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People have been telling Nebraska for years balance the offense its time to do it, balance the offense with a relentless run attack and  effective pass plays. The imbalanced offense is what caused the Huskers to lose some big bowl games, Its not that hard to have a balanced offense, even with a balanced offense its still hard to win a national championship, but it increases the Huskers chances.

A "Balanced" offense is a miracle to produce. 


You recruit players who can run smash mouth football, then you suck at the pass game...  You try to produce a Passing offense and your running game is in the crapper. 


What we need to do is step back and let the coaches do their thing and get WHATEVER offense they choose to run and let them have at it. 


We of the message boards have no input into the process at all and speculating on what or who is going to run either side of the ball is completely out of our hands.

Did you see Gene Chizik yelling at his player?  He must be the worst coach in the world.  All that poor kid did was a obvious late hit.  Chizik needs to be fired and they need to hire Frank Solich, or Bill Callahan.
yeah thats true it is hard at the college level to have a balanced, The Huskers just need to have a couple of good receivers on their roster thats all. Niles Paul was really the Huskers best play maker, he could catch a 5 yard pass and break it for a touchdown, but then he got injured I think thats what ruined the Huskers passing game. Just like the Solich days he had Newcomb worst came to worst get the ball to Newcomb and let him make a play. Thats all and hopefully they will, we'll see.
I haven't given up on Pelini or Watson, To be honest I think what hurt the Huskers the most is losing Niles Paul to injury, I don't know if you noticed he was maiking a lot of big plays on offense. you never know who reads these messages. Also all I am saying is I would rather have a former Husker be head coach and personally I think Scott Frost would be a good head coach for Nebraska, based on the way he played football for Nebraska, imagine him coaching for Nebraska. I have been a Huskers fan for a long time and I will always be a Huskers fan. They just need a more effective offense, and hopefully the coaches will figure something out.

Before we get riled up about Bo to LSU lets see if Les goes to Michigan. If that happens it could get a bit scary. LSU could pay him twice as much as we are  paying him and although me may raise his salary, I don't think we would pay him 4 million nor does he deserve 4 million at this point. Hope he stays but I hope Nebraska doesn't offer to pay $4 Million. First lets see the Michigan coaching job unfold.

If he does go: how about Turner as head coach, Scott frost wide receiver coach, Beck running back coach, Carl Pelini, defensive coordinator, Coleman linebackers coach, Ron brown tight ends coach, Papuchis defensive end coach, Sanders defensive ends special teams, dobson strength and conditioning coach and a new offensive line coach. realistically bo would take some of the staff with him though.



You know that Whither Bo Goest, there goest Carl!


I think that they like our program and aren't going anywhere, but I agree that if LSU comes up with the coin, we could be in trouble.


Wait and see what happens is all we can do.

hey jason go to you tube and type in Bo pelini chews out taylor, and see what I am talking, a coach to yell at a player like that is totally unacceptable, and if he yelled at a nfl player like that he would get knocked out. I don't care kind of mistake a player makes for a coach act like that should not be tolerated from any collegiate athletic department.

This just in, just in case nobody has been watching....


Les Miles is staying at LSU!


Back to your rants and raves on ANY other topic than Bo leaving!

If I were the coach and I heard that the Douche Bag whiner had called his dad DURING A GAME, I'd have kicked him off the team.  Having the stuff televised kinda sucked, but that is an ass chewing that had to happen.
Mike why are you so stuck on Pelini yelling at the players? That happens in every sport & at every level. Pelini is a players coach, the players LOVE him! As do the fans (most of us anyway). Bo's not going anywhere.
what did Taylor do?


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