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"You have to RUN the ball to win Championships" says Watson

Just read this article here from Good read - anybody agree or disagree about running the ball to win championships?

Also of note, Marlon Lucky is the only returning 1,000-yard rusher in the Big 12. I wasn't aware of that stat! I think he could realistically lead the Big 12 north in rushing? Anybody else?

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I've never been a big Lucky fan.

If our O-line can beef up and man up during games, he might get the title. The thing that bothers me about Marlon is that he tends to stop running after the first contact when going up the middle. Most of his yards are on the outside. He can pick up the yards because he is REALLY fast, but if he can't run up the middle his Pro hopes are out the window.
yeah i never thought Lucky lived up to his expectations but i am happy he decided to stay and has another year to prove himself. my surprise person of the year to be on the watch for would be Kenny Wilson . he was a 6-0, 220-pound speedster who runs a 4.4 second 40-yard dash and i believe he was a juco guy. he didnt play last year and redshirted due to an injury but the year before that he had a few runs that were incredible, running right through some defenders. if he returns were he left off or better i think he could make a major contribution to the team. i also think we have good depth at running back which is always good to see and i think alot of guys could see some playing time.
Yeah, but do you think Nebraska fans will back a running Nebraska team?! I think Lucky is going to have a great year. With all the talent we have in the back he's going to have to earn every start. I don't know why Cody Glenn got shafted last year, but I think we can safely say the best players will be playing on Saturdays. Either way I can't wait for the Fall!!!
Facts, if your successful in running the ball it brings the safties in to support the run which opens up the middle of the field to pass in. this is why Osborn was so successful in the few passes his teams threw. So to answer this ? NO. Defense wins Championships, If you look at all of TO, years even though TO is a offensive minded coach, his defense was the strongest part of the team. Why do you think TO hired BP.
i disagree with people hating on Lucky, even tho hge dont run up the middle strong and he does get most his yards goin outside i think he will b a great pro. Physicaly he is ready and even tho he cant go up the middle the NFL has became a 2-back system..and lightning and a thunder and marlon can deff. be a lightning kind of player for a team...i think Bo will also try to send a message through the game of how we going to be, if any one remember the first play of Callahan's spring action pass went deep but fell incomplete...kinda in my mind descriped BC's getting away from the run and how successful it will become hahah....i think id almost call the first play being a delay run or i'd go as far as saying he'll run the option first play, it will get the crowd pumped..they installed the option over last week's practices so i dont know, that's how im thinking about the spring game
I hope to see more running up the gut this year, but it will be either Helu or Castille doing the heavy hauling. Lucky is too much of a primadonna to put his body on the line going up the middle. I still love watching what he can do on the outside, but Husker Football is Smashmouth Football, and Lucky has never been that kind of player.
Finesse running is good, but Power running is key.
I can see him running an option on the first play from scrimmage. It's going to make the sold out crowd go absolutely nuts. I think that would definitely please the masses.
After the first few games i think you will see Helu or Castille in the starting spot. Lucky just doesn't have the full package. He will go to the NFL but won't see alot of time. Catching the ball as well as he did out of the back field last year is what saved his NFL hopes. Great back, but i don't think he can take that pounding up the middle in the NFL. We shall see.............yo
True Marlon has not been a smash mouth football back. However, I have a feeling that he'll rise to the occasion with all the competition behind him. He won't be called on for short yardage downs, but I'd bet the farm that he'll be the starter. His ability on the outside, his great hands, and a (hopefully) improved O-line should give him a good year. As far as the NFL, don't ask me. Once they graduate i don't follow them much, but I love it when the kids come back home to visit.

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