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I'm not saying Keller is a bad quarterback I just can't understand why with all our difficulties somebody else hasn't been given a chance????

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I'm not sure...

The coaches, in their infinite knowledge, must feel like he is our best bet, as far as quarterbacks go. Sometimes it isn't good to have a quarterback change mid-season because it disturbs the "rhythm" of the team. We sure didn't have much rhythm on the field today though!
If by rhythm you mean "Let's not change things up, and continue to do the same plays over and over" then yes, they had rhythm.

And why in the HELL did they mainly play the 4-3 defense?!?!? It doesn't make sense to me. Another man in the box would of helped against the running game. If anything comes of this, please let it be that Cozgrove gets fired. We could do better with someone who is willing to try something different if what they're doing isn't working.
Keller is a bad quarterback. I am sure the players love him in the lockerroom but the guy is not getting it done on the field. Zack Taylor was a far better leader on the field. He was tough, energetic and the players would follow him.

I am not in favor of anyone else losing a job. I hate that prospect and that Nebraska has to go through that. Steve Pederson seems to have set a culture of instant gratification or else. Especially if you read the stories on Huskerpedia today about the consultant he brought in. I want everyone to calm down, get the egos out of the way and do the things it will take to right this ship. Callahan, if he is smart, will listen to "that crusty old #$%^" and figure out that he can be successful with the right leadership over him. Listen, instead of talk. Go back in time a bit. Open up the walk on program and bring back some Nebraska blood into this program. Get with Osborne and get his opinion of the right amount of offense that the players can handle. Right now it seems there is too much and there is quite a bit of confusion by the players.
I agree Randy, I believe the walk on program was/is a very important part of the Husker football program. Getting walk on's in the program with all of their heart and Nebraska pride is something that we are dearly missing right now.

Speaking of the playbook - have you seen this thing?

No wonder our players seem confused.
Coach Callahan says that the back up gets about 15% of the snaps in practice. There is no way that Ganz or any other QB can learn the offense, let alone run the offense, on that little preparation. With this system, there can be only one, QB that is. God help us if Keller gets hurt.
Pulling Keller would only make sense if winning was important. If the guy is having a bad day, putting in Ganz or one of the other highly touted recruits might be the thing that changes momentum. But Bill Callahan doesn't seem to view winning as that big of a deal.

Vince Lombardi: "Winning is not the most important thing; it's the ONLY thing."
Bill Callahan: "It's just another game, a streak, no big deal."

Differing philosophies, you see. It might be interesting to know what Bill's idea of winning might entail. He sees himself as successful, doing a "really great job", etc. Why is it we can't see the same thing as Callahan? I see about 130 dejected young men, tired of being misled, tired of booing, tired of losing. I see a dozen or so coaches flipping pages like they were reading the paper on the toilet while the team sinks into quagmire.

Other than Bill Callahan, who sees this as a great job being done?

The backups are unpracticed. The first teamers are practiced, but not with pads and not at full speed. Osborne referred to these half-assed practices as "missed opportunities", but I think "half-assed practices" has a lot less feel-good spin. Lord knows they certainly led to enough half-assed games. I think Keller has a lot of talent and ability, but when he gets desperate, things get ugly. That would be a great time to let Ganz in, if for no other reason than to get Keller's head back into the game.

But our guys are unpracticed. Unprepared. Not Ready.

Thanksgiving weekend; mark your calanders, as this will be the end of the Husker year once more. But, as Bill would remind us, it's just another season.
I think that Keller should know if he was feeling a bit "strange" from his hits and he should have said something. I of course was just listening to the game, but it sure didn't seem to me that he was all in it - so why not see what Ganz has to offer. At least we would know then if there should be some sort of permanent change.
I agree, it probably wouldn't hurt. The only possible harm is that the Huskers could win the rest of the games and inadvertantly save Bill's job, but after A&M, Osborne may already have seen enough.

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