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In the waning seconds of the Huskers 2nd consecutive loss the thought hit me, wow this team is in trouble!  How did we go from sugar to shit in just 3 weeks?  How does a team that appeared to have an offense that would carry the defense suddenly flip polar ends in just one week?  The much maligned Defense appeared to hold it's own against a team that has the ability to score, (see go ahead TD for proof).  Is it a Program issue?  A confidence issue? A talent issue?  Strength and conditioning? Do the fans expect too much?  Are we destined to be just above average to pay for the sins of firing a 9 win National championship contending coach 15 years ago?  When does it end, what will make it change?

I'm not convinced anyone in the program has an answer to one or any of these questions.  The coaches appeared to be pleading and begging their students to make a play, anyone......Bueller, Bueller, Buellar?  NIU players played with fire and abandonment to the final whistle and they earned the victory and the healthy paycheck owed to them.  I feel bad for the players because they appear to want to win and represent DONU in the most positive manner, I'm just not sure they understand what it takes to  truly become an undefeated team that makes people dread playing you.  Those days are gone and the stories of those days are so old that Grandpa is the only one that remembers them and his memory is slipping everyday.

So as a fan where do we go from here?  Do we shut off the TV and quit spending the day at the stadium and let one more tradition fade into the history books?  Do we find a way to support this team regardless of the product on the field because after all they are the Nebraska Cornhuskers?  Do we get a year supply of Crown Royal and beef sticks so by the end of the game we are drunk and passing greasy farts amongst us?  These are the questions that keep most Husker fans up at night.  

I have no answers but maybe somebody reading this does, sound off let us know how do we return the Husker Football program back to elite status?  What are some of the things that must happen for this current team to rescue this season?  What is a practical expectation for this season?  Bowl eligibility? 7,8,9,10 wins?  I haven't given up on this team or staff yet, but it is obvious some changes need to be made immediately, are you willing to have a losing season if changes are made that will positively effect this program in the next 2 years?  Tell me what you think Husker fans, if possible try not to sound like Yosemite Sam "rattin, Fraking, strattin.....ooooh"..... if possible.  Stay strong, try to keep the faith and Go Big Red!

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I hate being apart of a Three Ring Circus.

If the Huskers were my favoritism NFL team I would just drop them and stop watching them.

When  you grow up in Nebraska being a Husker fan is like a rite of passage.

One learns to love the Huskers at an early age. One feels a responsibility for getting behind the Huskers and cheering for them, almost like it makes a difference. Helps the players and the program.

I was not a fan of the Mike Riley hire. Never fully understood it, but figured that SE new more than the average Husker fan.

With all the experience Mike Riley has in running a program one would think we would expect more.

The mistakes were seeing on the field is systemic issue. Not just one area looks horrible, almost all areas is suffering break downs, both mental and physical.

I hate pushing the reset button, because here we go again. I'm not sure I have it in me to start all over again.

Every time we go through this the next coach up is always a mystery.

Bill Callahan, Mike Riley and even Bo, I never thought was the best man available.

An average coach with some management skills should be able to keep this program in the top 25.

Riley has the right idea for building the program with the sucess he has had in recruiting.

Jeez but can we coach this talent up for a change?


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