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What a beautiful day in Huskerland in what was probably the most anticipated game in years. The Red guys against the White guys. The stadium was packed for the first time in team history for a Spring "Practice".

The feelings in the stands when the team came out to do pregame drills was crazy. It was a dawn of a new era, with new players in the mix, which made it a lot of fun. Watching Adi Kunalic kicking field goals from 40+ yards through the uprights and over the net was incredible. Watching Dan Tichener kicking 50 yard punts was pretty cool too. Then the coaches hit the field. The whole place erupted when Coach Pelini took the field. It happened again when T.O made his way to the field. You could feel the excitement that is Husker Football take hold of the crowd.

The first play from scrimmage for the White Squad was a busted option that ended up a fumble, which the Red team turned into a score 3 plays later. I was almost thinking that they changed the roster to go 1st team against 2nd team for a couple of minutes. But the White squad got things going later in the game and made some impressive drives.

Most of you were either there or have seen the stats, so I won't bore you with the entire breakdown of the game. Only some of my thoughts.

Joe Ganz - No question in my mind that he is the QB this year. OUTSTANDING player.
Zac Lee - Has a lot of potential. Definitely a keeper, probably be backing up Ganz.
Patrick Witt - Good passer underneath. Definitely a WCO QB. Had a couple of balls knocked down, but had some real flashes of brilliance. I'd put him at 3 on the depth chart.
Marlon Lucky - I came out of the game unconvinced that he will be the starter. Once again he showed that he cannot run up the middle.
Roy Helu - LOOK OUT MARLON, Roy has his sights on your position and he looks GOOD!
Marcus Mendoza - Wow! This guy has heart, talent and quicks. Great transition back.
Quenton Castille - Still has to learn how to hang onto the ball, but runs great. Not a lot of rushing yards today, but hard earned. Did catch a bunch of passes underneath for good gains.
Curenski Gilleylen - This guy can fly. He dropped a couple of short passes, but his down the field showing was outstanding.

As for the Defense, things still looked like a work in progress. They started well, with the forced fumble, but later in the game with all of the substitutions it was really hard to make any solid assumptions. The were VERY fast getting to the ball. The D-Line did get some "Sacks", but at least half of them could have been escaped if it weren't touch football on the QB. I was excited by the speed and how well they played while transitioning new players on and off the field constantly. They really made for interesting conversations that will lead up to this Fall.

Things are looking up in Huskerland. The teams are headed in the right direction and this fall should be an exciting time to be a Husker fan!


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This is an outstanding post, Shane! Very nicely written. If someone didn't make it to the game, reading your summary would be the next best thing. Go Huskers!!
Husker Spring Game
This is a little late, but I've been a bit unable to really sit down and write this until right now. Lets talk HUSKERS, lets talk BO BIG RED, and lets talk DEFENSE

HUSKERS: It was a beautiful day in Husker Nation with a clear blue sky, 70 degree weather and over 80,000 fans turning out to see our beloved team. After such a tough year it's great to see that kind of support for our players. I think it sent a great message to them that we know they want to play their hardest, and we don't blame them for the self-destruction last year. Coaches are really the bottom line for a year like that.

BO BIG RED: He's back, and even though he's the coach I wanted to replace Solich when most people told me he didn't have the experience and I thought his passion for the game and ability to inspire players would outway that I won't say I told you so. Infact, I'll say don't expect a perfect season, or anything close to it next year. He has a new staff to meld together, and a lot of confidence to rebuild with players. Am I saying a Big 12 North title is out of the question? Not at all. We have an Offense that will be solid. Watson is returning, Ganz is returning and if we think back to Bo's last stint in Lincoln he took a Defense that ranked very low and fell apart under Craig Bowl and turned them into a top 5 by the end of one year. Can he do it again? If he can the Big 12 North is ours. It's unlikely but not impossible. The Big 12 is another story. It will take a little more than a year to have the swagger back that it takes to beat Oklahoma or Texas.

LETS TALK DEFENSE: We've touched on what Bo has done in the past, now lets talk about what he's done this Spring. It way to early to say if the boys are back in black, but I can say I did see the spark it takes to get the fire going. They were flocking to the ball, creating turn-overs, and making solid tackles. Cosgrove's schemes left players isolated, out-maned, and eventually a self destruction happened. Bo is getting back to the basics. Tackle hard, everyone swarms to the ball, and get that ball. Sure they gave up a few big plays, but with Ganz leading the Offense a few big plays are going to catch any of our opponents off guard.

Summing up, we're showing the right signs of improvement, but its early. Look for swagger, and look for the old never give up attitude.

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