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I noticed the new poll on this site asking if Bo Pelini is the right coach for the Huskers. I was very surpised to see the more people chose "Wait and see".

Can anyone tell me why Bo is not the right coach? If everything he has accomplished in his career and the changes that he has made at Nebraska since he started don't make you want to camp out right now at Memorial Stadium until the spring game then please tell me what are you waiting for.

Husker Nation is coming back and as far as I am concerned you are either on the bus or under it.

Bo Is Back and he is the right choice.

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I have seen several coaching changes at Nebraska in my life.

Osborne succeeding Devaney. I wasn't sure he was the right fit given the way we couldn't beat Oklahoma. But he got the time to get things figured out. Still a few things I am pissed at him about, but that's how it goes.

Solich succeeding Osborne. My dad told me the very day this was announced that Husker football as we had known it, was over. There was Gill and McBride on the staff that would have done much better.

Callahan succeeding Solich. I was ok with this until it was announced that Cosgrove was going to be on the staff. Many of my friends and I knew we were hosed with this staff.

Pelini succeeding Callahan. I feel pretty comfortable with this one. Mainly because Pelini isn't associated with losing programs as Callahan was at Oakland. When Bo has a boss like Tom, what a great source of advice to have. I don't expect the Huskers to be playing for the national title next year, but we have a greater shot at it with Bo. I KNOW we won't be giving up 40+ points in games.
Bo was definitely the right choice. As Glenn stated, he has never been around a losing team. Bringing in the staff that he worked with in his previous stint in Nebraska is a pretty good indication of the direction the team is heading. Back to the top.

We may not be the class of the Big 12 next year, but we will give them all a run for their money.

Bo gets Nebraska football, ulike his predecessor. The one area I am worried about is the strength coach. Boyd Eppley set a culture in all of football back in the 70's of fast down linemen. He invented it and all of football, including the NFL adopted it. Now Nebraska seems to be lagging behind in the area of strength and conditioning. They need a guy who is cutting edge in technique and technology to regain the advantage the Huskers have always had with speed on the line of scimmage and with fourth quarter conditioning.

But I know Bo is aware of this. Certainly Osborne is and knows enough people to get the right guy. I am really looking forward to the spring game and watching the next chapter unfold. Bo has the opportunity to be a huge success and become an icon in the state. Tom JR. Let's hope he takes advantage of it.
i dont think it was so much that people thought he was the wrong choice, then that there were lots of good people running for the job.
However, i think Pelini was the right choice. After having one of the worst defenses in the nation, we had to do something after all we are the blackshirts and hiring Pelini, one of the best defensive coordinators in the nation seems like a good fix. in any case we can be sure of one thing, that our defense will be greatly improved.
Why are we not hearing from the people who voted "wait and see". It seems all of the responders would have voted Bo as the right choice, such as I. Please, somebody who voted "wait and see" ring in on this one. Don't hide in anonymity, we would really like to hear your opinion.

This is really the problem. People will vote "wait and see", but don't really have an opinion. Don't want to take a chance. Bo is the right person for the job, and if he fails, I'll still be here and admit that I'm wrong if it happens. If you wanted someone else to be hired, speak up. If you want to wait and see, give me your season tickets, I'll go support my choice for head coach, while you stay at home waiting to see if he's good enough in your eyes. Come on people, grow some, and give your opinion.

Keep the Faith

I too support Bo's selection, but I also think it's too early to speculate on his success. Bo's success will be better than Bill's, of this much we can be sure. Indeed, it could hardly be worse. But Tom Osborne has so well established his credibility in athletic decisions that I am prepared to take it on blind faith alone. Tom said so, so it must be so.

Bo did a bang up job for us in the past, and a great job for LSU. There's no reason to expect that to change, even though "Head Coach" is a lot different job than Defensive Coordinator. There is a first time for everything; sometimes you just have to take a chance. NU took a chance on Tom Osborne, who had also never been a head coach at the time of his appointment, and it paid off, but not immediately. There were a lot of good-but-not-great years.

We can and should dominate the Big XII North, and possibly the Big XII entirely. Despite the negative press, we have more talent and a better program. While the WCO may be gone, it won't be forgotten; we have receivers who can catch, and Joe Ganz who can sling with the best of them. Left to his own devices, Watson will put in a stable of running backs that will add the teeth and fangs back to the Big Red offense.

2008's Cornhuskers can be great, but it's not automatic. Bill left them pretty downtrodden. Not many of them remember what it was like to be a member of a winning program. Bo's biggest job, the most urgent, is to change that mindset and make this team believe in itself again. Secondly, get the defense back to sound fundamentals and a scheme that works. Third, get the team conditioning and speed back to levels for which the Cornhuskers are famous. It's not just building a winning team; it's undoing Bill's damage to the team psyche, which, unfortunately, is quite extensive.

These are not as easy as it sounds, but Osborne can greatly facilitate the process just by the power of his reputation. These players have never played for Tom, but unless they've lived the past twenty years in a remote cave, they know who and what he is. His faith in Pelini gives a huge boost to Bo's credibility as a first year head coach. Bo is going to have to get used to weekly TV broadcasts, press conferences, and a general media circus. Bill handled those poorly; he often came off as a script-reading used car salesman, often reusing pet phrases over and over and over again. Being in the public eye is a lot more difficult than teaching football, and if there IS any question about Bo's fitness for this particular job, that's where it is.

Those who voted in the poll "too soon to tell"; this is what they may have been thinking. At least, this is what one of them was thinking. However, I am seriously pulling for the guy, and I plan on being a LSU Tiger fan for a day.
Thanks Jeff. It's nice to hear someone step up and give their opinion. You may have voted "Wait and see" but I can see by your comments that you do trust Bo, and will be supportive. I wish more of the wait and see crowd would give their opinions. I'm curious to see what they think. You seem to be defending all of those that voted "wait and see", but I would like to hear from more of them. Educate me. You may not change my mind, but you may offer insight into something I'm not seeing.

Thanks for your well thought out comments.

Keep the Faith


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