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What will be the result of the 2020 NU college football season???

A) No season happens, COVID-19 shuts it down.

B) Season starts, but delayed.

C) Games are played in front of no fans, 6 or less wins.

D) Games are played in front of no fans, 7-9 wins.

E) Games are played in front of no fans, 10+ wins, West winner.

F) Semi-Normal attendance , 6 or less wins.

G) Semi-Normal attendance, 7-9 wins.

H) Semi-Normal attendance, 10+ wins, West winner.

I) B1G Championship

J) Playoffs

K) National Champ runner-up

L) National Champs

When I say "semi-normal" attendace, I'm thinking fans allowed but probably some types of restrictions regardless. Could even have some issues maintaining the sell-out based on the age of our dedicated crowd base. Boosters potentially shelling out the dough! Again!

But I'm going with A. Unfortunately I don't see this season happening. It would take some massive changes in a relatively short amount of time with limited practice time after no spring ball. Just seems a little mountainous to me. 

Obviously if you think delayed, and fans or no fans with a win total feel free to combine a couple options.

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I have to agree with A unfortunately.   160 days until kick off, Govt saying it may be another 3 months before things can get back to the new normal.  I doubt sports will be high on the list of priorities as the Summer months get closer.   

I am guessing B ... if we can get this contained by July, at the latest, maybe an October start, if not probably wont be any sports till early next yr...still hoping to see some FB..holding out for it anyway..

Had I responded when Trash posted this I would have gone with “A”, but with the developments that have occurred since I will go with “D”. I think the powers that be will back off of the “no students, no sports” stance and will allow games to be played. This is my most optimistic approach and I’m sticking with it!

A is my first call C if it gets that far..... we are not close so get that out your brain

Hunt Boutin from NorthStar got invited to a gunslinger challenge in Tennessee 

Hunt Boutin from NorthStar got invited to a gunslinger challenge in Tennessee 

Kids got a cannon He’s  got some Hudl if anybody wants to google Him his dad is a good friend And the young man may be up and coming

boomboom said:

Hunt Boutin from NorthStar got invited to a gunslinger challenge in Tennessee 

I have to go with option A.  As of today there are 120,000 deaths and the COVID is spreading and many college and   pro teams already have  COVID cases.  Until there is a vaccine and or treatment, the spread will continue.  The Fed did not take the appropriate action in January and February and now in June are saying the same things again.  They are counting on Americans to be stupid and fall for it all over again.  Well, that may not fly the second time around.  The big rally last night in Tulsa was only half full and the overflow crowd area built for 40 thousand had 3 people there and they started tearing the stage down before the rally even started. 120K dead, 46 million out of work, thousands of small businesses closed, 5 trillion in debt so far and sports is the main concern?  Not to mention nationwide protesting and rioting taking place every day.  No, I don't see sports being played this year.  After today, the days are getting shorter and the cold and flu season is just around the corner.  Bundle up, it may be a very cold and dark winter. Maybe it will magically go away?


I have to go with A.  We are sitting here in mid July now and things have gotten worse.  I was talking to a co-worker and worse case scenario this might be the end of major collegiate athletics as we know it.  Hear me out for a sec.  New Mexico has cancelled high school fall sports so there is one less year of recruiting film for the colleges to see.  Yes many athletes in football/basketball have committed to universities before their senior year but we all know the stories of the late bloomers that have that kick butt senior year that makes colleges take a second look.  Expand that to a shortened or even worse no season in the collegiate realms and the view gets even darker.  That is fewer game film for the pros to look at the collegiate athletes.  I have even heard/read opinions where the Trevor Lawrences of college ball should skip the year if there isone and concentrate on next year's draft.

So the big question in this doomsday scenario is what does major collegiate athletics turn to.  I think it might go to the European model of club teams like in Europe.  Imagine basketball and football having a minor leagues like baseball and hockey.  That is European club sports in a nutshell.  Granted that is a doomsday scenario but with the NCAA losing it's iron fisted grip on the big sports it's closer to a reality in my opinion.

Since we already have this thread going, here is my prediction if the season is allowed to be played.

9/5 @ Rutgers Canceled due to NJ restrictions
9/12 Illinois W
9/19 Wisconsin L
9/26 @ Iowa W
10/3 Minnesota W
10/10 @ Ohio State L
10/24 Northwestern L
10/31 Penn State L
11/14 @ Purdue W
11/21 Michigan State W

Total points: 288

Rutgers-W, Ill-W, W-L, Iowa-W, Mn-L, fOSU-L, NW-W, P st-L, Purdont- W, MSU-W

If there is a full season  6-4, with a lot of kool-aid..consumption

My guess for the new schedule:

10/24 @ Rutgers 
10/31 Illinois 
11/7 Wisconsin
11/14 @ Iowa
11/21 Minnesota 

11/27 @ Ohio State 
12/5 Northwestern 
12/12 @ Purdue 
12/19 Champions Week TBD

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