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Since Bo arrived in 2008, Nebraska has lost 10 games by 20 points or more - seven times since joining the Big Ten in 2011 where they have allowed 45 points or more six times. Since Pelini has been in charge, Nebraska is 3-9 on the road against ranked opponents. The Huskers are 1-5 in six Big Ten road games against ranked teams, and lose by an average of 20 pts. Five of the Huskers' top 10 worst defensive performances, in terms of yardage, have come since 2012. Beginning in 2010, the Huskers are just 14-12 after the season hits November 1st.

Bo Pelini peaked in 2010 and has gradually gotten worse in the ensuing years. Pelini and Nebraska have been unable to take advantage of a Big Ten conference that has been down in recent years. Not only have they not been able to rise to the top of an average conference, they have settled even more into mediocrity as the seasons have gone on. Think about this for a second, this year Nebraska will go without a division title even though it has one of the program's all-time best players in running back Ameer Abdullah and one of college football's foremost talents in defensive end Randy Gregory. That is unacceptable, yet with Pelini it has become expected. This season was touted as one of Pelini's best teams and they are no better than the 5th best team in the conference. Like I concluded last September after UCLA reeled off 38-unanswered points to blowout the Huskers in Lincoln, the program is flatlining under Pelini.

A leopard doesn't change his spots, and Bo Pelini isn't going to suddenly figure things out in Lincoln. After 7 years, unfortunately, Bo Pelini is who he is. He has had enough time to instill his culture and perhaps that has been the problem. The "it's us against the world" mentality that Bo has fostered has not been healthy for the program. He has blasted fans and former players who have questioned his "process" and on-field struggles. Well, when you are just 9-17 against ranked opponents and 2-9 against teams ranked in the top ten, people are going to get antsy. Even if you don't have the answers Bo, people are going to want to know why.

Nebraska is one of the 15 most prestigious jobs in the country. With their resources, tradition, facilities and fan support, the Huskers have more potential than Pelini has been able to tap. Nobody likes to disrupt stability with a coaching change, but when that means sacrificing your potential as a program, it's something that needs to be done. Heck, look at the run of coaches that Alabama had from 2000 until they hired Nick Saban in 2007: Mike DuBose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Price and Mike Shula. How about Oklahoma? From 1994 until the hiring of Bob Stoops in 1999, they were coached by Gary Gibbs, Howard Schnellenberger and John Blake. Those schools didn't settle for less than their full potential as a Top 15 program, and neither should Nebraska.

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Some asked for my lists I compiled for the great run Bo had at Nebraska:  Here they are:

Padded and Paid for Wins: Home = H and Away = A
1. Western Michigan H
2. San Jose State H
3. New Mexico State H
4. Florida Atlantic H
5. Arkansas State H
6. Louisanna Lafayette H
7. Western Kentucky H
8. Idaho H
9. South Dakota State University H
10. Tennessee at Chattanooga H
11. Fresno State H
12. Wyoming A
13. Southern Mississippi H
14. Arkansas State H
15. Idaho State H
16. Wyoming H
17. Southern Mississippi H 1 Million paid
18. South Dakota State University H
19. Florida Atlantic, H 1 Million paid
20. McNeese State, H, almost lost.
21. Fresno State, A
22. Miami, FL 6 & 6, Unranked, 2014

Lucky comeback wins:

1. Missouri
2. Iowa State
3. Colorado
4. Wisconsin
5. Ohio State
6. Wyoming
7. Northwestern
8. Northwestern
9. Michigan State
10. Michigan State
11. Penn State
12. Penn State
13. Michigan
14. Michigan
15. Iowa
16 Georgia
17. McNeese State, 2014
18. Iowa, 2014

Blowout Losses:

1. 17-52 Missouri
2. 28-62 Oklahoma
3. 10-31 Texas Tech
4. 17-48 Wisconsin
5. 17-45 Michigan
6. 13-30 South Carolina
7. 31-70 Wisconsin
8. 38-63 Ohio State
9. 31-45 Georgia
10. 21-41 UCLA
11. 23-34 Minnesota
12. 28-41 Michigan State
13. 38-17 Iowa
14. 59-24 Wisconsin

Signature Wins:

Arizona (5 losses)
Clemson (5 losses)
Georgia (5 losses) 3 & 14 at the 1 foot line, 99 TD pass and muffed punt inside the 20.
Miami (6 losses)

I guess it wouldn't  be right if I didn't list the excuses from the last seven (7) years under Bo.  Here they are:



Shawn fired me after my best season ever,  (Only 3 losses).  LOL,  No No December 4, 2014!

