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I sure hope so. I dont know if we had the type of win we needed over Baylor to do it but i hope a Miracle can happen next week. I couldnt believe how much we didnt capitalize on offense against was driving me crazy. The guys pulled it off though and are pumped for OU. OU is amazing this year and i have a lot of respect for them but they are beatable, especially when they see those bright red jerseys they dont like so much. GBR

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I think that we have a chance to pull off an upset this coming saturday. Remember the last time we played a top ten team on the road? Yes it was texas tech and we just about beat them. I understand that it's oklahoma but i think we have a decent chance at this one. There defence it nothing to right home about and there offence is pretty good. Also are offence is not to bad and if we go with the play of playing keep away and our defence plays anything like it played agianst tech i like our chances. Keep the faith GBR
We have a chance to beat anyone in the nation. We have the talent and the kids definetly have the desire. Just like against Texas Tech we need to control the speed of the game and hold onto the ball so Oklahoma doesn't have the opportunity to do to us what they did to K-State. IF the D plays tough and we don't get an astronomical number of penalties called against us we could definelty stael a big win in Norman.

On another note congrats to Nate Swift!!!!!
indeed, Nate Swift, gettin it done.
You know stranger things have happened. And what a way to tell the world we're back, by beating our old blood rival in thier house.

Colorado upset OU last year. So crazy stuff does happen. Don't go betting the farm on it, but don't count us out either. I'm thinking we could do it, but I'd feel better about it if it was at home.
we seem to play pretty well away this year maybe its not terrible that its not at home.
Aawwww come on even if we dont play OU every yr there is still a rival, probably more like common ground against old foes on the gridiron.....OU will always be that, there have been a many great games over the years and im sure there are more to come.


I will start the predictions

Huskers - 24
OU - 21

Its an overtime win!!!!!!
OU thinks of us as a rival like we thought of them as a rival in the mid to late 90's when they sucked. I tell ya, when I was at the Big 12 Championship game it sure felt like the old days before the game started. You're right though, not playing every year has really hurt it. So to fix this we need to win the North every year, and them the South, then we'll play every year, and get this thing to full speed again.


NU 27
OU 24
I think that we r goin to come up on top of OU we r on a roll in the passing game and I think we can pull it off against OU's defense. We might be able to run the ball to if we get on a good rythm and with the blackshirts doin great and the rivalry it is goin to be an intese hard hittin game. Final score NU 30 OU 24
I think we have a chance for an upset but everything has to be on offensively and defensively. Ganz was a little wobbly with his passing last game...I thought. If we do not win and we loose the way we lost to TT then no question this game is going to help us more then it will help OU. Nebrsaka and OU will always be rivals. There is no other school in the Big 12 that has overall winning records and accomplishments compared to OU and NU and true Big 12 fans know this. OU had to rebuid some years back and know it's NU's turn to do the same. The two big12 powerhouse football teams will soon be bumping heads once again....Hooooraa.
What ever you guys think is fine but NU will allways have some what of a rivalry with OU.This is how it goes it was over 20years ago when nebraskas rivalry with OU was on fire and was a huge game to both team. Now 20 some years later it is still a rivalry no matter what it might not be on fire like it was before but it is still there and it will always be there. there will always be that rivalry mentality
Yes. I agree.

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