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I've listened to too many rumors this year. I'm not going to follow this one until Bo, Tom, or Harvey talk.

More pro Big Ten media arrogance here.  Just like how they were all saying how dominating Wisconsin was over TCU - in the post game coverage!  Miles already turned down Michigan once before, to the shock of the media world. Why would anyone want to leave LSU for Michigan, an economically depressed state, with worse weather and an even worse defense??? Being from Chicago, we in the Midwest need to realize we are not the center of the US anymore, figuratively speaking.  Harbaugh was either going to go to Miami or San Francisco, not Michigan or the Cleveland Browns. And Cleveland, I'm sorry, but I'll pick Miami over you too, lol.


I'll be shocked if Les Miles goes to Michigan.  If he does, then he needs to get his “hat” examined!


let Pelini go I don't know if Pelini can right this ship, because already the Huskers are back in the wrong direction with Pelini. I am telling you all I think Scott Frost would right the ship or Turner Gill although watching Buffalo, and Kansas under  Turner Gill I haven't liked everything I have seen though., lackluster defense, predictable offense, thats why I say Frost someone young who will grow and most likely get better. Look at when Osborne took over the Huskers way back in time, He was young and ready grow into the position. Also Osborne needs to stop trying to micro manage the program bring in one of his former Huskers to head coach and let them right the ship. Thats what Osborne did the first time he left the program to Solich a former Husker that had the program going strong even his last season it was still a decent season, but I know Solich is gone now, but give the program to another former Husker and let them right the ship. In college Football its better to bring in former player of the school to be head coach.

Dude, get off the former Husker trip.  Devaney wasn't a former Husker, Tom was a Nebraskan, but he wasn't a Husker.  


"already the Huskers are back in the wrong direction with Pelini"

a 9 win, 10 win, and 19 win season equals the wrong direction?  I don't know what you're smoking, but put it down.  The offense is a mess, but a lot of that has to do with Bo NOT wanting to do what Callahan did.  Callahan came in and changed everything around and tried to run West Coast with option recruits.  Joe Daily never had a chance and yet he still went before the cameras after every loss and took it like a man.  He was a classy kid.


 Bo wants a very different offense, as he said when he first came in.  He also said it will take time to develop.  That means get in his recruits, and figure out who's going to run his offense.  I don't think Wats is the guy, at least not for the smash-mouth ball Bo wants to play.  I expect Bo to make a move here soon on a new OC.  Not sure if he'll do it before heading into the Big10.  The idea of bringing in someone new as we head into the gauntlet of next season I'm sure is a bit scary.


We don't need to "right the ship".  Callahan capsized it, and Bo has already done that.  He just needs to fill the cracks and plug the holes.  Don't get me wrong, the holes do need to be plugged, and the sooner the better.


Read this:  it's a great piece

at least he uses punctuation and had a line of thought that can be followed.  I know, low standards, but compared to Tom Jones-Brownson it's a huge step up.
Yeah I read the article, it has some interesting comments on whats going on in thing both you and Jason don't realize is that when Bo first took over he had Joe Ganz, Nate Swift, Peterson, Quinton Castille, All recruits of Callahan. Now look at our offense, it sucks. I question whether Pelini can recruit. All Osborne and Pelini need to realize is that the offense has to be fixed. The Huskers just need some kind of balanced  offense. The Huskers only offense at the end of the year was Burkehead, you can not score enough points to win a game with only one effective player on offense. Pelini has got to recruit some dag gone offensive players. It is not that hard to draw up some good plays for offense, and to recruit some wide receivers, and to throw the ball sometimes. Also Pelini is a former defensive coordinator, a lot of d coordinators do not make good head coaches because all they know is defense, and yeah good defense is important, but you can't win if you don't have an offense that can move the ball downfield and score touchdowns.

Oh I realize who he had.  He's also had top recruiting classes since he's been here.  And that's why I don't follow recruiting classes.  You never really know what you're getting until they play in games.  If he gets his smash mouth offense running, I'll be very happy.  If he continues to let Wats run this identityless offense as we move through the transition years I'll be unhappy.  


That's why coaches get a 4-5 year cushion when they take over a program that's in shambles.  Good coaches come in and try to win with what they have and slowly move into the new scheme.  If he had come in and switched to a power running game with the West Coast style players we had, he'd had made as big a mistake as Callahan made when he came in and tried to make Joe Daily a West Coast QB.


Like I said.  We're starting to hit the point where he needs to be making the switch.  He's proven that he can win a lot of games, now its time to start winning the big ones.


I don't see the difference to be in recruiting but in development (only on the offensive side of the ball). Bo just needs to get better offensive coaches to assist him. That's my take. By the way, what were the start rankings of many of those players you listed?
Very informative article....
Hey Jason Bo is not one of the best coaches in the country, he was one of the best defensive coordinator's in the country, I don't see him as that great of a head coach. He's doing okay, but come on just fix the dam offense it is not that difficult, thats all I am saying. When Solich took over he kept the progarm strong and traditional. When Callahan took over he brought in a totally different system, now Pelini's taken over and brought in another totally different system. Now things are getting a bit messed up, cause when a program gets changed around to much it just messes it up. Its plain and simple the Huskers offense sucks. why cause no balance. simply balance the offense. why can't the Huskers coaches get it through their heads, BALANCE THE OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"not that difficult"?  Then why do so many teams struggle every year?  Why aren't you the OC or head coach?


Trivia Question:

Q: What do you call the Huskers when they have great defense and great offense?

A: National Champions


If it was that easy, we'd have more than 5.

Watson has been the OC since the Callahan days. He's the one that keeps changing the offense. You want balance? That's great! Get an OC that will stick to the same offense year in & year out, not change every year. Then maybe we can start talking about balance.


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