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Wouldn't it be interesting if the Huskers go 3-0 under Ganz?

Here's KETV's coverage of today's news conference with the new QB and his fans.



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He really looked good last Saturday. Lots of zip on his passes, nothing tentative at all about his approach. He could salvage the season by turning this into a cinderella story and giving us all something to root for and feel good about in the end. The bowl committees WANT to invite the Huskers to a bowl game and the fans are the reason. Gantz probably doesn't need the pressure but we would have a miracle finish to a terrible season if he wins the next three games and we go to a bowl.

How about this for a scenario? Gantz beats KU and KSU, Keller gets healthy and Callahan can't resist re-insert him into the starting lineup and Colorado beats us. The Husker nation would riot. Billy C could not get out of town fast enough.
I can't help but feel bad for Sam Keller. He put his heart on the line for this team but was never able to play to his full potential because he was not given enough time from the offensive line. Ganz can scramble a little better and that may be enough to make a significant difference on offense. I just hope the defense can play 4 quarters of football. Keep the faith! Go Big Red!
I agree. I think both Ganz and Keller are capable. It mostly depends on our beloved "blackshirts"...
I haven't seen Keller play in person but I am just not a big fan of his. Yeah, he hit a couple of wide open recievers in the Texas game but I do not recall seeing him Wow anyone by threading a needle in a must have drive, putting the defense in a "this is hopeless" mindset, like great quarterbacks do. I doubt we are going to see Gantz do that this weekend either but on the other hand I think he is going to be more of a multi-dimentional QB who gives KU more to think about. When they have to worry about scrambling it will open up more options.

Keller scrambles so little that he even got called for intentional grounding when he was way outside the of the pocket against Texas. The Refs didn't even hesitate to throw the flag. Bad call, yes, but I have to say, it is hard to blame them.

I know many many fans are Keller supporters but I just have not seen anything to hang my hat on with him. I am sure he wants to win as much as anyone but he has been a one dimentional, drop back guy who panics if his primary receiver is covered. Just my opinion from afar.
Today's debacle in Lawrence should end the Keller/Ganz debate. We now know for certain that NU could start Peyton Manning and still manage to lose. Keller was never the problem.

Recalling back to the Red & White Game, Ganz and Keller (to me anyway) seemed pretty evenly matched. I suspect that Keller got the starting nod because 1) he's a senior and because otherwise 2) his transfer from ASU would've been meaningless. But KU today was clearly the better team. We do not have a defense, so in that light NU can be victimized by pretty much anyone.

But Ganz does add a new dimension, one that might have turned the Texas game into a win. That kid is a great scrambler, and despite the lack of reps he seems to have as good of a grasp of Callahan's offense as did Keller. The interceptions, like Kellers, were desperation throws trying to save the game.

Next up, KSU. Offensively, with Ganz, the Huskers can slap the 'Cats around, but with no defense to speak of, next Saturday could be another game best remembered only in the history books.
I was thinking the exact same thing at half time except in my fantasy the whole Green Bay Packers offense would take the field for the Huskers for the second half and it wouldn't have mattered. I still think Gantz is better and because of him the offense looked better. Virtue among whores.
I agree, it seemed to me that Ganz did a great job, and were it not for Keller's unique situation, Ganz would have been the starter from the beginning. What the Huskers need and presently don't have is innovative coaching. Bill's plays are good, but they aren't Nebraska. Cosgrove is a one-trick pony; last week against Texas must've been a fluke. 4-3 all the time, no adjustments, blitz less than 10%, same old story, different day.

Did you ever think you'd see the day when Nebraska could run up 38 points and close to 500 yards of offense....and lose?
No Jeff, I didn't. And I really thought this game would be just like ever other KU/NU game in the past 30 years. I still think the Huskers have the better athletes and I, until yesterday, couldn't believe our coaching was this bad. IT REALLY IS!! Dr. Tom has a real problem on his hands. Cosgrove doesn't deserve to get paid and Callahan doesn't seem concerned. Of course they both know what fate they are going to suffer. So unless they resign this week, take their buyout and hit the road, we are going to watch our team get pummeled the last two games and worse, watch our recruits go elsewhere.

