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Regarding a Journal-Star article found at

Dear Bill,

I know you are currently besieged and probably busy with all the packing, but your recent interview with Brian Christopherson of the Lincoln Journal-Star didn't exactly go swimmingly. In fact, I am sure you will realize before the end of the week that you soiled yourself rather embarrassingly.

Your team isn't "close-knit" or "together". They are falling apart at the seams. High School kids all over the country are witnessing the extraordinary destruction of a football icon. Much like Caiaphas of old, you don't seem to recognize the enormity of your errors, and even if you did, your pride would prevent you from admission.

When the columnist asked you if perhaps anything more could've been done to stop the option, he was asking this question somewhat facetiously. Being from Nebraska, of course he knows more could've been done, but YOU fell right into a steaming dung heap! The smell won't hit you for a few more days, but let me help anyway. You told Christopherson, "It's probably too complicated for you", and "I don't want to get into coach-speak".

Such a poor choice of words. You may wish to get the ketchup and salt.

Take a good look around you, sir. This is Nebraska, and Nebraska fans, players, and yes, even journalists have probably forgotten more about option football than you ever knew. Tom Osborne was re-writing the option playbook while you were learning how to drive. Osborne and option football were winning games that would have been quite beyond your reach.

I'm not suggesting you return to an option-only offense, not at all. That ship has sailed. But it is not a real great idea to belittle the intelligence of the Husker Nation on matters you know not. The average Nebraska teenager in High School knows that the Option is defended by defenses that have great team speed but stick to their assignments religiously. You see Bill, most high-speed defenses tend to overrun the play, leaving either the pitch man or the QB free to make the play.

All of your double-speak was laid bare as nothing more than a very verbose "I don't know." It comes off as disingenuous, even, dare I say, untruthful. You are fortunate you have such a forgiving employer in Tom Osborne, but flauning the ignorance is no way to win his respect. If you don't know, for Pete's sake, just say you don't know!

Being a California boy, you're forgiven for not knowing anything about the offense that most of us grew up with, but please stop the lies and put-downs. Soon enough the dismantling of our beloved team will be over, so let's part company amicably. NU promises to give you a Big Red Reference. It's not your fault you don't know anything about the game, the team, or the job for which you were hired, so try not to feel too guilty about taking all that unearned loot.

By the way Bill, Texas can be beaten, just so you know. It isn't rocket science, but I am still going to predict a 40-point Longhorn victory, because Colt McCoy is going to rip Cosgrove's pathetic schemes like wet tissue. That's what Texas does to teams that dare show up in Austin with a division IAA-level defense.

Here's hoping against hope that Texas will be in a very generous and kind mood.

Sadly but Sincerely,

A Husker Fan from 1961 and going until the Grave
currently residing in Missouri where the traffic sucks,
the air is brown, but the taxes are lower

If anyone thinks I am being perhaps too harsh with Bill, please feel free to add your nickel's worth.

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Good points All. I have to admit when I read that article yesterday, my wife came into the room and asked me a question just as I was at the point of that condescending comment about the option being too complicated for the reporter to understand. Whoo boy what a stupid thing to say. The guy really thinks we are all #$%@ hillbillys. And for him to say the coaches were all doing what needed to be done to stop the option "to the best of their abilities" is paramount to saying, "we as coaches are not smart enough to stop A&M's offense".

The last couple of days I have tried to get off of Callahans back because I see another coaching change leading to another rebuilding year and then having to wait until 2009 at least for a return to the rankings. He just changed my mind.
Amen Randy, I was just like you, wanting to not be so hard on Bill. But his comments, inadvertant or not, highlight the fact of what Bill truly thinks of us. In short, not a helluva lot. Callahan is a veritable PEZ dispenser of seemingly brainless comments. But I don't think NU is in for any lengthy rebuilding. There is a great deal of squandered talent on this team that a truly good coach will know how to develop, both on the roster and on the staff.

I believe now that even if Bill had a team of nothing but NFL players, he still would not have been able to beat A&M. Not that A&M is that good, they weren't; but in order to defeat them, he would first have to understand them, and Bill doesn't understand anything beyond the West Coast Offense. We now know that Bill put in the WCO not because he's an ardent believer, but because he is a one-trick pony; it's all he knows.

Pederson sent in that Pony.

The Huskers will be back to their winning ways, optimistically as soon as next year. The new guy will just need to develop what NU already has.

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