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1st off, thank you for the free radio coverage!  ABC suck it.

Our D line is still getting blown up a bit, and the injuries at linebacker are hurting us.  We're having trouble filling in the gaps and we're giving up more yards against the run than I'd like.  That said, our 2ndary is really kicking ass, and T-Magic... I want to adopt you.

Still some things to clean up, but all in all once the game settled down, we owned it.

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Better than I expected. The Big 12 title is NU's to lose!

The stupid sports media is STILL not giving Taylor Martinez any respect! 150 passing yards, 137 rushing yards, and 4 TDs vs Jake Locker's (Big NFL prospect) 71 passing yards and only FOUR completions. What a joke…

Oh, and Cody Green needs to step it up! You're a sophmore who started two games last season! Enough of this nonchalant "deer in the headlights" garbage! Step it up, and show that you deserve to be there, or move Lee to number 2 and Green to number 3. I'm STILL not seeing a player that's ready to play at this level yet.
I agree about Green.
Well, since this is the first time Ive seen the Huskers play (I live in Iowa, so no game coverage here!), I have to say that I personally thought they were AWESOME! Only a few run plays got by the defense, but damn, all in all, I thought we looked good (as compared to the last game I saw them play, and that was against Texas last December)! Except for Green. Keep him out. Kid cant hang onto the ball.

I had to watch every post game show too so I could hear what the commentators had to say....and one guy called us DANGEROUS! Said we were running on all cylinders! Best in the Big 12!! And he meant all of the Big 12, not just the north....Not sure what channel you were watching Tomko, but the channels I caught said the exact same thing you did! They were giving Martinez a whole lotta respect.

Oh yea, I couldnt help but be reminded of Crouch a few times today too....

It's so good to be back.....
very Crouch like.
Yes...AWESOME GAME...I agree that Cody needs to step it up, or maybe can't do it all Cody....Hated Matt Millen's comments about Jake Locker not performing well and not giving credit to the Blackshirts for shutting him down for the most part....MATT MILLEN....YOU ARE STUPID !!!
Oh Yeah.... ESPN's Mark May can suck it for predicting a Husker Upset....
ESPN is still spending more time talking about Locker's "bad day" as oppose to Martinez's "good day."
Linebacker injuries are really showing in the run game, but even with that our defense is very good and will continue to get better. How much fun is it to watch our offense move the ball? Compared to last year where we were hopeful to get a first down, this year you feel it could be a touchdown every play. Amazing! We have room for improvement overall, but this team is really impressive and exciting. Good things are waiting for us in Arizona this January, trust me. Lovin it, GO BIG RED!!!
I think we did pretty well today. I think we can do better. When Taylor gets alittle more settled into his position and a few tweeks on the Blackshirts and I think we will be able to take on anyone.

I was miffed the game was taken off 8 min before it ended for "Bonus Coverage" of another game. I really don't get that mind-set, and by the way it was ESPN not ABC who did this, why would they think that anyone would invest almost 4hrs into agame they are enjoying to want to watch the end of a different game...shake my head...I'm lost on that thought. Bonus Coverage my ass!!!
In Colorado it was on ABC, so I just went with blaming them. I think you're right though that it was an ESPN call.
Yeah it was on ABC in Kansas too...but we complained to our local affilate on Facebook and they said that ESPN was actually the ones who had control of the games today, not ABC.

"KODE/KSN McArdle: As a born and raised Husker, I am with you guys! Unfortunately, the games that run on ABC are ESPN programming, and ESPN made the decision to cut away from the Husker game. Unfortunately, KODE has no control over what games ESPN chooses to broadcast."
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I agree with you about the commentators I think the Blackshirts had a little something do with Locker's bad!

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