No more 4LossBO. :(

They didn't deserve to win, Minnesota, 2014
2nd Game was a Trap Game, Bo Sep 8, 2014
Cheating Pays, Sipple Story, 22July 2014
It's all out there for them if they're all in, Bo Pelini, April 9, 2014
Not being full members of the Big 10, Husker Troll, 3/29/2014
Cameras, Hard to tell, KAG for sure, 3-1-2014
Bo is passionate, Husker Beck -3-1-2014
Culmination of built up pressure, Husker Beck, 3-1-2014
Changing leagues, Husker Beck, 3-1-2014
Non response to the Athletic Director, Husker Beck, 3-1-2014
No one wants to play in Nebraska, Sip per Nish 2/14/2014
Recruiting Class is underated due to No No, 2/7/14, HuskerinKC
Head Coach Pay, Feburary, 2014
Stress, BigNick45 ~ Sip?, Jan 24, 2014
Uncertainity, BigNick45 ~ Sip?, Jan 24, 2013
"Bo took off his hat angrily" Huskerbeck, 1-21-14 & Kcsker 1-21-14?????
Timing wasn't right for Sanders return, Sip, January 2014
The talking heads are not fair with their coverage, 1995, 1/7/14
Huskers haters keep NU irrrrelevant for foreseeable future, CH, 1/6/14
Our coaches are still learning on the job. CH 1/3/14
Our coordinators are pretty green CH, 1/3/14
I believe in my staff, but you can't talk to them. 12/28/13
Not in Top 25 due to Sink Holes, Nish 12-27-13
Not in Top 25 because No No lost focus, SVH, 12-27-13
The pedestrian bridge. 12/27/2013
Desperate people do desperate things. fake SN, 12/27/13
Fans not going to the Gator Bowl due to lack of Pheasants in Florida, dama, 12/15/13
Sinkholes scare Gator Bowl fans, Nish 12/15/2013
We played well considering the circumstances, AD 12/3/13
Not drilled enough in fall camp. 12/1/13
Limited practice time. 12/1/13
Changing personnel. 12/1/13
Youth. 12/1/13
Has that pictured been doctored? 12/1/13
I am sorry, I. apologize. Bo, 11/30/13
I apologize to no one! Bo, 11/29/13
Iowa's HC acts worse than I do! Bo, 11/29/13
Let them fire me, 11/29/13
Blame Tom
We don't cheat? Beck 11/29/13?
He took a swing at the ref with his hat, Bo 11/29/13
He said I was too close to him, Bo, 11/29/13
That was a Chicken Dropping Call" Bo, 11/29/13
We missed a block on the fake punt, Bo, 11/29/13
Two Iowa guys made the tackle Bo! No No 11/29/13
The ball was uncatchable! Receiver was tackled. 11/29/13
Negativity surrounding this program, Bo, 11/29/13
Westercamp made some errors, Bo, 11/29?13
Ron made some bad decisions. Bo 11/29/13
Big 10 Refs, 1129/30 Iowa Game
Dumb Voters, 11/26/13
Taylor is underappreciated, Bo, 11/25/13
Pollsters read the LITR,
If Bo could just get a win against a Top 15 Program, LOL!
Fan division
Basement dwellers harping
This Forum, affects recruiting
Radio Talk Shows, affects recruiting
Sun glare on the pitch, Newby
More stretching
MSU let their guard down because we are nice
Warning for speeding & tickets for DUI and MIP, NSP
We're beat up, Bo
We're short handed, Bo
Bo's chapped lips Poodle
Cycles, Poodle
D & G club
This place wears on you, Beck
Players that read blogs
Haters hurt the team
Fans are losing recruits
Geronimo, 11/2/13
Carl Gate FAU
I'm innocent Carl
Weasels live in Florida too
2013 is a rebuilding year
Harvey turned Bo into a veggie
Something has sucked the life out of Bo
Bo knew Minnesota was a hornets nest Bo
Senior Leadership
Taylor is done playing AP
Shoulder injury Watched it, Wyoming,Aug 31, 2013
Turf toe ? UCLA game, 9-14-2013
