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Bad losses happen for a reason, not just because "things snowball"

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It would be nice if Bo would provide the following response after a bad loss, " It's my fault.....I take full responsibility."

That would be different then "we didn't execute", "we have to play better", $hit.  Bottom line is coaches coach the players and the Head Coach coaches the Coordinators and assistant coaches.  Either he isn't conveying his message properly to the staff or the staff isn't preparing the team.  Other than that I still don't see enough talent at the skill positions.

"We'll be just fine."

To expand on my comment.  I like Kenny Bell.  I like Kyler Reed as a Pass Catching TE (dropped a huge pass) in bowl game, then never through to him again.  He's caught so many clutch passes, i don't see how you don't keep him in the offensive game plan.  He's as close to the hybrid TE (Jimmy Graham/Rob Gronkowski) as Nebraska has in our offense.  I like Abdullah.  Of course Rex is Rex.  After that I'm not sure what else we have left in the gas tank.  Aaron Green didn't play much.  They put Jamal Turner in for what seems like 3-4 plays per game, so we can't see him really develop.  Brandon Kinnie is in there and seems to be physical enough to get the seperation needed at WR, but then isn't reliable enough to make the catch.  As for QB, NU really must be in a bad spot as Brion Carnes didn't play at all except a few minutes at beginning of season.  If NU had suffered the same injury to T-Mart like 2010, who whould have stepped in like Cody and Zac did?  Enough coffee is ready. 

I'm glad Bo thinks so.  If our fanbase has subdued their expectations after the Callahan years to accept 8-9 win seasons every year, then yes "We'll be just fine" as our fearless leader stated.

Bo's greatest strength seems to be false bravado but his teams have never been able to back it up.


Looking more and more like CYA as the years go by.


Having lived in Big 10 country for decades and having adopted MSU (wife graduated from there) as my second favorite team here's what I've learned.


1) You have to create a team that can win in the Big 10 Legends (MSU, UM and Iowa are always tough; but we did beat 2 of those 3 this year). Still not not easy.

2) We have to be good enough to win the Big 10 Championship game vs. a team like OSU (with Meyer) or UW. PSU not likely to be a factor there for several years but we still play them every year. Not easy.

3) That same team will have to be good enough to beat a top 3 SEC team in Orlando (Bama, LSU, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina or Georgia) or good enough to beat a top Pac-10 team in the Rose bowl (USC, Oregon or Stanford). Not easy.

4) Either way you're traveling to an away game for your bowl in the heart of SEC or Pac-12 country. Not easy.


It's a bitch. When I look at our talent we're a long way from being there. Don't see it happening in the next 5 years.


I think that our Texas recruiting is going to take somewhat of a beating with A&M moving to the SEC and West Virginia moving to the Big 12.


We either accept that Bo has as good of a chance as anyone to make it happen or we find a miracle worker with a proven track record for success.


To simply assume that we'll be back is foolhearty. Just ask Notre Dame.


PS. Michigan is not "back".


I would agree that Michigan is not "back", I think it was 2006 when them and Ohio State were 1 & 2 in the country.  I'd rather be 11-2 and "not back" than 8-5 and wondering what the future holds.

Look at ND's schedule next year. After a mediocre year 3 Kelly would be in trouble.


They're running out of patience in South Bend after decades of mediocrity.


I don't like ND or Kelly but I think that they will be a better team in 2012 than in 2011. Not sure that we can be the same.


In 20/20 hindsight had we beaten UM in AA we could have been 10-2 and playing in the Sugar against VaTech.


Anybody here think that the Hokies are a better team than South Carolina?


Michigan's only "signature" win was vs. Bo. None of the other 9 "L"s were to BCS Top 25 and we were also the only team with a winning record in the BIG that they beat.




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