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It's time for my annual Bill Snyder hate rant.  This is the third straight year I am trying to convince the world that Bill Snyder is the single-most overrated college football entity the sport has ever seen.

And the timing is good since Snyder-puff football just got a dose of what a poor product he's put on the field this year.


Was just on K-State's pitiful athletic website perusing the pitiful roster of football players.  By my count and first perusal, 44 of 133 are JC, CC, or transfers.  Their player profiles are so sad that they actually have a "Last College" tab to denote where said pitiful player pitifully played football before dawning purple.  Go get 'em Bill.  Recruiting, my ass.


I'm in the process of digging up how many nonconference games against ranked opponents Bill Snyder has actually logged.  My guess is that it's less than 5 over his illustrious (gag) career.  I will have the results in a later post.  Victories against ranked nonconference foes could probably be counted on one god damn hand.  I do know this, he's a sterling 6-5 in bowl games.


I don't care if he's a good guy or not.  He's a terrible coach and motivator.  The game has passed him by.  Actually, he was never really in front of it to begin with.


I don't want anyone replying to this post disagreeing with me.  I cannot be convinced he turned a program around.  He short-cutted and easy-way-outed and compromised the integrity of an institution to attract to the plains of KS.  He is an absolute joke with no balls.

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"I don't want anyone replying to this post disagreeing with me. I cannot be convinced he turned a program around. He short-cutted and easy-way-outed and compromised the integrity of an institution to attract to the plains of KS. He is an absolute joke with no balls"

I still disagree.
Ryno - I agree with you on Snyder and the KSWHO Mildcats.

Snyder deseves credit as he took at very, very, very, very bad doormat program and turned it into a winner. He did so by building his record vs. non-conference cupcakes and then by beating teams in the weak B12 North.

From my point of view, Snyder was the innovator of the cupcake non-con schedule. Unfortunately now most major college programs, including NU, have followed suit. The first 4 games of most college football seasons prove little.

When Snyder's best team ever failed to qualify for a BCS game he whined like hell about it.

He won one major bowl by beating a mediocre Syracuse team in the Fiesta.

In 1998 he had an 11-0 team that lost the B12 championship to TAM. He cried like hell then took his 11-1 team to the Alamo Bowl and lost to 8-4 Purdue.

That 1998, 11-0 KSU team was like our 2001 11-0 team...EXTREMELY OVERRATED.

You say "Victories against ranked nonconference foes could probably be counted on one god damn hand. I do know this, he's a sterling 6-5 in bowl games."

NU's record during the past decade vs. ranked non-conference opponents sucks as well. This year we didn't play any.

Have you checked Tom Osborne's bowl record? He was 6-5 in his first 11 bowl games. TO was 8-13 in his first 21 bowl games after losing 7 straight bowl games from 1987 to 1993. He won his last 4 to go 12-13. He won those games after he changed the focus of our recruiting towards Lawrence Phillips types rather than student/athletes just as you complain that Snyder has done.

Where I have a problem with your position it is that you are holding Snyder to one standard and Pelini and Osborne to another.

Snyder (and Pelini) have been competitive in the B12 North ONLY because the B12 North is a very, very weak conference.

We lost to Iowa State last year didn't we?
I disagree also - NU has a few JUCO players in the system. Every major program brings some onto the team as you need experienced players who can step into positions where you lack depth, have serious injuries or the players you recruited just haven't "blossomed" under your system. You can rant and rave however you wish, but Coach Snyder did get that program turned around the first time and playing winning football. You have to remember he is coaching at the Step-child school in Kansas behind the Jayhawks, their budget and facilities are leaps and bounds behind most of the conference and the lack of a winning tradition when he started made it equally hard to recruit 3,4,5 star recruits. While they don't have the toughest non-conference schedule this year, they did beat UCLA, which beat defending Big XII champ Texas, they did beat UCF (3-2, with two loses to NC State 4-1 by 7pts and K-State by 3pts), they did beat Iowa State (3-3, who beat Texas Tech and have losses to Iowa, Utah and K-State - understandable). As far as Coach Snyder's record in bowl games, i wouldn't go there - Doctor Tom is 12-13 all time in bowl games and Nebraska's bowl record all time is only 24-22. Bottom line is Coach Snyder is well beloved at K-State and i think most Husker fans respect him even if they dislike the 'cats. P.S. Who wasn't cheering for K-State when they dismanteled OU in the 2003 Big XII Championship.
KSWHO has NEVER won with any coach but Snyder.

A little story that is close to home. Many years ago a QB named Brian Kavanagh played at Naperville North HS...alma mater of Chris Brown from can we forget him? Home of Corey can we forget how badly he sucked?

Brian was a good student and a good football player. His parents hoped that he could play football in the Ivy League (my kid played football in the Ivy League) but NOBODY wanted him.

He decided to walk on at KSU. Due to injuries he graduated as a 6th year senior.

During his 5th year he came off the bench and lead KSWHO to a come from behind victory in the 2002 Holiday Bowl. The next season he started all season long and the Mildcats beat our 10-3 team 38-9 on their way to the B12 championship. They lost to defending national champion Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl.

Hell, the kid probably helped get Frank Solich fired.

KSU went 11-4 and ended up in the Top 10 at season's end.