Two Broken Toes ?
Ball of foot ?
Torn ligiment in a toe. ESPN, January 22, 2014
Plantar Plate Tear, BC, LJS, North Carolina Dr, 1-23-2014
Hip Pointer ?
Abdominal strain ?
Flu ?
Not enough space to make the trip
Social Media LJS
They are not as good as they think they are, Bo ESPN
Team needs to do Soul Searching Bo, ESPN
It took Callahan 4 yrs to reach 22 losses
Bo made 22 in just over 5 years Big 10, 2 years
Bo will fix this
We didn't see it on film Bo
Minnesota cheats?
Joe Ganz?
Obviously, Minnesota wanted it more
Minnesota isn't Southern Miss
We prepared for Jerry Kill's game
Left a lot of points out there today Bo
We play better against BYE
Obviously, we didn't execute
All of our goals are still out there
Things are not always as good or bad as they seem
We only had two weeks to prepare for Minnesota
Computers are stupid
Bo's young staff
The Weasel
Bo Gate Cover-up
Wisconsin had a month to prepare for us.
Add Wisconsin to the list of cheaters.
FFWNFF, Bo gate 2013.
Youth on Defense
If we wouldn't have fumbled against UCLA we would be 4-0
Bo said Southern Miss is a good team
Defense isn't important, scoring points is
Bo needs more money
Fans leaving early
Practice time restrictions
Game is more complicated today
The Final Four may hurt the spring game.
The BTN will hurt spring game attendence.
High Definition TV hurts attendance
Flat screens hurts attendance
Dolby Surround Sound hurts attendence
The players are mentally weak. (Bo)
It is too windy
No Nothing's eating at the training table is hurting the S & C program of the football team.
No Nothing's LITR comments are hurting recruiting.
We don't point fingers at Nebraska, but I am going to dial back the offense. (ISU game)
The Big 12 refs cheat.
Texas Cheats
Texas A & M fans are too loud.
The Big 12 Cheats
The Big 12 Commissioner cheats
Others have caught up with us in S & C
The Nebraska Fans are hurting recruiting
Blue Hairs sitting on their hands
The media is hurting recruiting
The LITR is hurting recruiting
Our players were using Steroids when we were good
Playing in Memorial Stadium is hurting the team
We play better on the road. (31-70 Wisconsin)
We played them once already.
Our schedule is too tough.
We played there once already.
The economy is hurting Nebraska's fan support at games.
Tickets at Purdue were selling for $3.00 & the stadium was 1/2 full.
They had three weeks to prepare for us (Wisconsin)
Bo is a young head coach.
Bo needs more time.
We play a tough schedule!
We didn't execute.
My players are mentally weak
My players lack the want to
Our players need to step up
It's a process
I don't know what the problem is with my players.
We had a great game plan and the players didn't execute it.
We need to fix us.
Other teams use steroids.
Other teams pay their players
The game has changed.
We only get 85 scholarships
Nebraska is too far North
Nebraska girls are not Southern girls
Nebraska has no beaches
Taylor stubbed his toe
We need to dial back the offense, ISU game, Bo
Watson is the problem
Callahan was the problem
Too many coaches have quit
Too many players have quit
We blitzed at the wrong time
Gilmore was a problem
We inherited Callahan's players

Save them because we may never have another alpha hotel like him again. 

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