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I really dont understand all this crap with the BCS. I think that it is completely screwed up I mean all the Texas fans believe they should win the south just because they beat OU but I dont think they should be given the south because Tech did beat them. What do ya'll think?

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I hate the BCS and the Big 12 should have had a tie breaker themselves to decide who should go. In my opinion the team that has the longest drought of playing in the Big 12 Championship should go. That would be Texas Tech. Yes I know they got stomped at Oklahoma, however not many teams survive out of Oklahoma with a win. Texas Tech could beat Missouri and beat a lot of top 10 temas. All in all, a 16 team playoff would solve this with all 3 teams in it.
I think Oklahoma is personally the best team in the conference. I think we should be quick to know that the SEC has had their way in so many recent national championship games that I trust the Gators, if they get there, will win it all. I think they beat Alabama and whoever they meet from the Big 12.
I just can't wait until the discussion revolves around whichever of the South teams has to play us.
While listening to ESPN radio this weekend one of their broadcasters had a good take on this. I agree with the take.

His feelings were that whenever a discussion like this centers on 3 teams that one should find a way to eliminate the least deserving team from the discussion....

TT beats UT at home on the last play of the game.
OU puts a beat down on TT at home.
UT, a 10-point underdog, beats OU by 6 on a neutral site.

It is clear that TT should be the first team eliminated from the discussion.

Then it comes down to OU vs. UT.

I certainly think that OU has the better team; BUT, Texas beat OU on a neutral site so he and I both think that Texas deserves the shot....that's why they play the games.

I also think that it is a big BCS mistake to have USC ranked ahead of Penn State in the BCS.

USC loses to Oregon State.....

Penn State beats Oregon State 45-14!

Both beat Ohio State and USC beat the Bucks decisively in LA...without Beanie and with Pryor still getting experience. I think that USC would win a rematch with OSU if the game was played today; however, I think that the game would be close and low scoring...USC 21 OSU 17.

Penn State did go on the road and beat their biggest conference rival.

None of the other top teams in the Big 12, Big 10 or Pac10 has been able to do that at this point.

Like UT, UF has beaten their biggest rival on a neutral site.

For what it is worth....
I hate to admit it but I agree with Tom. I have several OU freinds and they all think they are getting robbed but when you break it down the winner of the South has to be Texas. There are still games to play this weekend, and who knows what kind of crazy shit could happen. Wouldn't it be insane if Texas losses to A&M (Ha Ha), Oklahoma losses to Okie State (possible, not probable), and TT losses to Baylor (Hmmm, I would love to see that). Then there is a 4 way tie in the south by adding Okie St, and they all are 6-2 in the conference. What if Kansas beats Mizzu. Should we have the right to play for the North.

As long as Texas beats A&M like they will, then it should be Texas vs. Missouri
I believe oklahoma is the best team in the conference, but i do not want them to win the south. This is because i just hate oklahoma for always being great give another team a shot at it. I would love to see texas tech go to the title game, if not i wouldn't mind seeing texas going to the title game.
UT had there own destiny in control, couldnt control it, with the Loss to TT and there Cream Puffs Deloss scheduled they are in a pickle. OU lost at a nuetral site and has a tougher schedule and devoured a TT that beat UT. OU has there own destiny in control now lets see waht they do with it. How about Florida losing at home to a unranked opponent, why isnt that being talked about as a factor...
Kansas beating Mizzou would be quite the upset...but anything is possible. If that happens the BCS should stick thier noses somewhere else and the Big 12 should have a playoff of the top two teams in each division. Or in the south's case the teams who have the total most points scored for the season.
Amen. I totally agree with you. I want TT

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