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Maybe we'll play the Buffs on a regular basis again.

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I loved the "friends with benefits" reference.  That means they will both be screwing  each other.  Unless there is a change to the way the BCS teams are picked and ultimately the teams who compete for the national championship, I think this might be a bad thing. 

I have been watching Husker football now for about 40-some years, and I cannot remember a team that is more frustrating to watch than this year's team. I have been watching us run up and down the field in this bowl game then turn the ball over in the red zone. The  previous offensive series, we had 4 penalties and were at one time on a 2nd down and 29 yards to go. All the while, genius coach Bo screams in the headset. What a leader.....

Yeah, this game was the worst of the year.  They gave it away in every way.  From the special teams to stupid penalties, to dropped passes, to Dennard losing his cool.  Bo lost his cool again which didn't help the flags flying all over the field.  Taylor had a really nice run in the 3rd quarter to about the five yard line then the offense went backward the next three plays and they go nothing out of the drive.  Oh! And turnovers.  Neb would have won without the turnovers. 

This post is a mess but the game was worse.  Sickening to watch and I blame Bo.  When he starts ranting on the sideline the players take their cue from him and get stupid on the field.  What in the world is Tom Osborne thinking when he sees Bo blowing a gasket in some referees face? 

Bo is a punk.  He needs to be shown the door.


We were a much better team under Solich and he lost his job.

I like this move - it's a great boost to play an extra non conference game against another BCS conference and will help the other non-football sports as well.  I'd like to see Colorado vs Nebraska come back, but this time as the game to start the season.

Nebraska vs Colorado

Ohio State vs USC

Michigan vs UCLA

Michigan State vs Arizona State

Penn State vs Stanford

Wisconsin vs Oregon

Iowa vs Washington

Minnesota vs Cal

Purdue vs Utah 

Illinois vs Arizona

Indiana vs Oregon State

Northwestern vs Washington State




Good thoughts...


Nebraska vs Colorado - Agree. NU catches a break here but it was quite a heated rivalry.

Ohio State vs USC - Agree.

Michigan vs UCLA - How about scUM vs. Oregon? scUM thinks that they are "hot shit". They're not.

Michigan State vs Arizona State - Agree

Penn State vs Stanford - PSU vs. UCLA?

Wisconsin vs Oregon - How about BADgers vs. Stanford?

Iowa vs Washington - Agree

Minnesota vs Cal - Agree

Purdue vs Utah - Agree

Illinois vs Arizona - Agree.

Indiana vs Oregon State - Agree. Bottom feeders.

Northwestern vs Washington State - Agree; 2 pass happy teams. 

I can see the merit of playing USC occasionally.  I could even see Washington becoming a rivalry after the last two years.  But Colorado?  Nope.  Their fans are terrible, their program operates on the fringe of what is ethical and allowed under NCAA rules, and we usually just beat the crap out of them. 

What I would really would like to see is some sort of plan where we play Oklahoma periodically.  What a great rivalry that was and the geniuses who run the Big VII....and the Athletic Department at NU to be honest, screwed that one up.  I don't know of a fan in either state who wouldn't love to see that one return. 

I am starting a campaign here and now to get Oklahoma into the Big 10.  Send Penn State away. 

And if anyone needs any proof of my previous post about Colorado fans....consider this:


Case closed. 

Tastes like sour grapes.

Not sure what you have against Husker fans living in the Western part of Nebraska state or those of us here in Colorado.  It would be another away game somewhat close that Husker fans could travel to since all of the short games agains KU, KSU, Mizzou and ISU went away.  As far as how the CU program operates they've dismissed a lot more players in the past 5-7 years for offenses that seem to only get suspensions at NU.  Just sayin'... Maybe those living in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.  I'd love to see Nebraska-Colorado renewed even if "we usually just beat the crap out of them".  Moral of the story, not everyone lives in Lincoln. 

Who the heck is the Big VII (Seven??).  I wouldn't mind seeing the rivalry with Oklahoma come back, but i'm also not for turning our back on Penn State, when they were one of our biggest advocates to accept us into the B1G Ten. 

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