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Joe Ganz has put up tremendous numbers ever since he got the nod for starting Quarterback for the Huskers, yet he still hasn't gotten any respect and recognition compared to other top QBs in the Big 12 ( Chase Daniel, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, etc...)

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I think that if the Offense can start hitting on all cylinders, he will become more recognized. His huge numbers at the end of last season were a warning call to everybody in the big 12. Things will get tougher for him, but if the team as a whole can improve, he should be in good shape.
The guys on CF Live said last weekend that he was the most under rated.
Just check his stats. He is currently ranked #8 in the nation with a pass efficency 55.6% AND 345 yards. With chase Daniels #14 Joe should be getting a little more respect.
Unfortunately our program was run into the ground and until we can show the country / Big 12 that we are for real again, no one is going to give Gantz or anyone the recognition they deserve. We beat Va Tech andor Mizzou and we can start expecting sme respect.
I agree. The sad part is, he will have to put up big numbers and wins to compete with the afore mentioned pre-season hype. Go Joe! Go Big Red!
I also agree. He's a great decision maker on the field and I think he was overlooked last year because of the Missouri, Kansas, and other qb's who stepped up and performed better. But this year I think that he should get more coverage on him.
I like Joe, but I don't think he is that under-rated. I believe he is a very servicable QB, but not great. Why? Well I don't think he can make all of the throws that a great QB needs to make; I think he makes too many bad decisions as to where and when to throw; and with his ability to run, he seems to be getting sacked too much, in other words, he may not have the pocket presence he needs to avoid being sacked.

He has started like 6-7 games and has like 9-10 interceptions. That is more than some QB's have in a year. IMO he is trying to make throws to receivers that are covered and it would be much better to just throw the ball away. Yes you are going to complete a few of those passes and a game may dictate you attempt them sometimes, but by and large it is better to just dump the ball.
Give it time guys...the team is just now starting to hit on all cylinders. Ganz probably wont get any respect until he starts to upset some ranked teams, but the blackshirts need to step it up somemore. From what i have seen and heard they are already showing signs of being better than last year and thats a plus. I am looking forward to hitting the bars the day the Huskers and VATech play (since im in that friggin state) and im gonna proudly wear my jersey....give it time the BLACKSHIRTS AND HUSKER NATION ARE ON THE RISE ONCE AGAIN!!!
Well..........In Joes defense, as was said, he has only started 6 games but I think he is really feeling pressure from everyone to perform great. Thus making some of his throws ill-advised. He will get even better than he is as the rest of the team gets better.
most of your criticisms against ganz are completely false.
1. He had limited playing time his entire husker career until keller was hurt last year, and still stepped up and had some of the most tremendous passing games in the history of husker football, including being the first qb in Husker football HISTORY to throw for 400 yds. in 4 straight games... so your point on him "not making all the throws that a great qb needs to make"is complete garbage.
2. being sacked too much last year had absolutely nothing to do with "not having pocket presence", it just means his O-Line wasnt doing theyre jobs.
3. ALL QBS MAKE MISTAKES SOMETIMES. Even "great" ones. give the dude some respect and stop making ridiculous accusations against a guy who plays his heart out every time he puts on that jersey. Without a leader at qb like Joe Ganz, the huskers would not be the team they are this year, and his passion and intensity will lead the huskers throughout the 08 season.
Before you start criticizing him, you should probably think a little about what team we would have without him... patrick witt starting at qb as a freshman? I dont think so.

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