I am NOT A SNYDER FAN; however, this is the type of kid that he often had to work with and he made the most of it. Who in their right mind would want to spend 4 years in Manhattan, KS or, for that matter, Lubbock, TX?

The game has likely passed Snyder by...but KSU will probably not be competitive after he leaves. Their mediocre program is hardly worth getting worked up over...even when we beat them like a drum as we did last week.
This is why I didn't want anyone to reply to this post. You all are completely missing the point. I am making NO comparisons to NU, Osborne or Pelini.

What I'm telling you is take Bill Snyder's greatest achievement as a head coach; I mean, can you even name it? Is it winning a Fiesta Bowl against Syracuse? For all the accolades and all the press and all the hoopla, he is not worth my money. Barry Switzer, for whatever he's worth, called Bill Snyder the "coach of the century." I have nothing to base that off. If you guys are so bent on making comparisons to Tom (a coach who came close, lost, built, got better, and won many times over), Snyder pales. Give me championships and improvement after 1998 for KSU. Not there.

I get that its the Great Plains. I get that they have no money. I get that they have no support. That doesn't discount the fact he's an X's and O's deficiency in the locker room. His teams were terribly penalized and outcoached, and outmotivated. And I'm just tired of a guy who takes the legal-minimum easy way out 2 or 3 loss team every year get treated like something he truly isn't. Is he better than Ron Prince? Obviously. Is he better than whoever will replace him? Probably. But, again, he wouldn't go in my Top 100 all-time. Not even close. And trust me, I'm an objective observer.
I don't think that many would regard his as a Top 100 coach; nor would they consider Pellini for such recognition.

Both Osborne and Devaney would clearly belong on the list.

Don't know if you live in KS; but nobody outside that state really gives a damn who Bill Snyder is.

On the other hand, I think that you need to consider the following:

During 1991, his 3rd season at KSU, Snyder went 7-4.

You and I say "Whopee"; but prior to 1992, KSU's "best ever" seasons were:

1912 8-2
1931 8-2
1934 7-2-1
1954 7-3

That's it. They hadn't even had a 7 win season in 38 years.

Prior to his hiring the program was 299-510 in 93 years; an average of just over 3 wins per year. KSWHO had not won a conference title since other words, their football team was even worse than our Men's Basketball team.

In 1993, Snyder led KSU to it's first 9 win season ever at 9-2-1.

He won 11 games in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 so he certainly has some post-1998 accomplishments.

In 2003, he won the B12 championship....NU has not won one since 1999.

He went 136-68-1 during his first tour at KSU; an average of 8 wins per season.

During the 1998 season, Kansas State posted an undefeated 11–0 regular season and earned its first ever number 1 ranking in the national polls, just ten years after being named the worst program in the country by Sports Illustrated. In the 2003 season the team won the Big 12 championship – the school's second major conference title ever. With an 11–4 record in 2003, Kansas State also became the only team in the country to win 11 games in six of the previous seven years, and just the second program in the history of college football to win 11 games six times in a seven-year stretch.

When taken in its proper perspective, it is easy to understand why Snyder will forever be admired by KSU fans.

I'm not a fan; but what is your beef with KSU?
You are proving my point and I'll use NU Basketball as an example. Say Doc Sadler wins on average 22 games per year for 15 years. They make the Big Dance every year, never getting past the round of 16. Maybe they win ONE conference championship along the way. Maybe they are ranked somewhere between 10 and 20 consistently. Maybe the players used to win those games are predominantly Jr. College Transfers because they weren't smart enough to earn scholarships. Maybe 8 or 9 of those 22 wins per year are against unranked teams out of conference with no viable reputation. And most games you play you turn the ball over an average of 19 times/game.

Are you really going to anoint this guy as responsible for the one of the most drastic turnarounds in college basketball history? I'd say it's a job well done, but PLEASE.

Good goddamn riddance to KSU. Horrible product not worth the money. Snyder is a gutless phony. Period. I cannot be convinced otherwise.
Doc Sadler should only have it so good. We have not won an outright conference basketball championship since 1915-16. We are 0-6 in NCAA tournament games...have NEVER won a damn tournament game!

Snyder has coached in the same conference as NU has. He loads up on cupcakes as NU has started to do.

He is a decent coach.

Some kids take the JC route for a variety of reasons...not academic qualifiers or may not yet have the skills or size needed to compete at Div. 1. Maybe their local schools suck and don't have them prepared.

Now you put the slam on kids who go to JCs?
You have to keep in mind that we are talking about Kansas St. People Love to talk about how great Urban Meyer or Mack Brown are but how hard is it to be a good coach in those places. He may not be a Joe Paterno or a bobby Bowden or a Tom Osborne but when you think of Kansas St, you think of Bill Snyder. He may not be one of the top college coaches of all time but he did make Kansas St atleast respectable. You also got to keep in mind what he has to work with. And you are right about him scheduling cupcakes and such he is notorious for that but he has won some big games. I don't think he is the best coach but I think he is a pretty good coach.
K-State 59 Kansas 7
I love Turner Gill and I think Snyder's a good coach but Kansas is easily the worse team in the big 12 this year and its not close. They are awful. I hope Gill can turn them around in the next couple years.

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