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If you had to pick 5 of your favorite Huskers of all time, who would it be?  I know it's a tough question to answer, but give it a go.  Don't worry about post college careers, I'm just talking about what they did on the field for Nebraska.  Though I'm personally going to avoid anyone that is known to hit a woman.

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5.  Alex Henery  (His golden foot kept us alive very often!)

4.  Turner Gill    (I spent Saturdays pretending to be him when I was a kid.)

3.  Ndamukong Suh  (One man wrecking crew, tossed McCoy like a rag doll, need I say more?)

2.  Grant Wistrom  (90's QBs still have nightmares about him.)

1.  Tommie Frazier  (Do I need to say anything?)


Obviously there are other great players, many of them before I was alive, many of them after I was born.  These are the ones that I loved to watch and follow.  If we were to continue I would easily toss in Trev, Johnny the Jet, Ganz, Ruud, Ross, and others.

Mine are:


Joe Ganz

Alex Henery

Ndamukong Suh

Barrett Ruud

Grant Wistrom


Joe was the most under rated QB we've ever had, but possibly one of the top in school history for Passing efficiency and yardage.

Henery ditto your comment

Suh Just an animal on the field and nice guy off.

Ruud= Another animal

Wistrom  Cool as hell off field.  Got drunk with him and a bunch of other guys one night and learned a lot about him.  Another animal on the field.  Hope retirement treats him well.


What did he have to say about his years with the Huskers?


Joe Ganz was exactly what Nebraska football is about.  Class.

Well, imagine that...Daemon, Shayne and Tom agree!


JOE GANZ...HANZ DOWN!  An unknown from the Chicago area who made a name for himself in Lincoln.


Then there was the Naperville Mouth, Corey McKeon...and embarassment if there ever was one!


This year's Ganz is Kissin' Cousins, winner of the pre-season Herbie Award!


I might have to join Ben in cheering for MSU!

My favorites in no specific order:

1. Brook Berringer( Best pro style QB I ever saw play for the Huskers)

2.Ndamukong Suh ('Nuff said)

3.Tom Rathman (A consistant all 'round player...outstanding blocker and running back)

4. Rich Glover (showing my age here....I remember him for his famous forearm smack to the center's helmet when he played nose-tackle)

5. Tie between Neil Smith and Kenny Walker (Met both of these guys at a sports memorabilia show....both were super friendly....always will remember Neil's 7 foot wingspan and Kenny overcoming his hearing disability)

Can't argue with that list.

Im going  with:

1) Rodgers

2) Gill

3) Taylor

4) Crouch

5) Suh

Top 10:

6) Fraiser

7) Phillps (yeah, he got into trouble, but he was a helluva ball player!)

8) Berringer

9) Henery

10) Alberts

that's a solid list.  I just can't give Phillips any props.  Just can't bring myself to do it.

1. Brook Berringer( Best pro style QB I ever saw play for the Huskers)


John - "Best" or ONLY?

It was tough.....but he was good.
For me the answer is all of the above...I never got a chance to see Dave Humm or Vince Ferragamo back in the day, but they weren't too shabby......Another Husker QB( who sat the bench behind Humm and Ferragamo) was Ed Burns from Omaha Rummel (now Omaha Roncalli).....That guy was an outstanding athlete, and despite benching it, got drafted by the Saints and played with them a couple of seasons.

Just that he was having a blast and that Dr. Tom was great to play for.  After that we started singing stupid songs...

Good old days! 


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