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Something to think about.  If we were still in the Big 12, Pelini would have his walking papers right now.  Am I wrong?  I don't see us beating Kansas State, Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma St, West Virginia, and Baylor.


My prediction is NU will have another 9-10 win season next year.  We'll beat Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota, and Iowa (all MAC teams talent wise), maybe even make the conference championship game again, and get throttled by an improved Ohio State team.  Pelini will yell at reporters then NU will get rolled by the SEC for the third year in a row.  Pelini will yell at reporters again, then we'll do it all over again in 2014.  When the play-off finally gets implemented, we can forget about ever winning another national championship in our lifetimes.


How does Bill Snyder do it?

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Totally agree......enough said.

How does Bill Snyder do it?

Hard work and respect.

What happens when a recruit or their parent(s) ask(s) Pelini why the team was so poorly prepared for the biggest game of the year against a five loss team they had previously beaten (which would be a very valid question)?


Duhhh, we didn't execute....

Let's not forget TCU!


Realistically we likely should have gone 4-4 in the Big 10.


There was little to separate the Big 10s top teams (UNL, Michigan, MSU, Northwestern, OSU, PSU and UW) from each other this year. Independent of our many cliffhangers, look at some other the results.

BADgers 4-4 after giving up a 17 point lead vs. UNL and 3 OT losses.


MSU 3-5 with all 8 games decided by 4 points or less. Spartans led all of those games EXCEPT the UW OT win in the 4th quarter.


Northwestern's 3 losses were all after giving up 4th quarter leads. One loss to UM in OT.


OSU had narrow wins vs. Purdue (scored on last play + 2 point conversion to send to OT), Indiana (had ball with chance to win on last drive), Wisconsin (OT) and Michigan State (missed a short FG and refs stopped play on a certain 60 yard fumble return for a TD during the 4th quarter).


UM beat MSU by 2 on a FG with 0:05 left and did not score a TD. Beat Northwestern in OT after TERRIBLE

coaching error by Fitzgerald in the games closing seconds. Didn't have to play PSU or the BADgers.


It was just that kind of year.


Now we face Kevin Sumlin's rebuilt Texas A&M team and the likely Heisman winner after giving up 70 to the low scoring BADgers?



Snyder beat 3 easy non con foes and if you think the Baylor loss was bad wait till Oregon lol

Tomco,after reading this,I have a question. Were you born an idiot or did someone drop you on your head? We did quite well while in the Big 12,and we beat K-State damn near every year,we beat Okla. State,MO,kansas,iowa state and I am sure had we stayed we would have gotten the best of Texas,okla.,tanm,so quit blowing smoke up peoples butts,If you are this unhappy,go root or someone else,let them have the pleasure of your company and whinning

Kool have no clue.


"WE" haven't won a conference championship since 1999. I guess that "quite well" must mean something different to you than it does to myself and most others here.


What "decent" program could not have beaten Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and Iowa State each year?


Iowa State hasn't won more than 7 games since going 9-3 in 2000.


Colorado hasn't won more than 8 games since going 8-5 in 2004 when the 8th win was in a bowl game vs. UTEP.


Kansas has had only 3 winning seasons since 1995. They went 7-5 in 2005 with a bowl win vs. 6-6 Houston but beat us 40-15 that year. They went 12-1 and had an excellent team in 2007 and beat us 76-39. That's right 76 points! KU went 8-5 in 2008 and we beat them we were 1-2 vs. KU when they had teams with winning records.


Missouri has fallen on their face in the SEC but the Tigers had a winning season each year that we were in the Big 12 from 2003-10 other than during 2004 when they were 5-6.


During the 7 years when MU had winning records they went 4-3 vs. UNL with wins by margins of 41-24 in 2003, 41-24 in 2005, 41-6 in 2007 and 52-17 in 2008. None of those games were closer than 17 points.


Our 3 wins were 34-20 in 2006, 27-12 in 2009 and 31-17 in 2010. Each was by 15 points or less.


Bo has been here for 5 years...why don't you tell us what you think his "big win(s)" have been?


Let's not confuse you with the facts....Beat Texas?


Are you frickin kidding me? UNL was 1-9 vs. the Horns while we played in the Big 12 and that one win was in 1999 when we won our last conference championship in football after beating Texas 22-6 in the championship game rematch. That win avenged a 24-20 loss to the Horns during the 1999 regular season!! 