The good news is a turnaround can be done because it has been done before. Oklahoma hit the bottom in the late nineties, went through several coaches before finally digging their way out of the abyss and back to the top ten. Florida did it too. Nebraska will come back but it will take patience, perseverance, and trust. Remember, we are all focused on the coaching but Dr. Tom Osborne is just as temporary. Sooner or later the University is going to have to hire a replacement in that office as well, a position that can obviously impact our football success. I am ready to start letting the dominoes fall. Get the coaching staff out of the way; fill in with interims, guys who care (that would be a change); and try to salvage the recruiting.
I went to the game. Ganz did very well considering. He was a little behind the receivers occassionally, but that would be expected given his playing time. He is very mobile, a very nice attribute to have if our receivers are covered. He throws much better than I expected. Nice touch! The problem was we let their linebackers tee off and rush every play, they new we were going to pass. Once it was out of hand, a good coach would have run the ball more to get the game over quicker. Callahan didn't manage the clock at all. They had 48 at half, use the run in the 4th qtr to shorten the game and get out with them scoring 50-60, not 76. I can't really blame the defence too much, they were on the field all day long, KU is fast, and we were a step behind all day. It's time to make a change, I wish that wasn't the case but it is. The "aura' is gone. The only way to get it back is to take some from the past and some from the WCO and merge them. NU can't compete for WCO recuits with USC/Texas/Florida, so go get the best combination players, some option, some spread. KU did! Anyway, I firmly believe the next hire for coach will be the one that gets NU back to prominence.
With all of the national attention this is getting, ESPN dedicating some time on the Sports Reporters this morning, for example, Osborne might have the luxury of having interested well qualified coaches calling him, instead of the other way around. It is obvious this is going to be a pretty big deal and there is no college football fan or coach in the country, who has been paying attention, that doesn't know the Huskers are down and filled with resolve to bounce back. I know if I were a hotshot, young and up and coming coach I couldn't think of a better deal. He could only look like a hero, with no way to go but up. So maybe Dr. Tom just takes his time, lets the bowl season play out, and then picks between many more options than Bo and Turner Gill. There are alot of very qualified guys ready to step up to the next level.

You were right about the passing. Kansas knew it was coming so that made it tough. Conversely though, Cosgrove knew Kansas was going to run in the second half and he couldn't stop that either. That was pathetic.

It was probably interesting to be there though. Did the fans treat you well? Or did they pull an Colorado and make you resolve to never make the trip again?
I agree with you 100% Randy. I never thought I'd live to see the day when the Huskers hit "rock bottom". At first, I thought it was probably a good idea to wait 'til the end of the season to make a change, but after the KU disaster, the Huskers have nothing to lose by making the change now. At least what's left of the recruiting class will know where they stand.

After Saturday, I got the feeling that some of the NU coaches might be there merely for the paycheck. The defensive disintegration is complete; these kids aren't even hiding it from the press. With no defense, NU couldn't even beat UNO at this point.

Nebraska will be back. The Huskers are just too important to languish at the bottom for a hundred years, like Kansas. This year is a bust, and next year might be rough, but there IS a guy out there with fire in his eye that remembers Nebraska as it used to be, and wants to be part of the process of putting it there again. Is it Pelini? Gill? I have no idea, but I have a hunch that Osborne will know the right guy when he sees him. Saturday's game was probably harder on Dr. Tom than it was on us.
Yeah, I too was surprised at how well Ganz performed. I knew from the Red/White game that he was just as talented as Sam, but he really is a strong competitor who never quits, even when the blowout became obvious. I also liked how Ganz had more of a tendency to throw longer passes, and take off running when the checkdowns were covered. Obviously, this kid is no dummy.

I agree with not blaming the defensive players, but I do however blame the defensive coordinator. Last week, he discovered something that worked (called "agressiveness") and so this week he took a break from that silly little concept called "winning". When Cosgrove designs a scheme, it is so unbelievably poor that you have to wonder if the guy is doing this on purpose.

But you hit on an interesting point, something that other teams have been using with success. The WCO has a lot of great ideas, but when the chips are down, the Husker offense reverts to a passaholic squad reminiscent of the Miami Dolphins. Why not keep some triple option plays? A QB with strong legs, like Joey Ganz, could easily pull it off.

Texas does it. Oklahoma State does it. Even Texas A&M does it. Even KU managed to get around the ends a time or seven.

But NU not able to compete with USC/Texas/Florida? I am not so sure that should be the objective. Callahan tried it, had some success competing for these recruits, but what has he gained? A bunch of whining premadonnas who jump ship when the ball doesn't bounce their way. Sorry, but the Huskers don't need that. Bring twenty good farmboys from Nebraska, Iowa, or Kansas, boys who have dreamed of playing for Nebraska since they were in diapers, and they'll beat these multi-star recruits any day of the week. I totally lost count of the walk-ons Nebraska has had over the years that have become All Americans, overlooked in recruiting, but coming to Lincoln and giving it their all.

Compare those old walk-on guys to Callahan's five-star recruits, many of which are no longer with the team, and ask yourself; which would we truly rather have?

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