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Something to think about.  If we were still in the Big 12, Pelini would have his walking papers right now.  Am I wrong?  I don't see us beating Kansas State, Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma St, West Virginia, and Baylor.


My prediction is NU will have another 9-10 win season next year.  We'll beat Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota, and Iowa (all MAC teams talent wise), maybe even make the conference championship game again, and get throttled by an improved Ohio State team.  Pelini will yell at reporters then NU will get rolled by the SEC for the third year in a row.  Pelini will yell at reporters again, then we'll do it all over again in 2014.  When the play-off finally gets implemented, we can forget about ever winning another national championship in our lifetimes.


How does Bill Snyder do it?

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I dont blame anyone for getting angry over that bad loss to Wisc but firing a 10 -3 coach is bad policy

I totally agree Beck gets too fancy or panics or whatever TM is a great running QB and sometimes a very good passer but when hes off its bad and our strength lies in the run game anyway with Rex Abdu Heard and Cross no need to get fancy just use them and throw it when needed or on play action

our pass protection will not hold up against Ga poundtherockeattheclock

BO is staying[which I had no concern about] He is laying the ground work for us to return,there are going to be road blocks and bumps,but he will get us back, I agree with one thing,the major blowouts have to stop. We are still better now than we were with Callahan/cosgrove. There is a lot of work to do,and I will take winng seasons till it does. I still believe we should always strive and want Championships,but you don't want to fire a coach with a winning record. If he chooses to leave that is different. If and when BO decides to move on he will have this program back to the point that a major coach or a number of coaches would like to take it over,unlike when we fired Frank and had to settle for Callahan.

a few questions...

You all bad mouth Bo and sometimes rightfully so.  But what are we supposed to do?  Fire him?  Who is out there that would be better? I would bet that Bo will always give us 8-10 wins every season and is there anyone available that we could guarantee do any better?  Besides if we fire another coach after a 10 win season, we will never get another coach that worth a damn.  Look at Colorado!

It's all about recruiting and it is obviously something that Bo does not do very well, obviously..
Nebraska is not so quietly becoming a women's volleyball school powerhouse. How about those ladies in RED?

pelini's recruiting is okay its his playbook that is not well. The huskers d has been burned time after time through the air on the gound that can't make a stop on 3rd down. Tim beck runs the same 5 plays over and over. I don't think pelini's  play book for offense stinks. pelini needs to stop trying to learn offense from urban myer or rich rod. pelini needs to take a few pages from osbourne's or solich's offense play books.

Good thinking...let's hire Dan Hawkins! At least he won at Boise. LOL!

the Big XII and B1G are tied so far this bowl season with 1 win each  TT ( 5th Big XII) over Minnesota (5th legends Div) and Mich ST (4rth Legends Div) over TCU (5th Big XII)

the tie breaker will be between OSU (3rd Big XII) and Purdue (4rth Leaders Div)

one would think OSU should win this game but Purdue has been known to over achieve

yes there is room for name calling go to the OWH or LITR if you want to cry like a 2 year old,  big twelve doens't hold a candle tto the toughness of the big ten.   Get a life!!!

I'm not sure BO needs to be fired yet, but the support he gets from some people dosent entirely make sense to me.   

He has yet to finish higher than 14th, over his 5 years with NU, he hasen't appeared to improve recruiting, or develop top defensive players-with L. david being the exception, and his defenses over the last 3 years have not been very good.

Moreover, we consistently have game killing penalties and turnovers-things that are widely considered to be markers of disciplined coaching and practice.     

I know our defensive statsthis year were not bad in the end, but in reality, agianst quality opponents, we were unable to stop the run first, and then the pass. 

Since you appear to be a strong Pelini suporter, how long would you give him? 10 years, 20 years?  Does it concern you that we are not recruiting, and the further we get from being contenders and the more often we get blown out on national tv, we are less and less likely to recruit top quality players?

Does the lack of improvement in our win-loss over his tenure with his recruited players, and the frequent coaching errors (i.e. turnovers, missed assignments, missed open field tackling and penalties) concern you-especially since there dosen't seem to be year-over year improvement in these categories? 

How would he compare to people like Shaw at stanford, sumlin at tanm, or peterson at boise st- all winners from the beginning (granted they were assistants for a longer time than bo).


My concern is that he dosent' appear to be improving-so i have to wonder-how muchhis supporters give him?  My bias is another 2-3 years....tops

would be interested in your thoughts on this as it is probably representative of the strong Bo crowd.  Also, when does support for the program (NU football) separate than support for the coach-i ask because it seems like the strongest Bo supports equate the two-is that what we, as NU fans should do? 

I know you shouldn't take much from bowl games but the Big 12 looked pretty bad in the post season, with the exception of Texas, OkSt, and Baylor.  So maybe I'd revise up my win total.  Either way, there is going to be a massive defensive overall going into 2013.  The DL, LBs, and S are up for grabs.  The corners have solid depth, and are as loaded as our receivers.

The question is, who is going to emerge as the "player to fear" on the DL.  The 2012 season had nobody in my opinion, and I have no idea who is going to step up in 2013.  Hopefully somebody!

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