Beat Oklahoma? We went 1-5 vs. the Sooners during our last 10 years in the Big 12. Our lone win was by a score of 10-3 in 2009 when OU went 8-5; their worst record of that decade. We were 10-4 that year.


A&M? Over that same 10 year time frame we were 2-3 vs. A&M. Our 2 wins came in 2002 and 2003 when A&M went 6-6 and 4-8 respectively. A&M beat us in 2006 when they were 9-4, in 2007 when they were 7-6 and again in 2010 when they were 9-4!


As for Snyder and KSU? We went 7-3 vs. the Cats from 2001-10. We were 4-3 vs. Snyder who did not coach from 2006-08.


None of the 7 KSU teams that we beat over that 10 won more than 7 games in a season. In 2004 4-7 KSU and Snyder beat us 45-21.


In 2002 the 11-2 KSU team beat us.


The only time that both teams were playing well in the same season during that decade was in 2003 when 11-4 KSU beat 10-3 Nebraska 38-9. Game wasn't close.


IMO we got out of the Big 12 just in time. I don't think that we'd have had much of a chance vs. Snyder's teams in 2011 or this year. The conference has lost UNL, CU, TA&M and Missouri while adding 2 quality programs in WVA and TCU. IMO there still are no great teams playing football there (OU and KSU were beatable this season) but the league has more balance and depth today than it did in 2010 when we left. Do you think that they miss us?


Let's not forget the 70-10 loss to Texas Tech. We've given up 62 points or more 6 times since the 2001 season.


There was only one other time in NU history that we had surrendered more than 60 points (a 61-7 loss to Minnesota in 1945) prior to 2001.  We gave up more than 61 twice during the 2012 season alone!


The 2001 game at CU changed everything. The Buffs exposed us and humiliated us 62-36 and had a TD called back.


We had no business going to the Rose Bowl to play Miami that year and they led us 31-0 at the half. That's s still a Rose Bowl Game futility record.


Got news for ya...this Nebraska team is not your daddys Huskers and they haven't been for more than a decade.











Hey Tang Drinker, simmer down.  No need for name calling.  I was not referring to previous years (although Tom detailed that out pretty good).  I was talking about THIS year, and if we were still in the Big 12, Bo would have had a Callahan/Cosgrove season (5 to 6 wins).  I said next year NU will win most of their games, but there is no chance of winning the conference unless our defensive "guru" who said "Nebraska was back and here to stay" gets that defense staightened out, starting with that horrible defensive line made up of his recruits.  Maybe guys like Gregory, Peat, and McMullen, will be the answer.  We still need a DT and hopefully there is a good JUCO guy still out there.  I criticize my team because I care and want nothing less than a conference title, or AT LEAST a respectable performance on national TV for once.

Tomco.I feel sad for you too ,you cannot change a thing,and when BO and company do get all the pieces together I will have the satifaction of knowing I stayed with the team. you on the other hand will probably jump on the band wagon,but till then your life will be miserible,because of a football game 

Dude, who's miserable?  Former players from the glory days are saying the same things on Twitter or radio shows.

What is so wrong with not being happy with the conference championship game result and pointing out what needs to happen in order for the team to be successful? 

Don't worry about me.  I've followed the Huskers my whole life and have been to my share of games in Lincoln and the road, including this year.  No misery here....

Chill dude. It's just a football team we are talking about. So much drama, anger and hostility. Have a nice evening..jeeeezzzee.

Fire Pelini hire Eric Crouch as head coach. College football does not need a playoff, its not the nfl, but I agree if it is implemented the huskers will probably never win a championship again. Huskers football is lost, we need some former Huskers to take over the coaching staff and bring Husker football back. Its time for pelini to go. Yes he has some good defensive plays, but he always gets burned by good teams, when he was d coordinator, for solich the huskers d got burned by Missouri, Kansas st. and texas, when pelini was d coordinator at LSU with some of the most talented defensive players in the country, pelini still got burned. And now letting Wisconsin run over the huskers d like that, how does he not have his walking players. Tim becks Offense is okay, but Beck needs to stop with all the fancy and just run the ball right at the huskers oppenent with the running backs and wear the defense down. T-Mart's running will not wear a defense down.

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