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Hey did you guys read this article? I am only posting the end of it. But, I really liked it.
What did you think?

..................He's taken unusual steps to help NU recover - and to establish the old blueprint.

Recent events - like temporarily joining the coaching staff - caught even McBride by surprise. Osborne? Recruiting?

Hey, if Tom's doing it, McBride said, it's probably the right thing.

But name a head coach other than Pelini whose first scholarship offer came not from him, but from the athletic director. It speaks volumes that the recipient of that offer was a Class C-2 honorable mention linebacker, Micah Kreikemeier, whose father and high school coach were former walk-ons for Osborne in the 1980s.

Name another head coach with defensive credentials who hired an offensive coordinator he's never worked with - and seemingly never met until last weekend. Shawn Watson caught Osborne's eye long before Pelini's.

Name another head coach - replacing a fired coach - whose staff has such a heavy dose of former assistants from that school. Barney Cotton, Marvin Sanders and Ron Brown worked with Pelini in 2003, but they all have connections to Osborne, too.

And Osborne made clear the day he fired Callahan the importance of Nebraska ties on the next coaching staff.

Finding a prominent voice who questions Osborne's decisions is like searching for a mountain to climb in Merrick County.

"I don't know anywhere along the line where I'd do something different," Rimington said. "From the day he was hired, he's handled this as well as anybody could."

You can't put a value on Osborne right now, Rimington said. He can wave the flag for the university while Pelini's preparing for a national title game. He can calm fears.

Papik was down at the local barber shop the other day and folks were already anticipating 2008. Days of depression are gone. Osborne's running the show.

"We'll trust Coach Osborne," Papik said. "I think that trust factor is a major reason why the state has settled down. They're content. If there was ever a person who could right the ship, it was Tom Osborne."

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I don't know what our team will be like next year. But I do know that I have a much better feeling for the changes in the coaching staff than I did 4 years ago. I hardly think that we aren't going to have other teams score 40 or more points on us at will like this past season.
Yes, I read this article and a similar one in the Kansas City paper, both linked on, and I thought they were very well done. Having the "greatest college football coach of all time" according to ESPN, and former congressman at his fingertips, Chancellor Perlman, made the best decision anyone could have made in getting Tom Osborne back in the fold. And then there is Bill Callahan, having referred to TO as the "crusty old @!$* or whatever it was....if there isn't a lesson there I don't know what to say.

I think Osborne is going to be feeling a tremendous amount of pressure next fall. The eyes of not just a whole state but the college football world are going to be on Lincoln to see how this whole thing is going to work out. Indeed part of Tom's legacy is at risk. That may sound unfair but I am afraid he will be judged unfairly by alot of fans if the Huskers struggle. There needs to be some expectation management mixed in, educating fans on what to expect and just how difficult it is to turn a broken program around.
In GodTom We Trust..............right?
Osborne seriously can't do anything wrong. It seems that he only makes good decisions. That's why Husker football is getting back on track.

I enjoyed the article as well, the link to it is here.

I agree that it is a lot to put on his shoulders. But, I do find it amazing how as soon as we heard that he was coming back... even I settled back down and decided to shut up and see how things played out. I guess I just didn't feel it was necessary to keep on yelling with TO at the helm. I find that amazing.
this ain't Tom's first rodeo. He knew exactly what he walked into when Perlman hired him. Deep down inside I think Tom considers this a greater challenge with greater reward than any public office.
I have to agree about the trust factor. Besides, how can you trust someone with BC as his initials. hahahaha

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