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I'm just curious as to what people want to say about the current loser, bill callahan and who people think we should try to get as a new coach when the huskers fire callahan at the end of the season?

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Here's about a dozen fans' comments as the LEFT at half:
I want to see the Huskers play Ohio in a bowl game. That would be funny and I really think the ol' Bobcats would win. Steve Pederson talked this week about patience. He sure didn't show any when he fired Frank after he went 9-3. Had he shown patience possibly but not absolutely Frank might have given him a reason with a lesser record and Pederson might have had a chance to hire a real college coach. Instead all the quality guys told him they weren't interested in playing for a team that gets you fired for losing three games in a season.

Steve is to blame for this mess and I don't think he has the skill set to get NU out of it. By firing Frank when he did he ostrasized (I hope I spelled that right) the rest of the college football coaching fraternity.
All I know is that during this game I felt insulted. Most of the time it just seemed as though we were just trying to get through the game, not actually fight to win (or at least put up some sort of a fight). The last straw was when we had 40 seconds left, nothing to lose and we didn't do an onside kick I mean come on lets at least show that we were there to play. I just can't believe that a coach would do that to some of the most dedicated fans - did he seriously think that we didn't know that is what he should have done? I wasn't jumping onto the Callahan bus or for his firing until this game - I don't think that he is worthy of this fan base any longer, we need someone who can put fire back in our team As for Cosgrove - the black shirts have lost their traditional meaning and I think that they shouldn't be using those jerseys until the tradition is found again. I have no idea what new coach to turn to, but find someone that has some roots here so that they feel an obligation to bring us back to at least a team to respect.
Bo Pelini! He wanted the job, he is at LSU coaching the defense, the players loved him when he was here, he has emotion and fire, something this team is severely lacking. The fans would really get behind this I think.
Peterson and Pelini did not get along. Peterson is responsible for taking the purity out of a program that was once filled with such passion and excitement. He is the Devil in the world of Husker football and needs to be removed from our program along with the morons he brought here immediately. Not at the end of the season, NOW! It is going to take some time to recover from this terrible mess. Let’s start now.
I don't think there is a probblem withe coaching. Its the players. Changing coachs will only make things worse. I think Callahan is a good coach. Coachs don't play the game, the players do. Where's the blackshirt defense anyways? I think they ought to be called the pinkshirts. Make the defense wear pink t-shirts until they can prove themselves worthy.
If that philosophy has a chance of being true it is in the NFL. But this is college football where emotion and player development are the keys to the game. The best teams are the best coached teams. The best coaches are able to make adjustments during the games and exploit its opponents weaknesses. In the NFL it is about the athletes and their abiility to bring their game to its highest level. In college it is about spotting weak points in the opposition and using it to your advantage.

Calahan is at the center of this mess, he is not a Husker, he brings in players by promising them a shot at the NFL so they come in pre-disposed to be selfish. Osborne used to guarantee a number of scholarships to walkons...a very strong and unique element in the Husker program. It gave locals an ownership and identity to this team. There are Nebraska residents on the team, to be sure, but none of the coaches and big name players bleed nebraska red, nor do they truely understand the degree to which they have let down a whole state. They were intrusted with an institution on which a whole state based its identity and they let it fall through their fingers without the slightest idea what is happening.

There is a "brain drain" in the Cornhusker state, that is well known. People take advantage if great Nebraska values, its great education system, and its wholesome family atmosphere. But when they graduate, they split for one of the coasts. This is well documented. So the state looks for things to incentivise smart graduates to stay. The state has touted the family values, relative lack of crime, great youth sports programs, and the "Good Life" to appeal to individuals. It incentivises companies with tax breaks to locate corporate headquarters there to try to keep the homegrown talent in Nebraska. Some people stay in Nebraska just because of the football program, it is truely a memorable experience that extend beyond sports and promotes family memories, togetherness, pride.

The current leadership at Lincoln have a unique responsiblity to ensure that the coaches, players, staff, all understand their role in the culture of the state. It takes unique talent to be able to pull it off and Calahan and Steve Pederson do not understand two things: How to manage that responsibility and why it is important. TO did it because he was born in the state, educated in the state, connected with the fans and residents of the state and kept it all in perspective. He didn't create it...he had the sense to understand he was just a place holder for history. When he saw it slipping he went out and got some help. He had his chances to leave but, knowing he was entrusted with such a responsibility, he stayed true to the program.

Other programs have gone through the same thing Nebraska is going through. But few of them are located in a state where there is no other sports option at a national level. Oklahoma probably comes as close as any and it took them a long time to recover. I got tired of beating the Sooners 44-0. They were the historic rival for the Big Red and I wanted them back. And I must say, I have read the same sentiment from Sooner fans in other forums this weekend about our current state of affairs.

So, yes it is the coaches. The players trust them, at least for appearances for now, and they deserve the best. It is time for a change. The sooner the better.
By the incidents that happened today, looks like we're on our way to the end of the Callahan Era. It makes you wonder what Pederson was thinking when he fired Solich. I guess a bid for the championship wasn't good enough for him.
If thats the case then why did they fire Solich and Bo Polini. The times have changed. I don't think the kids playing now days have any loyalty to the school. That goes for every college in this country. Seems like most want to jump ship for the NFL when they get to their jr. year.
BO PELINI!! He is a MOTIVATOR, has TONS OF ENERGY, YOUNG, THE BEST DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR, and he LOVES NEBRASKA. You can always hire a offensive coordinator to help him with the offense but you can't always hire a defensive coordinator. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!! WE WANT BO WE WANT BO WE WANT BO

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