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Brian Christopherson for the Journal Star recently had a conversation with the Nebraska offensive coordinator, Shawn Watson about the Husker quarterback situation.

Joe Ganz will have some competition for the starting quarterback position next fall. He'll be up against Patrick Witt, Zac Lee, and Kody Spano. Spano is a new recruit.

Watson commented, "Ganz will 'obviously' enter spring as the No. 1 quarterback. You don't take that away from a guy." You can read more about Christopherson's Husker blog post here and here.

How tough do you think the competition will be for the NE QB position? Does Ganz have it in the bag??

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Ya know it's interesting watching this kid. He has the perfect profile for this team. He's mentally tough. Physically tough. Has good feet and a good arm. You can't help but wonder why he didn't start last year. I can't necessarily say he was far superior to Sam Keller but he seemed to be the better choice of the 2. Makes you wonder what kind of promises Callahan made to get Keller to NU. I for one think that Ganz got railroaded last year. Any thoughts?
I'd be surprised if Joe wasn't the guy come Fall. In 3 games last year he put at stats that some QB's didn't put up all year. However, it's nice to know there will be a legit contest for the spot. I think it's pretty obvious that Sam Keller's Dad made a deal with Callahan to get him to transfer to NU, and that deal kept him in the #1 spot. You can't tell me Joe shouldn't have been there earlier. I also think it really showed alot about Joe's character how he talked about doing what ever was best for the team, and never giving up, even though I'm sure he knew who belonged in the drivers seat.
Many members of the team thought Ganz played better comming off Spring ball. I think that he is the real deal and can have an extraordinary season as long as he is given proper protection. Go Big Red!
I'm thinking he's going to have a great year. I can't wait for it to start. Shawn Watson running the O, Pelini back, and not only running the D, but the entire team. I really think the Big 12 game is very likely. I'm making the drive from Denver to come see the Spring game. See you all there?
Promises made to Keller? Those were my exact thoughts last season. Hey, when you're getting blown away in the 4th quarter, and Keller is still playing (to pad his stats?) and Joe doesn't get a chance to show what he can do, you can really wonder what's going on. I believe BC said "he didn't want to send the wrong message to the team" or some such drivel for his decision to keep the starter in the whole game no matter how hopeless, hey, I don't buy it. In years past, QB's would be switched up to see who had the hot hand, but, hey, I'm no super-coach like Billy C.
I think if Ganz is given a good running game and a defense that can play he can be a really effective QB. Gotta run the pigskin if your going to be succesful in the Big 12.
Joe will not let anyone take his position, he is a leader and a rare find. and he will bring every ones level of there game up.I will gamble my life on this fact barring injury he will start the first game.
The way Joe played at the end of last season was so outstanding, well, I can't see anyone being able to overcome that and jump ahead of him. But if he were to get hurt it's reassuring that there seems to be some real talented QBs to back him up. GBR-GBR-GBR!
If I am to believe the head coach, then no one has a job in the bag. But, I think it's pretty evident that it's Ganz' job to lose at this point. Hopefully he's got the interception bug out of his system by August 30th, tho.

I don't buy into these conspiracy theories from the Callahan era. The competition between Keller and Ganz was fierce - as stated by coaches and both Keller and Ganz. I believe Keller started over Ganz because he maybe appeared more prototypical. But, Ganz has the intangibles as well as the work ethic, as we all saw. One thing that can't be measured is chemistry. Ganz had the obvious advantage there. Keller... not so much. Something about him (Keller). Why did his ASU teammates turn against him? Something doesn't seem right with that.
I think his teammates at ASU had more time to see the type of guy that throws things at women when they take his parking spot, and various other hot tempered actions. I was hoping his ASU mates sent him a message helping him grow up.

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