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Is former Husker quarterback, Sam Keller, NFL material?

If you'd ask Keller himself, he would confidently tell you "yes". At the moment, he is still recovering from his collar bone injury he suffered in the Texas game this year. He'll be able to start throwing again in about two weeks, just in time to participate in the East-West Shrine Game on Jan. 19 in Houston.

Keller was an average, maybe above average quarterback for Nebraska BUT his record was 4-5 this year as a starter. He definitely didn't improve (that much) from his days at Arizona State. Personally, I don't think he's good enough to excel in the NFL ranks. Just my opinion.

You can read the whole article here.

What do you guys think? Is Keller good enough for the NFL? Apparently he has the mindset for the NFL, and his dad to look to for advice, but does he have the physical skillset to compete in the NFL?

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Who knows if Keller can make it in the NFL. Might as well let him try. Never know what a person can do unless they are given a chance.
He has the physical stature to be an NFL QB but lacks the mental toughness. He had big trouble when he was blitzed this year and would get skidish in the pocket. He also didn't seem to have good field vision. No one doubts he has a strong arm but I just don't think he is mentally there yet.
Keller possesses all of the physical attributes that an NFL quarterback should have. The question on Keller is whether he possesses the mental attributes necessary to compete at the next level. He definitely should know what the NFL is all about, with his father being in the business.

NFL scouts often drool over a persons 40 time, arm strength, bench press, and all the physical attributes we can measure, but the one item they can't measure is a person's heart. This is what takes Tom Brady from a sixth round let's see what he can do pick, to the best QB in the NFL. It's what allows Tony Romo to go from an undrafted free-agent, to the second coming of Brett Favre. Let alone Brett Favre being a low end draft pick himself.

Personally, I don't think Keller makes it in the NFL, although I wish him all the luck and hope it works out for him. Although he possesses all the measurable attributes, I don't believe he has the mental makeup. This comes from my observations of Keller this season. Did the team rally around him? It didn't seem to. Is he a natural leader? I believe he tried, but no one followed. The surest intangible, and the one that can best be measured, is he a winner? No, a 4-5 record shows he is not a winner. But does some of this blame possibly go to the head coach. Did Callahan force Keller to play a certain way in his system? It seems Keller was a much better QB at Arizona State where he was allowed to just make plays. I don't know how well that translates to the NFL.

From a coaches perspective, I'll take a winner anytime over pure talent. I don't know how a player becomes a winner, I just know when I see one. Simply compare Tommy Frazier to Eric Crouch. Eric Crouch may have been the better athlete, faster, stronger, etc, but I'd put Tommy on my team any day. I think we all seen this during Frazier's sophomore, junior and senior years, we all just got the feeling, as long as #15 was on the field, we weren't going to lose. He wouldn't let it happen.

There are very few QBs in this category. We've seen good QBs and smart QBs that couldn't make it. Keller, you have your work cut out for you. I hope you make it, and if you do, Husker Nation will be there for you, maybe we can preserve a roster spot on our Fantasy Football teams just for you. Good luck.

Keep the Faith

I think Keller could be a later round draft in the NFL. He'd probably end up being a backup. If he saw any significant amount of playing time it would have to be for a team with a great line so he'd have time to make a play. All season everyone knew if you wanted to rattle him you just need to put in a good blitz.
No way, he might make a good 3rd string QB with one of the bad teams
I want to add another winner from a coach's perspective, TURNER GILL. Anyone who saw Gill play knows what I am talking about. You knew he wasn't gong to do anything stupid in clutch situations. He is far above Tommie Frazier. Imagine what Gill could have accomplished with the defenses Frazier's teams were blessed with.
I agree with many of the comments. He has the physical skills. So What? The leadership skills are not there, there is a reason he did not finish his college career in the state of Arizona and also a reason the Huskers finished with a losing record and sporadic offense. Obviously most of the problems were on defense, but the offense was sporadic and inconsistent alot of the time. Package his physical skills with the leadership / mental skills and pure desire to win from Zach Taylor and now we have a quarterback for the NFL.
I don't think Sam will get drafted, but I think he can find a niche maybe as an undrafted free agent, for a time. This is assuming he really buckles down and works on his mobility and throwing motions, and adopts more of a never-say-die disposition. He's young. Some guys just need a little longer. I think if he had more time at NU, he could've been hell on wheels, but with 1) only 1 year as a starter, 2) Bill Callahan, and 3) a defense that stays on the field all bloody day long, the odds just weren't in his favor. Is he a Tony Romo? No. But there are a lot of guys who succeed in the NFL, guys who are more orchestra and less superstar who do well.

Besides, being from Kansas City, I figure that if Brody Croyle and Damon Huard can keep a job as QB, then Sam Keller should have absolutely no problem.
You may be onto something there. Maybe KC will draft him and waste another draft pick. Hopefully a new GM will be hired in KC. I think Herm is a good coach if the ownership will let him control some of the personnel decisions.

Keep the Faith

By the way the fella on NBC (here in KC) was talking, King Carl is as good as gone. But KC doesn't have a Tom Osborne waiting in the wings, unfortunately.

It's a little harder getting quite as attached to an NFL team. For the $$$ these guys make, every game, every down, should be perfect...with no excuses. I don't think Herm is a bad coach, but man oh man, these guys just do not click at all. KC is like the Harlem Globetrotters of Football. Croyle should try attaching a bungee cord to one of his passes, so he can get it back when he throws it out of the stadium. Meadowlark Lemon did that once with a basketball; it seemed to work.
I agree with Los Angeles Husker 100 percent.

He has the physical tools, the size, height, arm strength and even accuracy but his mentality of spreading the ball around which he didn't do well at all, his panic capabilities when blitzed, this stuff needs to be fixed and with the proper training he could and may do well in the pros, who knows, but I don't think he will ever be a huge pro fixture, i see him as a backup that plays here and there like an andrew walter who also played for ASU.

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