skills will come in year 3-4 when we run out of Callahan's guys. Similar to what Callahan ran into with the end of Solich's / Pelini's great Defensive players.

The ability of Watson to keep the program on track offensively will be key in recruiting good offensive talent in the future. Having Bo running things will get our D back in shape in no time. Getting things going and keeping them going on his side of the ball doesn't worry me a bit.
I believe that Joe Ganz will start, be kinda foolish not to start him. He had an outstanding season the 3 games he did start, throwing for 1399 yards, the picks could have a been a lil better but a good quarterback coach can fine tune that.
During Osborne's tenure, he recruited players that best fit his system, not the best position players. Those recruiting classes back then very never ranked in the top 10 nationally but we all saw the results on the field. Having the top recruiting class in the nation doesn't mean squat. Refer to Notre Dame's 3-9 record this year.
Joe Ganz played well when he was given the opportunity but I beleive Bo will select whichever QB performs the best in Spring practice and then have another look when fall practice starts. Whoever practices the best at whatever system they decide to use should be the player to start irregardless of last year. I would be surprised if Joe doesn't get the start though, offense will probably be a spread formation with a little WCO thrown in and Joe will pick this up quicker than the others. I do beleive it will be an all out battle for all starting positions this coming year, Bo will require intensity from players at every practice and the work will be harder. After looking at schedule I will be surprised if we don't win at least nine games and maybe more. Bo Big Red.
Ganz did great coming in for Keller. He seems to me to be the obvious #1 choice now but they have alot to do between now and the Spring Game. The best QB will get the job. Bo knows.
Experience and knowledge of the offense would seem to point to Ganz, the obvious choice. But Bo is coming into this with fresh eyes, maybe he sees something different. I guess we'll find out in August.
Yeah, Bill was a legend in his own mind. I don't recall ever having seen a guy who get all this great talent, but then do absolutely nothing with it. Bill is one of those guys who spends a hundrend grand on a car, but then only uses the radio. What a waste.

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