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Do you think that the blackshirts will be back for our next game against missouri after our defence played great created some turnovers scored off of them and pitched a shutout. Give me you thoughts I think so.

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Ya know, after watching VT manhandle the Canes yesterday, and hearing the commentators rave about how well the Huskers played VT the week before (seriously, they had a whole new respect for our D), I think Im going to say YES!!!! The Blackshirts are back, BABY!
those boys deserve those shirts.
if it was, it would mean I had I job I loved... one can dream.
I think the Blackshirts are back. But I have been combing all the sports news and the Huskers in general are not getting much love and I think they should. Last week LSU #7 in the nation only scored 31-7 on La-Lafayette, while this week we scored 55-0. As well, last week the Blackshirts shut down the VT offense and this week the Canes #9 just couldn't bring it, loosing 31-7. But all I read about is Tebow and the Irish...really makes me sick.

Well I guess we'll have to see next week. The Huskers really need to handle Missouri and if we do I am expecting to see a little love from the national sports media.
I think were back. Team speed to the ball, intensity, and never giving up. Not to mention the mental toughness of these kids.

I think the national media won't have a choice to but to recognize us if we keep winning games. This early in the season it may not be a bad thing to be an underrated, it keeps us hungry for winning. The recognition will come if we dominate our games.
exactly what i think! im glad we are kind of under the radar, as long as the nation knows who we are by the end of the season. its good to have confidence when the D is walking out rather than just hoping our offense can score more points then the other guy like it has been in past years, i love it
Didnt say we were back....just said Im glad I can be more confident in the D?
Best defence i've seen us play since 2003...remind me who was the defensive cordinatior that year...yes that was bo pelini. :)
Our numbers so far are of Blackshirt quality. 285 yards total offense per game. 7 points per game. Yeah, that's Blackshirt numbers all right. But it's only been four games. If we smack Mizzou and Texas Tech in the mouth we these kind of numbers, I think we can say we're pretty well back. If by the end of the year we're under 325 total yards per game and 15 points or less we will have had a solid BLACKSHIRT year.

One thing that bugs me this year almost as much as the penalties is the fact that we are actually loosing the time of possession battle. That just shouldn't be happening.
I'll say we're back on track.
I was referring to the Blackshirts in my first comment. Blackshirts are earned and define the character of our defense. Championships will come as we continue to improve and win.
Looking at the depth chart I think this is the most talented D we have put on the field in the last 5 years. Our D line is stellar (including all the backups), the linebackers (except for Dillard) are young but talented, and our secondary is experienced and deep. I'd have to say that after the effort they put up last week and except for one bad play against VT that they are back in a big way.

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