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I would rather be a 9-4 husker than a 11-2 cock but I know we can be so much better if we had the right qb nothin against taylor but we do need someone with passing skills already looking forward to spring we had a pretty good season for the most part go big red

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Forget it.  We are NEVER going to get a golden boy QB from California or Texas with an NFL arm. 

With regard to Taylor, while he does have his flaws, can he be blamed for all of the drops by our awful receivers (except for Bell)? Can he be blamed for the fumble on the 5-yard line, or all of the blown assignments on defense, like a Hail Mary TD pass before the half that everyone and their grandmother knew was going to be attempted?  Can he be blamed for the lack of any significant pass rush from the front four?  Can he be blamed for ALL of the stupid drive-killing penalties?

Plenty of blame to go around here.  Replacing Martinez with a slightly better QB would make little difference.

You are correct "We are NEVER going to get a golden boy QB from California or Texas with an NFL arm" as long as we stay with this gimmick offense.  What QB with NFL aspirations is going to come to NU?  We are also not going to get high quality receivers to come to NU.  No throw = No catch.  Nebraska will continue to make due with 2 and 3 star recruits and enjoy 8-9 win seasons, but we are not going to get back to relevency with what we are doing now.

NU had a pretty darn good offense the last year Joe Ganz was QB and our achilles heal was the defense that season.


Dogham - You're absolutely right. "NU had a pretty darn good offense the last year Joe Ganz was QB and our achilles heal was the defense that season."


Like DickRod, give Callahan credit for having recruited very good talent on offense. The defense UM and UNL defenses were similarly abysmal under these two guys.


No reason why we can't continue to find Joe Ganz types at NU and surround him with athletes.


Ganz was the epitomy of a hard worker. I loved him to death as a one year starter. He was not highly recruited but he was extremely resourceful and he never self-destructed as TMart has been so apt to do.


Ditto for former KU QB Todd Reesing.


The MAC is filled with QBs like Ganz and Reesing. Solich has Mickey Tettleton's son (a soph) playing QB at Ohio U for God's sake. Western Michigan, Northern Illinois and Toledo among others in the MAC also have good, Big 10 caliber QBs.


Dozens of 6-6 FBS programs have good QBs like Ganz, Reesing and these MAC kids every year but we can't find one to play for an 800 win program?


Kids like that are all that we need here unless we change back to a pro-style offense like all of the other successful Big 10 teams run.


Of course, Jason probably has the appropriate "cover Bo's ass" answer and he will re-affirm that we have great talent and great coaching!


I cannot see how the 2012 Huskers will be an improvement on the 2011 team and 2012 is YEAR FIVE!


Bottom line? TO doesn't want to admit failure here and Bo likely has a job until he retires. 


Will the fan base be ready to accept 8-4 +/- one win regular seasons forever more? If you're Purdue, Illinois or Northwestern you're thrilled with that level of performance. Indiana and Minnesota would love 6-6 +/- one wins per year.


Shouldn't we expect 10-2 +/- one wins per year and a BCS game or Capital One Bowl vs. top SEC talent?


We showed this year that we were woefully short of competing with Spurrier and the Gamecocks. Spurrier is a great coach who has established a new tradition at South Carolina. Bo has yet to rebuild the tradition at Nebraska. We've fallen short each year since 2001 when we overachieved and got crushed by both CU and Miami in games that mattered.


12 years since last conference football championship...and counting!



I agree with most of your statement, and I don't want you to paint me as a Bo fan, but I think that the clock kind of reset with the move to the BIG.  We had players on our team that were built to play in the Big 12.  Speed kills, bend but don't break on Defense. 


Our offense would never had had a chance in that conference this year, but we held our own in the BIG and if we can continue to recruit Defensive guys, we should be fine in the near term.  9-10 wins works for me for the next couple years.  After that we should be competing for the top spot year in and year out.  If not, the grand experiment for Bo will have ended and it will be time to move on.

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