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I'll let the video speak for it's self. But would like to hear your choice!

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How did this guy from the 50's get to 2010 and who is he? He does have a point. It's one thing for us to hate on Beebe at a place like this but to go to the trouble and actually send something especially threatening to Dumb Dan's himself. Well that was worthless, stupid and makes us all look bad. Shame on those who did.
cowardly dan beebe

"Thanks least someone understands my fear of the those mean cornie-bugeaters.....I have not had a decent nights sleep since I have provided "incentive pay" to Big XII crews officiating BugEater games....I have been a nervous wreck, and my skirts don't fit right.....I have been so scared....thank you again Jack"


Cowardly D. Beebe
I have no clue who this guy is and I don't appreciate being lumped in with the jackaxxes that wrote those letters. And if we were in a court of law can anyone beyond a shadow of a doubt say that these letter, some or all, are actually from Husker fans. I know...I may be pulling at straws, but sometimes I wonder these people are, really.
There are idiots in every fan base. Boise State's kicker missed two field goal attempts that could have won the game and continued their undefeated season. That doesn't mean all their fans are like that, just like this doesn't mean all our fans are like this. However, I'm pretty sure all Texas fans are idiots.
How many Cornhusker fans are there in the world? At least a million I would guess. 2000 are idiots. So .2% of our fan base are idiots. So I guess what he is saying in an underlying statement that anyone with a 4th grade math education could figure out............we're still the best fans in the world!
How many letters do you think a typical coach receives yearly? threats? not to mention beebe? He used the letters as an excuse! and you can say Nebraska fans are paranoid but ANY UNBIASED PERSON would claim we were cheated after the Texas A&M game! I did not write hate letter and I do not approve of such actions. However, this is not an uncommon thing for any fanbase. Also to make comments like this person is pretty terrible. People do not like to be insulted and it has gone much to far how we are being portrayed. Do some research Media! Get your facts straight! I will say I am amazed that Beebe still has a job. He knows how to twist every situation just the right way. Instead of the fact that he lost two teams, it is that he saved 10 teams (which after they find out they won't get their 20 million probably will decrease if it holds together at all). Its like the economy type thing where people claim "we saved 100,000 jobs" when unemployment was going up. I have never heard of Jack. Who is he? I will continue to say we have the best fans in the nation. If this guy thinks it is so dangerous to upset the huskers, why would he be saying what he is saying?
very good point. check the blogs and half the people upset at Pelini and spreading rumors and different things are actually Nebraska rivals hoping that it would happen. Who is to say some of the emails couldn't be the same? Dang, if I was a Texas A&M fan or another team, I would be happy for the free win but not too happy that I probably won't get the 20+ million I was promised annually.
I thought this was interesting (from the Omaha WH):

Notes: Dallas police say no investigation of Beebe threats
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Dallas police now say they are not investigating alleged threats against Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe, although they are continuing to provide extra patrols by his family home.

A Dallas Police Department spokesman had said earlier this week that the agency was investigating a report of multiple harassing calls and mail to Beebe's home. But the spokesman, Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse, said Thursday that was a mistake based on a misunderstanding by officers who had been flagged down by Beebe's wife.

She told the officers that the family had received threats and was concerned, Janse said. Police initially thought the messages had gone to Beebe's Dallas home, he said. They later determined that they had not gone to the family's home, but instead were received at Big 12 offices in nearby Irving, Texas, outside Dallas. Irving has its own police department.

Asked for a copy of the report from Beebe's wife, Janse said there was no written crime report.

Big 12 officials could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Earlier this week, Big 12 spokesman Bob Burda said the matter had been reported to “the authorities,” but declined to name the agency. He said he couldn't provide copies of the alleged threats because they were under investigation.

Beebe had told reporters that he received death threats from Nebraska football fans. He has said that's why he didn't travel to Lincoln on Nov. 26 to give the Big 12 North Division trophy to the Huskers after they won by beating Colorado.

A spokesman for the Irving Police Department said Thursday that the agency's records showed no reports involving Beebe.

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln spokeswoman, Kelly Bartling, said Thursday that the university works with a threat-assessment network, but had not heard from law enforcement authorities or the Big 12 about any investigation into the alleged threats.

“Our law enforcement has not received any contact about any threat, or any report that we are being asked to be involved
Great article HuskerJohn, thanks for the share. I was thinking last night it would nice to see this evidence of threats and now I find through reading this article there isn't even any investigations. Oh...except with the disclosed authorities whomever that may be.
I just saw that article.
So it's all smoke and mirrors to tarnish our reputation. Funny how we didn't blame the officiating or the Big 12 commission when we were 5-7. The only time we blame them is when it's their fault. We are knowlegable enough to know fraud when we see it and call them on it. One more game and we're in a conference with a stand up reputation. I think our own reputations will be just fine. It will be amazing to the world to see us applaud a better team when they leave the field victorious. (Hope that doesn't happen very often). We as a group are none of the things Mr. KC calls us, but we're not stupid either.

Now if we could only get the Pelini brothers under control.

Maybe they are the ones who scared Beebe!!!

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